Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli Six-Cylinder Motorcycle

Benelli Six-Cylinder Motorcycle

1. Benelli History

Benelli is an Italian motorcycle company founded in 1911, making it the second oldest motorcycle company in Italy. Benelli has made SPORT, ADVENTURE, and SPORT-TOURER motorcycles, being most famous for its adventure motorcycles. Currently, Benelli is making NAKED , SPORT , TOURING , CLASSIC, Scramblers, and SCOOTERS.

Benelli has a rich motorcycle racing history, having been involved in the development of road racing motorcycles. In 1968, Kel Carruthers from Australia won the World Grand Prix Championship on a Benelli 250 cc motorcycle.

2. Benelli 750/900 Sei History

Benelli launched the first six-cylinder 750 cc motorcycle in 1979, with only a total of 3,200 ever produced, making the Benelli Sei-750 a rare and collectible motorcycle. It was designed by legendary automotive designer Alejandro de Tomaso, a racing driver who participated in the Formula One World Championship twice.

Benelli 750/900 Sei History
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Production of the Benelli Sei series began in 1979 and ended in 1986. Benelli designed the Sei 750 to be able to fit a 900 cc engine by increasing the stroke and bore sizes. Benelli sold 3,200 Sei 750 models and less than 2,000 Sei 900 models.

3. Engine Type

There were many different forms of the six-cylinder engine, like the Inline-6, V-6, and Flat/Boxer-6. The Inline-6 is the simplest engine layout, possessing both primary and secondary mechanical engine balance that produces less vibrations than engines with fewer cylinders. The Inline-6 is a four-stroke air-cooled engine with two valves per cylinder.

Engine Type
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The Inline-6 engines produce less noise and vibrations than V6 engines. These engines can produce more torque at lower RPMs, have a shorter timing belt, and better lubrication than V6 engines. The Inline-6 engine is positioned latitudinally, taking up more space but also improving the motorcycle’s balance.

4. Detailed Specifications

4.1 Benelli 750 Sei

Engine Six-cylinder, four-stroke, two valves per cylinder
Capacity 748 cc
Stroke x Bore 50.6 x 56 mm
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Starting Kick start and Electric Start
Transmission Five transmissions, Dual Chain Transmission System
Max Horsepower 71 hp @ 8,500 rpm
Top Speed 118 mph (190 kmph)
Weight 220 kg
Fuel Capacity 16.5 L

4.2 Benelli 900 Sei

Engine Six-cylinder, four-stroke, two valves per cylinder
Capacity 906 cc
Stroke x Bore 53.4 x 60 mm
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Starting Kick start and Electric Start
Transmission Five transmissions, Dual Chain Transmission System
Max Horsepower 80 hp
Top Speed 99.8 mph (160 kmph)
Weight 254 kg
Fuel Capacity 16.5 L

5. Physical Look

The Benelli 900 Sei’s front fairing and cartridge forks bear a resemblance to the Moto Guzzi Le Mans’s design. However, the Benelli 900 Sei has six 125 cc pistons, six cylinders, and six exhausts. It has a circular headlight with dual disc brakes at the front. The Benelli 900 Sei’s meter gauges are almost identical to the MOTO GUZZI LE MANS . The engine’s exterior, including the valve caps and tappet caps, looks similar to the HONDA CB 550 . The Benelli 900 Sei has both a kick start and a button start.

Dual front disc brakes:

Dual front disc brakes
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Exhaust of Benelli 750 Sei

Exhaust of Benelli 750 Sei-2
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One main difference between the Benelli 750 Sei and 900 Sei other than the fairing, fenders, and seating style is the exhaust. The 750 Sei has three exhausts on each side, while the 900 Sei has a three-into-one exhaust on either side.

The exhaust of Benelli 900 Sei

The exhaust of Benelli 900 Sei
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6. Riding Position

The Benelli 750 Sei’s seating position is similar to other standard motorcycles. However, the Benelli 900 Sei shared many similarities with the MOTOR GUZZI LE MANS , especially the front fairings, meter gauges, side mirrors, handlebars position, and front fenders. However, the Benelli 900 Sei’s SEAT , fuel tank, and side panel designs were different from the Moto Guzzi.

Riding Position
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7. Aftermarket Parts

Almost all Benelli 750 Sei and 900 Sei parts are available on the market. Both of these models are not cruisers, but their specifications make it possible to take them out on comfortable cruises.

Benelli 750 Sei Meter:

Benelli 750 Sei Meter
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Benelli 900 Sei Meter:

Benelli 900 Sei Meter
Photo Credit: @ferromagazine

To make riding this vehicle more comfortable, extra parts and accessories may be needed. Extra accessories may include luggage like SADDLEBAGS , TANK BAGS , TRUNK BAGS , HANDLEBAR BAGS , etc.

8. User Review

The Benelli 750 Seri and 900 Sei rev up smoothly and have powerful throttle response. The Benelli 750 Sei and 900 Sei produce an aesthetically pleasing sound. Both models are fitted with dual-piston Brembo brakes to ensure reliable braking.

These Benelli models have steel-twin cable frames, ensuring that the vehicles are strong and stable at higher RPMs and speeds. Regardless of their size and weight, these models handle very well when turning corners.

Both the 750 Sei and 900 Sei have good handling. However, the 900 Sei has more weight and a horsepower of 80 hp, but its top speed is less than the 750 Sei.

9. Issues

A common issue in motorcycles built in the 1970s is faulty wiring. Secondly, if these motorcycles are not properly maintained, they may suffer oil leaks or emit dark smoke.

10. Conclusion

The Benelli 750 Sei and 900 Sei were some of the greatest motorcycles ever made by Benelli but unfortunately, when these models were released they were not that successful because of their tough competitors but right now these models are considered priceless masterpieces. Because the engine in these models was way ahead of their time and in terms of performance and efficiency they are priceless. The main competitors of Benelli 750/900 sei were KAWASAKI Z1300 and HONDA CBX100 . Both of these motorcycles have a six-cylinder engine. The other Italian competitors were MV AUGUSTA 750 S and DUCATI SUPERSPORT.

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