Boss Hoss motorcycles

All You Need to Know About Boss Hoss Motorcycles

All You Need to Know About Boss Hoss Motorcycles

The Boss Hoss motorcycles are an engineering marvel that first graced the motorcycle industry in 1990. Founded by Monte Warne, Boss Hoss is the first U.S.-based motorcycle company that introduced the concept of powering a two-wheeler with an automobile engine. Not only did Boss Hoss introduce large motorcycles that could run efficiently on V8 engines inspired by automobile power plants, but the company also falsified the notion that large heavyweight motorcycles are less stable and difficult to ride. From the aesthetic standpoint, Boss Hoss motorcycles are exceptionally appealing with their heavy chrome accents, raked-out front forks, thick rear tires, full fenders, wide handlebars, classic leather seats, and high-gloss vibrant paint schemes.

For some riders, Boss Hoss motorcycles are not very practical machines because they are equipped with a two-speed transmission, offering very little usable power band. Moreover, some riders find them extremely difficult to handle during slow-speed maneuvers. The sky-high base price of the Boss Hoss motorcycles and trikes also discourages riders from buying them, but the power and torque production of a V8 engine, stunning aesthetics, and exceptional riding comfort, especially during long-distance rides tempt riders to buy one. If you are also interested in learning more about these iconic gigantic motorcycles, read this article to find out all about Boss Hoss motorcycles.

1. Boss Hoss Motorcycles: An Overview

Boss Hoss Motorcycles: An Overview
Photo credit: @bosshoss

Boss Hoss is a U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturing company that designs and manufactures exclusive large-displacement motorcycles and trikes. The company equips it with 6,161 cc to 8127 cc V8 Chevrolet engines. Moreover, the Boss Hoss bikes and trikes come with semi-automatic transmissions with tall gears that make it easy to handle and ride these highly intimidating monstrous two-wheelers. In addition to the large engine, the Boss Hoss motorcycle’s large radiator is also an automotive-inspired part. The radiator installed on the front of the power plant offers a larger-than-normal cooling capacity to support the engine performance.

The V8 power plant of the Boss Hoss motorcycles effortlessly produces 445 horsepower and 445 ft-lb of torque directed to the rear tire. Boss Hoss motorcycles offer an average mileage of 20 miles per gallon (mpg), and to perform to its peak potential, the Boss Hoss eight-cylinder engine requires a wheelbase of more than 12 inches longer than standard motorcycles. The large dimensions and performance figures do not inspire confidence in many riders due to the intimidation factor.

Many consider it nearly impossible to safely handle the amount of power this motorcycle generates, its size, and its large mass; however, the mass of Boss Hoss motorcycles and trikes helps create a vibration-damping effect, offering a smooth vibration-free acceleration. Moreover, once you get on the bike, this 800 lbs bike weighs about 600 lbs when riding, the same as the big American baggers such as Road Glide, Street Glide, and Indian Roadmaster.

When it comes to speed, the Boss Hoss motorcycle is unlike any other sports bike. The motorcycle can go from 0-60 mph in less than two seconds.

The Boss Hoss motorcycles are well-designed to fit riders of all sizes. Whether a rider is 5 feet tall or 7 feet tall, they can easily adjust the footpeg position to create an ergonomic configuration that is most comfortable. The foot peg adjustment is a standard feature of these bikes, eliminating the need to install aftermarket parts, such as handlebars, footpegs, handlebar risers, and other similar parts.

Due to these amazing features, Boss Hoss was selling 300 vehicles per year in the 1990s despite a large price tag. As of 2023, there are four motorcycles and six trikes available in the Boss Hoss inventory details of which are provided in the chart below.

2. Boss Hoss Motorcycle in the Manufacturing Facility

Boss Hoss Company Details
Location 790 S Main Avenue Dyersburg 10021, United States
Contact Number (303) 522-5682
Email Address

Boss Hoss is a U.S motorcycle manufacturer located in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The company offers a complete tour of its motorcycle manufacturing plant and showroom. Within this manufacturing facility, the chassis of each Boss Hoss unit is custom-designed. Plus, a 4130 chrome-molly tubing and cast heat-treated alloy are used to create the frame. After fabrication, the frame and sub-designed parts are tested in the company’s sub-assembly department.

The new factory-built General Motors power plants and two-speed semi-automatic transmission systems are joined together in the final assembly department. For motorcycles, the transmission system comes with a reverse, while for trikes, a modified 4L70E four-speed transmission with reverse is used. The company also utilizes the Ford 7.5-inch differential housing for trikes.

Once the engine and transmission system are joined, the patented Boss Hoss the two-piece frame, which is fabricated in the manufacturing facility, is wrapped around the drivetrain to create a compact chassis. This ensures a lightweight design and nimble handling, facilitating cornering at different speed levels.

From wheel bearings to brake setups, axles, seals, and gears, everything on the Boss Hoss motorcycles is designed with precision and created completely new. The only old motorcycle part used on this two-wheeler is the rear-end housing. By fabricating, welding, and assembling each part of the bike at its facility, the company ensures high levels of quality control. Furthermore, all the parts including the frame and mechanical components are painted black in this facility, utilizing the powder coating system for a long-lasting, superior paint finish. For error-free construction, all Boss Hoss motorcycles and trikes are tested before reaching the showroom floor. If you are interested in visiting the facility for a tour or to inquire about inventory, dealers, and sales, contact the manufacturers by visiting Boss Hoss’s official website.

Currently, Boss Hoss is manufacturing four types of two-wheelers and six types of trikes:

Boss Hoss Motorcycles

  • Classic Cruiser Bikes
  • Classic Bagger Bikes
  • Super Sport Bikes
  • Limited Super Sport Big Block Bikes

Boss Hoss Trikes

  • Dragon Trike
  • Gangsta Trike
  • Willy’s Trike
  • Chevy’ Trike
  • SS Truck Trike
  • Coupe Trike

3. Boss Hoss Motorcycles Technical Specs

Boss Hoss Motorcycles Technical Specs
Specs Classic Cruiser Bike Classic Bagger Bike Super Sport Bike Limited Super Sport Big Block Bike
Engines Types GM LS 3 383 Stroker 454 Small Block 383 Stroker 454 Small Block GM LS 3 383 Stroker 454 Small Block 496 Big Block
Horsepower 445 hp (GM LS 3) 430 hp (383 Stroker) 563 hp (454 Small Block) 430 hp (383 Stroker) 563 hp (454 Small Block) 445 hp (GM LS 3) 430 hp (383 Stroker) 563 hp (454 Small Block) 600 hp
Engine Displacement 6200 cc (GM LS 3) 6300 cc (383 Stroker) 7439 cc (454 Small Block) 6300 cc (383 Stroker) 7439 cc (454 Small Block) 6200 cc (GM LS 3) 6300 cc (383 Stroker) 7439 cc (454 Small Block) 8128 cc
Torque 445 ft-lb at 4750 rpm (GM LS 3) 450 ft-lb 3,800 rpm (383 Stroker) 545 ft-lb 4,300 rpm (454 Small Block) 450 ft-lb at 3,800 rpm 545 ft-lb at 4,300 rpm 445 ft-lb at 4750 rpm (GM LS 3) 450 ft-lb 3,800 rpm (383 Stroker) 545 ft-lb 4,300 rpm (454 Small Block) 568 ft-lb
Fuel Capacity 8.5 U.S gal 8.5 U.S gals 8.5 U.S gal 8.5 U.S gal
Fuel Consumption LS 3: 24 city/ 29 highway 383 Stroker: 25 city/30 highway 454 Small Block: 16 city/ 21 highway 383 Stroker: 25 city/ 30 highway 454 Small Block: 16 city/ 21 highway LS 3: 24 city/ 29 highway 383 Stroker: 25 city/ 30 highway 454 Small Block: 16 city/ 21 highway N/A
Transmission Boss Hoss/Winters Two-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission with Reverse Boss Hoss/Winters Two-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission with Reverse Boss Hoss/Winters Two-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission with Reverse Boss Hoss/Winters Two-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission with Reverse
Front Suspension Boss Hoss Inverted Fork Boss Hoss Inverted Fork Boss Hoss Inverted Fork Boss Hoss Inverted Fork
Rear Suspension Dual 13.0 Coil over Shocks (Adjustable 2.5 in) Dual 13.0 Coil over Shocks (Adjustable 2.5 in) Dual 13.0 Coil over Shocks (Adjustable 2.5 in) Dual 13.0 Coil over Shocks (Adjustable 2.5 in)
Front Brakes Brembo Dual Rotor, Twin Piston, Floating Caliper Brembo Dual Rotor, Twin Piston, Floating Caliper Brembo Dual Rotor, Twin Piston, Floating Caliper Brembo Dual Rotor, Twin Piston, Floating Caliper
Rear Brakes Automotive Single, Two-Piston Floating Calipers Automotive Single, Two-Piston Floating Calipers Automotive Single, Two-Piston Floating Calipers Automotive Single, Two-Piston Floating Calipers
Front Tire Size 120/70 V21 21” 180/50-21 120/70 V21 21” 120/70 V21 21”
Rear Tire Size 300-35/18, 10” x 18” 300-35/18, 10” x 18” 300-35/18, 10” x 18” 300-35/18, 10” x 18”
Max. Length 114” 118” 111” 114”
Max. Width 40” 43.5” 40” 42”
Wheelbase 80” 84” 77” 80”
Seat Height 27” 28” 26.5” 26.5”
Starting At $68,900 $68,900 $68,900 $68,900

4. Boss Hoss Motorcycles’ Current Inventory

Boss Hoss motorcycles are exclusive two-wheelers manufactured in limited numbers. The starting price of Boss Hoss motorcycles ranges between $61,000-$70,000. The current inventory of Boss Hoss motorcycles includes both motorcycles and a trike. All three available machines in the current inventory of Boss Hoss are powered by a 383 Stroker engine that generates 440 hp of horsepower. The Boss Hoss motorcycles and trikes are equipped with features that support the riding purpose these bikes are designed for. However, all Boss Hoss motorcycles are also customizable, allowing you to change the paint job, and install your preferred fairing, luggage bags, and tour packs. The motorcycles and a trike available in the current inventory have unique specs and feature superior high-gloss paint jobs, details of which are provided below.

4.1 2022 Cruiser with Arlen Ness Luggage Bags

Base Price: $67,623

This Boss Hoss cruiser is a reliable and comfortable ride for long-distance interstate/cross-country type travels, thanks to its WideVest windshield that offers optimal wind protection at high speed, LED headlight and tail light for greater illumination and visibility, and large saddlebags that ensure safe transportation of luggage. For entertainment, the Boss Hoss 2022 cruiser bike comes equipped with speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music en route. For a stunning look, the bike features a high-gloss all-black paint finish that is bound to turn heads as you speed down the highway.

The 2022 Boss Hoss cruiser bike is a first-of-its-kind two-wheeler that helps you take your power cruising experience to a level not known to many. To create this unprecedented riding experience, the Boss Hoss engineers have equipped this bike with their V8 engine technology that is highly fuel efficient and smooth. A major part of this engine technology is the fast multi-port fuel injection system and the brand’s original semi-automatic transmission system with reverse. All of these mechanical components work with precision and in perfect sync to create the best riding experience you have ever had. Furthermore, to make your highway travels exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable, the bike comes with speakers, a WideVest windshield, LED lights, and commodious stock saddlebags. Therefore, from wind deflection to optimal illumination, entertainment, and storage capacity, all aspects are thoughtfully considered by the designers to provide you with a complete touring solution. Besides its eight-cylinder 383 Stroker engine that is known to generate approximately 440 hp of horsepower, its Arlen Ness saddlebags act as this bike’s major feature of identification. A striking high-gloss black paint finish sums up the bike’s style profile.

4.2 2023 Bagger Bike

Base Price: $69,900

Though the American motorcycle bagger market is a highly competitive one, there is essentially no competitor of the 2023 Boss Hoss bagger bike. Powered by the signature Boss Hoss V8 engine, the Boss Hoss bagger motorcycle has no hesitation in generating 440 hp horsepower to offer a seamless and engaging riding experience. Due to the unparalleled reliability and vibration-free acceleration of the eight-cylinder Boss Hoss 383 Stroker engine, the smooth operation of the Boss Hoss/Winters transmission system, and the availability of cruise control, this gigantic bagger bike is the ideal touring partner for all your excursions and escapades. Featuring a large radiator to enhance the engine’s cooling capacity, the Boss Hoss motorcycles make long highway travels at high speeds a highly comfortable experience even in sweltering heat and humid weather. By reducing the risk of engine overheating, the automotive-style Boss Hoss radiator also ensures engine longevity and helps maintain performance. To make your bike travel-ready, Boss Hoss designers have decked this “enormous bagger” with a high-quality tour pack, capacious luggage bags, and a large fairing, so you can elevate your touring style without having to purchase aftermarket parts. Boasting a luxurious and glossy black paint job, the Boss Hoss motorcycle is powder-coated to perfection, reflecting its true worth and class with an impeccable fit and finish.

4.3 2023 Dragon Trike

Base Price: $61,743

The 2023 Boss Hoss Dragon Trike is another great machine that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s current inventory. Though Boss Hoss motorcycles are highly stable and safe to ride despite their bulky structure, the Boss Hoss trikes make riding even more comfortable. Not only are these trikes easier to handle, but they also make slow-speed maneuvers less challenging. The wide-raked-out front, 140 mm front tire, and 20” rear Cooper Cobra tires add to the bike’s aesthetic appeal and also improve its ride quality. The trike is named Dragon due to its red custom paint with ghost flame graphics on the fuel tank. In addition, the same paint job is performed on the front fender and frame for a color-matched look.

5. Interesting Facts About Boss Hoss Motorcycles

Boss Hoss has well-established itself as the manufacturer of the world’s biggest and most powerful motorcycles and trikes. But is this the only interesting fact about Boss Hoss? Not really. This American motorcycle manufacturing company has more to it than just two-wheeled machines equipped with massive car engines. Listed below are some less-known interesting facts about Boss Hoss.

5.1 Background of the Founder

It is well-known that Monte Warne laid the foundation of Boss Hoss; however, his background is not known to many people. Warne was a commercial pilot and an Aviation Airframe Power Plant Technician. Having an aviation background significantly helped Warne in successfully designing a motorcycle that can be powered by the engine of a car.

5.2 The First Boss Hoss Engine

Though Warne designed the frame of the first Boss Hoss motorcycle, he used an old Chevy V8 engine to power it. After planting the Chevy V8 engine, extracted from a stock car, he took his engineering marvel to the Daytona Bike Week to astonish the spectators with his engineering acumen. People‘s response and inquiries about where they could buy the motorcycle boosted Warne’s confidence, encouraging him to start the company - Boss Hoss Cycles.

5.3 The First Certified V8 Motorcycle

Initially, Warne started the company in a small shop in Dyersburg, Tennessee, and eventually grew it into a 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. With his unwavering resolve and determination, Warne managed to get approval from the European Commission, making Boss Hoss the first certified V8 motorcycle manufacturing brand of its time. After recognition from the European Commission, Warne was able to introduce his bikes in Germany.

5.4 Boss Hoss Trike Selection

Boss Hoss offers a wide selection of stylish trikes that have set the bar for trike innovation way higher, making it extremely difficult for other brands to meet the competition. From hand-operated controls to wheelchair accessibility, Boss Hoss puts a lot of effort into the design process, introducing new features that facilitate riders of varying abilities. The sense of inclusivity offered by Boss Hoss has made it a global brand even though its high price point means the bike is not within the reach of the masses. The most loved Boss Hoss trike is the Gangsta Trike, available with three types of engines: GM LS 3, 383 Stroker, and 454 Small Block. Based on the engine, the Gangsta Trike can produce 445 hp, 430 hp, and 563 hp of horsepower respectively.

5.5 Association for NASCAR

In 2020, Boss Hoss teamed up with StarCom Racing and the driver Quin Houff for the famous NASCAR Series Cup held at Bristol Motor Speedway, Tennessee. Since Tennessee is where the company started, recording a “World’s Fastest Half Mile” here made the event even more special for the company.

6. Last Words

Well-engineered and extremely high-performance, Boss Hoss motorcycles offer an incredible cross-country touring and urban riding experience with their low center of gravity, remarkable stability, a large amount of torque, and impressive horsepower. Despite being large and bulky, Boss Hoss motorcycles handle effortlessly and offer a highly enjoyable riding experience more than most production cruisers. As soon as you get on this motorcycle, all fear and intimidation quickly evaporates. The high stability and confidence-inspiring braking of this bike convince even novice riders to ride this V8. Unfortunately, these bikes are not the most affordable option out there. Many people who do not know much about Boss Hoss other than their large size and price tag label this motorcycle as an absurd creation; however, those who dare to ride this bike develop an instant liking for its highly stable maneuverability, confidence-inspiring stopping power, and massive torque production. If motorcycles seem too intimidating, Boss Hoss trikes also offer a similar riding experience with an increased sense of safety and security. Those who enjoy cross-country trips frequently and can afford to maintain the large Boss Hoss engine should consider buying this bike. On the other hand, you can just take inspiration from a Boss Hoss creation and get your motorcycle modified accordingly.

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