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5 Bucket List Rides To Take This Summer

5 Bucket List Rides To Take This Summer

1. East Coast to West Coast

What better way is there to see the heartland of the United States then taking a ride on two wheels from one coast to the other? The United States is multifaceted place with people of all kinds. Over the hundreds of thousands of miles stretching over it you will find different cultures and sights unseen. If you’ve never taken this trip, put it on the bucket list. Do yourself a favor and take time the time to explore are the locations this country has to offer.

2. Alaska

The wild-land state Alaska is unlike any other place in the U.S. With lush forests and glorious mountains that line the coast, a ride through Americas largest state is definitely bucket list-worthy. If you’re riding in from the Continental U.S. you’re going to experience Canada along the way as well. Don’t worry, it’s only a few thousand more miles.

3. Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco to Santa Barbara, CA

While this road extends much further, the best parts of it are in California between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. An added bonus is that you can rent bikes at either end if you need to, making it more accessible for people visiting the golden state.

4. The Grand Canyon

The crimson and gray cliffs of the grand canyon have made this famous landmark one the most famous tourist attractions in the world and If you ride on two wheels, this is a prime location for the tour of a lifetime. The grand canyon looks like it was carved by the gods for our benefit, and for that reason, it’s on our riders bucket list.

5. Monument Valley, UT

Along with the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley is iconic of the American West. Featured in classic western films, what better place is there to ride your metal horse? If you really want to go all out. You can hit Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and Monument Valley in one monster ride


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