Honda Shadow 750 Phantom Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 750 Phantom

Because this motorcycle is designed to be able to navigate city streets with ease, the Honda 750 Shadow Phantom is an ideal bike for beginners looking to practice or travel in an urban environment. To help make the riding experience safer, it is a good practice to set up motorcycle equipment that provides full coverage for both the vehicle and your head. An example of motorcycle gear that your two-wheeler could use is the Honda 750 Shadow Phantom fairings. This page will give you a full guide on the characteristics and outline of the Honda 750 Shadow Phantom fairings that will show you why they are sought after.

Features & Design of Honda 750 Shadow Phantom Fairings

The distinctive features you need to take note of on the Honda 750 Phantom fairings are the outer shell, windshield, and clamps. The entire body is comprised of ABS plastic, making it difficult to crack or ruin the surface of the outer shell. The windshield is easy to fit into the top of the 750 Shadow Phantom fairings. This part is comprised of an acrylic panel that is able to block debris, rain, wind, etc. before it can reach your face. Despite being shaded, the windshield allows you to see through while protecting your eyes from being damaged by the sun. You attach the fairings to the motorcycle via the metal clamps and are specified to fit onto a 35 to 49 mm fork. To help you move the process along, you are provided with an installation guide and a universal bracket kit.

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