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2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Detailed Technical Specifications, First Look, and Upgrades

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Detailed Technical Specifications, First Look, and Upgrades

The name ‘ Rebel ’ has earned much fame and a reputation for Honda, the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. For many years, the Rebel motorcycle has been a staple in Honda's motorcycle lineup. First introduced as a beginner-friendly cruiser with inviting ergonomics, small, manageable engine displacement, and confidence-inspiring brakes, the Rebel family has evolved into power cruisers and meticulous touring machines.

Speaking of Honda’s take on touring machines, there is simply no replacement for the Gold Wing. Aware of this fact, Honda has made a commendable attempt to bring a bagger attitude and everyday convenience to riders in the all-new 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT model, a performance cruiser that offers traditional cruiser experience, reliable urban action, and makes remote spots accessible.

Introduced in 2021, the Honda Rebel 1100 is the bigger, more powerful, and better-equipped version of the Rebel 500. The Rebel 1100 was introduced in both manual and dual-clutch transmission variants (DCT) in 2021. Both variants had agile sporty handling and modern styling. The advanced technology and greater power figures of the 2021 Rebel 1100 and Rebel 1100 DCT, made this experiment a huge success, compelling Honda to take the next leap and venture into the bagger market. 

In 2022, Honda revealed its Rebel 1100T motorcycle for the 2023 model year, boasting a high-end dual-clutch transmission system. The 2023 Honda Rebel 1100T model boasted custom-bagger styling, a trusted and tested parallel-twin engine platform, and a clean design. At first glance, one could see that the Rebel 1100T DCT was Honda’s take on a bike similar to the Harley Davidson Road King Special. The main difference was the unique engine technology of both bikes, the overall vibe, and the handlebar-mounted fairing that Honda had favored for the Rebel 1100T DCT, while Harley Davidson had opted out.

For 2024, the overall styling of the Rebel 1100T DCT remains essentially the same as the previous year. However, the 2023 model was only available with a six-speed DCT transmission. For the 2024 model year, a manual six-speed transmission trim is also available. This article brings detailed technical specifications of the 2024 Rebel 1100T DCT and will also explore what cosmetic and mechanical upgrades have been introduced this year.

1. Overview

Photo Credit - Honda Powersport

The 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT motorcycle did not get any new mechanical, technological, or cosmetic upgrades other than the new, dark, and sophisticated colorways that create a sharp contrast with the bronze wheels. This touring-biased motorcycle is equipped with a powerful parallel twin motor known for its ample torque production throughout the rev range. Another important feature of the Rebel 1100T DCT is its customizability. By removing the stock fairing and factory-installed saddlebags , riders can easily create a new-bobber stripped-down look. With its dark personality and edgy wheels, no other elements are needed to transform this bike completely. On the other hand, riders can also change this lightweight bagger into a dressed-to-the-nines touring motorcycle by adding a luggage rack, backrest, tour pack, and passenger seat.

The legendary dependability and high quality of the Rebel 1100T DCT allow riders to explore far-away scenic spots on this motorcycle in immense comfort. Priced at $10,699, the 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is one of the most affordable custom baggers available on the market, making it an ideal bike for many Honda Rebel enthusiasts ready to upgrade to a bigger, heavier, and more powerful Rebel package. 

2. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Detailed Technical Specs

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Detailed Technical Specifications
General Information
Manufacturer Honda Motor Company
Official Website 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT
Motorcycle Type/ Category Performance Cruiser/ Custom Bagger
Launched In 2023
Production Status In Production
Price US MSRP $10,699
Color Options Available in Two Colors
Included Factory Warranty One-Year Transferable Unlimited Mileage Limited Warranty
Optional Warranty Extended Coverage Available w/ Honda Care ® Protection/Warranty Plan
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Engine
Engine Type 22.5° Parallel Twin Four Stroke Engine
Other Details Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) 270-Degree Phase Crankshaft
Displacement 1,083 cc
Bore 92.0 mm
Stroke 81.5 mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Valve Train Four Valves Per Cylinder
Fuel Delivery System PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection System 46 mm Throttle Body Throttle By Wire
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Performance Figures
Maximum Horsepower Approx. 81 hp at 7,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 67.9 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm
Claimed Top Speed Approx. 99 mph
Estimated Mileage Approx. 45-47 mpg
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Drivetrain
Transmission System Six-Speed
Clutch Slipper Assist Clutch or Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)
Final Drive #525 O-Ring Sealed Chain 16T/42T
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Chassis
Frame Trellis Steel Frame
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Wheels/Tires
Wheels Cast-Aluminum Wheels
Front Tire Size 130/70-18
Rear Tire Size 180-65/16
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Suspensions
Front Suspension 43 mm Fork
Front Wheel Travel 4.8 in
Rear Suspension Dual Showa Shocks with 12.5 mm Shafts Adjustable Preload Piggyback Pressurized Reservoirs
Rear Wheel Travel 3.7 in
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Brakes
Anti-Lock Braking System Standard
Front Brake Single 330 mm Disc Radial-Mount Four-Piston Caliper
Rear Brake Single 256 mm Disc
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 gals (including 1.1 gallon reserve)
Seat Height 27.5 in
Trail 4.3 in
Wheelbase 59.8 in
Rake Angle 28°
Curb Weight 520 lbs (includes all included equipment, full tank of fuel, and other required fluids)
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Tech Package
Cruise Control
Six-Speed DCT
Throttle by Wire System with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
Four Riding Modes Rain Standard Sport User Programmed (Custom)
Wheelie Control with Three Levels of Intervention
Under-Seat USB-C Port
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Lighting
Headlight, Tail Light, Turn Signals, License Plate All LED Lighting Package
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Instruments
Reverse-Image Digital LCD
Gear Indicator
Fuel Indicator
Engine Output Mode
Engine Braking Mode
Torque Control Level
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Standard Accessories
Handlebar Mounted Batwing-Style Fairing
35-Liter Color-Matched Hard Saddlebags
2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Optional Accessories
Rider Seat Options with Brown Upholstery
Passenger Seat
Rear Carrier
Custom Saddlebags
Passenger Footpeg Kit

2.1 - 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Model Colors

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Color Options
Metallic Black
Matte Armored Green Metallic

3. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Engine and Transmission

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Engine and Transmission
Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

The 1,083 parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine is the most cherished feature of the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT. For the Rebel 1100T DCT, Honda has adopted the 270-degree crankshaft engine configuration that gained much popularity when introduced in the Honda’s adventure tourer, the Africa Twin . The 270-degree crankshaft engine configuration offers the same long-distance resilience and capability in the bagger format. The high production of torque is tweaked to offer manageable power and the amount of grunt necessary for responsive handling. 

The parallel-twin layout and the Unicam single-overhead-camshaft valve train of the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT’s engine ensure a compact design, making it possible to mount heavy parts on the rear to achieve a low center of gravity for the ultimate straight-line riding comfort. These features help bring out the sporty character of the bike during aggressive cornering and deep lean angles. When running at slow speeds or at idle, the engine offers a rhythmic feel due to the 270-degree crankshaft design. Thanks to the two-axis primary balancer, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is exceptionally smooth at highway speeds with no harsh vibrations jolting the handlebars or the frame.

Honda, being the pioneer of the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system in its motorcycles, launched the first model of the Rebel 1100T with a DCT system. For 2024, it has offered both manual and DCT variants. The 2024 Rebel 1100T DCT has a six-speed automatic transmission system, for greater efficiency, smoother gear shifts, and responsive handling. The automatic clutch minimizes the rider’s efforts, allowing them to focus on the road and other operations of the bike. Due to the availability of a DCT, this variant lacks a foot-shift lever or a clutch lever. Data collected by the motorcycle’s sensors is evaluated by an ECU, offering seamless gear shifts. Moreover, the power reaches the rear wheel via a 525 chain drive.

4. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Chassis

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Chassis
Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

The Rebel 1100T DCT has a trellis steel frame that fulfills both styling and effortless handling purposes. Offering standard ABS, a radially-mounted front-brake caliper, and a large rear disc, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT ensures dependable and powerful braking performance. The radially-mount configuration creates a firm breaking sensation, increasing grip, control, and confidence.

The progressive suspension system of the 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT offers both a plush ride and a sporty feel. The blacked-out high-performance 43mm front fork and Showa rear shock offer a consistent damping force for a soul-satisfying riding experience.

The stunning bronze adds a unique stylistic element to the motorcycle and provides optimal stiffness for better grip and neutral handling. The wide rear tire creates an illusion of power and imparts a commanding character to the motorcycle.

5. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Lighting and Tech Package

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Lighting and Tech Package
Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

From headlight to license plate light, tail light, and turn signal indicators, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT boasts a complete LED lighting package that lasts longer, does not require frequent bulb changes, and offers maximum illumination on the road in different lighting conditions.

Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

The modern classic reverse-image LCD is another stylish feature on this bike, offering all the necessary information at a glance, such as torque control intervention levels and selected riding mode. The instrument cluster includes a speedometer, tachometer, engine fuel output indicator, fuel level indicator, etc.

True to its sporty streak, the Rebel 1100T DCT features electronic riding aids that are usually absent in large cruisers or baggers. The 2024 Rebel 1100T DCT is equipped with relevant technological features, such as cruise control, riding modes, throttle-by-wire, ABS, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), and Wheelie Control. The HSTC feature prevents rear tire slips during hard acceleration and aggressive cornering. Additionally, the Wheelie Control works in sync with the HSTC, minimizing chances of front-end rise when riding at high speeds. To allow riders to easily transition between cruiser and sporty riding styles, Standard and Sport modes are provided. To safely navigate wet and slippery road conditions, riders can utilize Rain mode. An additional, User Programmed mode is also available on the 2024 Rebel 1100T DCT for a custom riding preference. 

6. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Styling

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Styling
Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

Simple and casual, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT features just the right amount of styling that will not hinder you from taking it out on the roads. Many riders find it difficult to ride a bike dressed with expensive accessories that make the bike heavier, increase the fear of damaging the bike, and make handling a serious challenge. Just like the power and torque generated by the Rebel 1100T DCT, the bike’s styling is just on point.

The dark and mysterious colorways to blacked-out components, impeccable high-gloss and matte finish, bronze wheels, seamlessly color-matched saddlebags, fenders, and fairing , wide front fork, classic round headlight, and LED lighting sum up the Rebel 1100T DCT’s style profile. Moreover, the blacked-out exhaust muffler gives it a sharp, edgy look, hinting at its subtle sporty nature. 

7. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Comfort

2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT Comfort
Photo Credit - Honda Powersports

The Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is a comfortable motorcycle, offering excellent rideability and performance. The motorcycle features a plush seat and offers a comfortable riding triangle that hits a sweet spot between a sporty stance and a more laid-back cruiser-inspired ergonomics. However, some riders have found the mid-mounted controls a downside of the ergonomic triangle, deeming forward-mounted controls a better option for the Rebel 1100T DCT. Since riding position and rider’s triangle on any motorcycle is an individual preference, riders can easily customize the riding stance by tweaking the position of lower controls. Overall, when you get on the bike, the seat feels roomy and inviting, inspiring you to take the motorcycle for a long ride.

When it comes to comfort, the low seat height of the Rebel 1100T DCT makes it flat-foot friendly, making it a great upgrade for beginners looking to switch to a bagger after riding a standard cruiser. Compared to its main competitor, the Harley Road King, the Honda Rebel also features a handlebar-mounted stock fairing that offers satisfactory wind protection. With the addition of an adjustable windscreen, riders can easily regulate the flow of air and protect themselves from the staggering wind buffeting.

The 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is adequately accessorized for a comfortable custom bagger experience. From its color-matched saddlebags to a wide fairing and comfortable seat, the Rebel 1100T DCT is a step in the right direction by Honda. In addition, the Rebel 1100T DCT is highly customizable, allowing riders to use it for two-up riding, motorcycle camping trips, and interstate travels. It is also as easy to create a stripped-down look by removing the stock saddlebags and fairing from this tour-focused motorcycle and outfitting it with tall sissy bars and a backpack for solo commutes or errand excursions. Custom enthusiasts can also turn to universal aftermarket Honda Rebel parts if the optional OEM accessories are beyond one's budget.

8. Last Words

The 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is an affordable, beautiful, and performance-oriented bagger, and is being considered the future of the bagger motorcycle segment. Honda has meticulously combined the essence of a cruiser and a sport-touring machine in its new Rebel 1100T DCT model. The Dual Clutch Transmission offers a safe and comfortable platform to riders looking to enter the world of motorcycle touring. However, Honda can still improve the ergonomics by moving the mid-mounted controls forward, equipping the bike with an adjustable windshield, offering a variant with chrome accents, and increasing the fuel tank capacity. Performance-wise, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT does not disappoint.

Some riders find the Dual Clutch Transmission clunky, complaining that it also shifts gears too early. However, the fact that there is a manual variant or DCT trims offer a manual mode for paddle shifting tends to ease this problem for many. Priced at $10,699, the Honda Rebel 1100T DCT is an affordable bagger and has emerged as a tough competitor in the American bagger market.

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