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Aprilia USA and RideSmart Motorcycle School Announced Partnership

Aprilia USA and RideSmart Motorcycle School Announced Partnership

To promote road safety and provide a chance for learners to pursue track racing by working on their high-speed and handling skills, Aprilia USA has announced a collaborative partnership with RideSmart Motorcycle School. Aprilia is a notable name in the motorcycle sports racing world and when it comes to track racing, the company holds a remarkable record that inspires many aspirant racers. It is a great opportunity for the sports racers enrolled at the Texas-based, RideSmart Motorcycle School to get coaching from the World’s best instructors.

Through this dedicated race collaborative program between Aprilia USA and RideSmart School, the trainees will get hands-on ride training to work on improving their precision handling in track environments and learning the most important track skills. For riders interested in track racing, RideSmart School will also be providing Track Day Programming. Thousands of riders who are enrolled in the motorcycle school can have access to the Aprilia motorcycles for rentals at the events organized by the school.

The most exciting aspect of this Aprilia and RideSmart collaboration is the “ Fly-N-Ride ” program introduced to attract participants from all over the world to experience the best time of their lives on high-performance cutting-edge motorcycles. Above all, they will have access to the most notable first-class race circuits, including the Circuit of the Americas. However, only a few selected ones will get this chance to ride on these tracks where their track idols have once raced.

On the occasion of announcing its partnership with Aprilia, the founder and administrator of RideSmart Motorcycle School shared his views in the following words:

“Our partnership with Aprilia reinforces RideSmart Motorcycle School’s commitment to shaping the future of motorcycling, not just with events and coaching opportunities, but also racing in the United States. Together, we pave the way for aspiring riders to develop their skills in a safe and exhilarating environment, fueling a passion for excellence, while fostering a community of talented riders and racers.”

Aprilia has been in the motorcycling industry for more than 75 years, providing excellence in the sports motorcycle category with its top-notch RS lineup. Meanwhile, the Texas-based RideSmart Motorcycle School has been coaching and practically training riders to become safe and better for the past 20+ years. The aim behind the collaboration is to develop more useful training programs, open new doors for talented riders, and provide them with the center stage to showcase their track racing abilities.

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