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2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S: The Perfect Bike for Sports and Touring Performance

2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S: The Perfect Bike for Sports and Touring Performance

1. Ducati Multistrada V2 S Overview

The term “Multistrada” was first coined in 2003 when Ducati launched its iconic sports-style dual-sports bike. Regardless of its dual-sports nature, this bike was naturally an adventure tourer for its adequate touring ability. Over time, the Multistrada has become the most iconic name in the middleweight ADV touring category. Firstly, it carries the Ducati emblem which guarantees unmatched top-end ride performance and reliability.

Ducati Multistrada V2 S Overview
Photo credit: @Ducati

The current generation Ducati Multistrada V2 has one of the most out-of-the-box motorcycle designs with several distinctive styling elements, making it easily recognizable. The eagle-face front-end look is quite aggressive and looks like a beast up front. The Ducati Multistrada V2 S is not only a popular modern in the Ducati lineup, but this bike also tops the list of the most successful and practical ADV touring bikes in the global motorcycle market. Continue reading this article to learn everything about the Ducati Multistrada V2, including the detailed technical specs, design, build, and honest performance review.

2. What Type of Motorcycle the Ducati Multistrada V2 S is?

The Ducati Multistrada V2 S is a highly unique model with a distinctive design and character which makes it hard to put this bike in a specific category. Considering its visual appeal, it may be referred to as an ADV touring bike but performance-wise, it is a sports-touring bike. This bike is highly versatile for multi-purpose use due to which it is also referred to as a hybrid motorbike with both the sports touring and supersports characteristics. The Ducati Multistrada V2 S is a perfect bike for daily commutes, city travel, cruising on open roads, and long-haul touring.

3. Detailed Technical Specifications: 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S

2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S Detailed Technical Specifications
General Info
Maker Ducati – Top-End Italian Motorcycle Brand
Model Multistrada V2 S
Motorcycle Type Adventure Tourer
Class / Category Middleweight ADV
Introduced in 2017
Warranty Two-Year Factory Limited Warranty with Unlimited Mileage
Base MSRP $19,295
Displacement Size 937 cc / 57.2 cu in
Engine Type Ducati Testastretta L-Twin Engine
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
No. of Cylinders Two Cylinders
Cylinders Orientation / Engine Layout Ducati Iconic L-Shape Orientation
Valve Train Four Valves Per Cylinder; Desmodromic Valvetrain
Compression Ratio 12.6:1
Stroke 67.5 mm
Bore 94 mm
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with 53 mm Throttle Bodies
Engine Management System (EMS) Ride-By-Wire System
Exhaust System Two-Into-One Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Single Muffler and Catalytic Converter
Performance Figures
Horsepower 83 kW / 113 hp at 9,000 rpm
Torque 71 lb-ft / 96 Nm at 7,750 rpm
Emission Standards Euro 5
Fuel Economy 39.87 mpg
Acceleration (0-60 mph) 3.2 secs
Gearbox Six-Speed; Ducati Quickshifter
Final Drive Chain Drive
Front Sprocket Z15
Rear Sprocket Z43
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Clutch with Slipper and Self-Servo Function and Hydraulic Control
Frame Tubular Steel Trellis Frame
Swingarm Aluminum Twin-Sided Swingarm
Front 320 mm Dual-Disc Brake with Brembo Four-Piston Dual-Pad Callipers; Radial Master Cylinder; Cornering ABS-Equipped
Rear 265 mm Single-Disc Brake with Brembo Floating Calliper; Cornering ABS-Equipped
Front Fully-Adjustable 48 mm USD Front Fork with Electronic Compression and Rebound Adjustability and Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo
Front Wheel Travel 6.7 in / 170 mm
Rear Fully-Adjustable Rear Monoshock with Spring Preload Adjustability, Rebound Damvping, and Electronic Compression; Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo
Rear Wheel Travel 6.7 in / 170 mm
Front 19-inch Light Alloy Cast
Rear 17-inch Light Alloy Cast
Front Pirelli® Scorpion Trail II 120/70 ZR19
Rear Pirelli® Scorpion Trail II 170/60 ZR17
Seat Height 32.7 in / 830 mm
Ground Clearance 220 mm / 8.66142
Wheelbase 62.8 in / 1,594 mm
Trail 4.2 in / 106 mm
Rake 25°
Curb Weight 496 lbs / 225 kg
Dry Weight 445 lbs / 202 kg
Fuel Tank Size 5.3 US gal
Standard Equipment
Dashboard 5-inch TFT Color Screen Display
Headlight LED
Turn Signals Self-Canceling
Windscreen Mechanically Adjustable
Engine Protection
Luggage Rack
Grab Rails
Hand Guards
Tech Package & Safety Features
Cornering ABS
Ducati Quickshifter
Cruise Control
Traction Control
Vehicle Hold Control
Power Modes
Riding Modes Four Riding Modes:

4. Color Options and Cost: 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S

2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S
Model Color Scheme Cost
Ducati Red $19,295
Thrilling Black & Street Gray $19,695

5. Design & Aesthetics

Design & Aesthetics
Photo credit: @Ducati

The Ducati Multistrada V2 S has one of the most unique builds and designs with a beak-style front-end look and an eagle-face aggressive-looking headlight design. There is a nose-shaped air intake vents below the headlamp and on top, this bike comes with a crown-shaped large windscreen. The front-end look of this bike is further improved by the integration of the front turn signals into the hand guards.

The Ducati Multistrada V2 has a muscular and broad front-end look with a bulbous and upright fuel tank design. Though the engine parts and machinery are intricately built, they are perfectly fitted and integrated with the frame and bodywork. The bike features a light and sports-style front fender and the rear mudguard is attached to the frame’s tail section. Most engine parts are protected by rods and cages, and the belly portion is also covered using plates. Compared to the gas tank, the rider’s seat is designed to stay lower to the ground. Despite the dip in the rider’s seat, this bike still has a seat height of 32.7 inches (830 mm). Both rider’s and passenger’s seats are wider and more comfortable to sit on and there is a luggage rack attached to the tail section as well.

The 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S is available in two fresh-looking color options, including Ducati Red and Thrilling Black/Street Gray. As usual, the Ducati Red is a gloss red paint job on the fuel tank, side covers, and panniers. There is also a small red patch on the blacked-out rims. Meanwhile, being the more exclusive color option, the Thrilling Black/Street Gray features a matte gray and black color with amazing graphics and red rims, making the Ducati Multistrada V2 S look more premium.

6. Engine & Performance

The Ducati Multistrada V2 S houses the highly trusted and reliable Ducati engine that powers the Ducati DesertX, Ducati Monster, and Ducati Supersport models. The 937 cc Ducati Testastretta L-Twin engine is one of the most thrilling powerplants made by Ducati and when integrated with the Multistrada V2 S, it improves the performance capabilities of this bike. Regardless of its true ADV touring nature, this bike is a perfect urban commuter for daily rides. Slow-speed maneuvering is an exception on this bike and it does not feel heavy at a slower pace. You can easily ride this bike in busy traffic conditions without any hassle.

The 937 cc Testastretta L-Twin engine produces an impressive horsepower of 83 kW / 113 hp at 9,000 rpm and a torque of 96 Nm at 7,750 rpm. If you are a more road-focused rider, you will love how this engine is tuned for city road traveling. However, make sure that you have selected Urban Mode as riding the bike in Sports Mode may become uncontrollable if you are a novice rider. The Sports Mode is good for open roads and highway riding as it activates full power and throttle response. As soon as you hit the highway with the Sports Mode on, this bike becomes a completely different machine as it picks the pace smoothly. The top-end power is readily available as you open the full throttle.

Being a modified form of the V-Twin engine layout, the Ducati Multistrada V2 S produces an addictive exhaust note loved by most riders. Another surprising element of this bike is the availability of top-end power output available as soon as you hit the 6,500 rpm level.

7. Handling and Maneuverability

The Ducati Multistrada V2 S is a top-notch Ducati model and is designed to outperform in the handling and maneuverability departments. It is highly agile and spontaneous with a large steering angle to make sure this bike gives you the right confidence to move and control it the way you like.

With 496 lbs (225 kg) of curb weight, you should not try swerving this bike a great deal or lean too much if you are new to motorcycle riding. However, if you possess enough skills, you can comfortably lean on this bike while cornering at even moderate speeds.

8. Fully-Adjustable Electronic Suspensions

The suspensions on this bike are the most premium and the favorite of all riders as they come with a full adjustability feature, along with the Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo which makes suspensions more exclusive. The front USD fork and rear mono-shock are electronically adjustable with an ideal wheel travel of 6.7 inches, making rides comfortable for riders. Both the front and rear suspensions are ideally tuned to make the bike more user-friendly, stable, and well-balanced.

Suspensions are the most significant highlight of the Ducati Multistrada V2 S and what makes it stand out from the rest is its high adaptability. The fully adjustable electronic suspensions can adapt to any situation this bike faces, including paved roads, bumpy roads, and tight curves.

9. Ergonomics and Approachability

Though the seat height of 32.7 inches sounds taller, it is approachable for average-sized and shorter riders. You can comfortably balance this bike when parked or stopped at the traffic signal with both your feet touching the ground if you are 5 ft 10” taller.

Talking about the riding position and overall ergonomics of the Ducati Multistrada V2 S, this bike offers a relatively neutral riding position. The upper body stays comfortable due to the upright back and relaxed arm positions. It does not feel like the rider has to stretch his/her arms or lean to grab the handlebars. The handlebar position falls naturally within the comfortable proximity of riders. However, the legroom is slightly tighter due to which the rider may feel a little uncomfortable during the ride if he/she is taller than six feet. The saddle is also adequately wide and cushioned for relaxed long-haul and continuous rides.

Overall, the Ducati Multistrada V2 S ensures a typical riding position as the rider can also ride this bike in an aggressive riding style due to its sporty nature. The rider will have to lean a little forward, enable the Sport Riding Mode, and enjoy a sporty riding experience.

10. Gear Shifting and Clutch Operation

The Ducati Multistrada V2 S has an innovatively designed transmission system that comes with a standard Ducati quick-shifter for smooth gear shifting and clutch operation. The gear shifting is not only smooth on this motorcycle, it ensures a distraction-free riding experience.

11. Stopping Power

The braking equipment installed in the Ducati Multistrada V2 S works exceptionally fine to stop this motorcycle easily in any situation. There are 320 mm dual discs up front and a 265 mm single rear disc, along with Brembo calipers and cornering ABS to ensure the rider’s safety in almost every braking situation.

12. Tech Features & Standard Equipment

The 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S is full of innovative rider aids and safety equipment which is what Ducati motorcycles are known for. A complete tech package is what makes this bike highly exclusive and expensive. There is cornering ABS, cruise control, vehicle hold control, and traction control to make sure the bike can be electronically tuned to performance in multiple power modes in different riding situations. The quick shifter also plays a role in a more fun and exciting experience.

There is one drawback that you will notice when you activate the cruise control on a highway. The cruise control does not deactivate when you change the throttle. You have to push the button to deactivate it.

The windshield is not electronically adjustable for a top-end expensive motorcycle like the 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S. However, the rider can adjust it mechanically by pushing the clipper upwards and downwards even during the ride. The 5-inch TFT screen display looks a bit small considering the size of this bike.

13. Ups & Downs: 2024 Ducati Multistrada V2 S

13.1 Ups:

  • Extremely appealing bodywork and design
  • Addictive exhaust note
  • Incredible sporty nature
  • Ideal road bike and daily commuter
  • Perfect for motorcycle touring
  • Impressive engine performance
  • Good power output
  • Ideal suspension setup
  • Perfect handling and cornering capabilities
  • Adoptable to multiple ride conditions
  • Ensures upright back position
  • Suitable for average-sized and shorter riders

13.2 Downs:

  • The TFT display screen is a bit smaller on this bike
  • Cruise control does not deactivate when changing the throttle
  • Heating issue while riding in busy traffic
  • The windscreen is not electronically adjustable
  • The fuel cap requires a key to open it
  • Expensive bike

14. The Bottom Line

Ducati has been at the forefront of producing the most technically sound and practical motorcycles in terms of road-oriented sports performance. One major example and execution of sheer class and quality by the Italian manufacturer is the Ducati Multistrada V2 S. This motorcycle seems a bit expensive in the middleweight sports touring category. However, you will be dazzled by the performance characteristics, capabilities, and class of this bike. This bike features top-of-the-line motorcycle parts, including adjustable electronic suspensions, proven engine technology, and highly distinctive bodywork. The Ducati Multistrada V2 S is a top-notch sports and road-oriented touring bike and you will never get bored of this bike thanks to the top-end power output and exclusive performance.

The ADV touring bikes with sports and road-focussed build and performance are one of the most trendy motorcycle categories in today’s world. Alongside, motorcycling touring is also becoming a very popular hobby around the world. To make sure riders get the best of both worlds, Viking Bags offers a wide range of good-quality Touring Luggage Bags for ADV motorcycles to provide them with an improved storage space. These versatile luggage options include Side Cases, Tank Bags, Tail Bags, and Backpacks.

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