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120th Harley Davidson Anniversary Rally

120th Harley Davidson Anniversary Rally

This year, America’s most successful motorcycle manufacturing company, Harley Davidson, is celebrating its 120 years in the motorcycle industry. Harley Davidson has been manufacturing sophisticated cruisers and touring motorcycles since 1903. Despite the ever-evolving motorcycle landscape in America, this motorcycle brand still manages to stay relevant. To celebrate 12 decades of success, Harley Davidson has organized a four-day rally in addition to launching six limited-edition motorcycles with premium paint schemes, finishes, and features. This event is changing motorcycle culture across the globe, as the occasion has already been celebrated in Budapest, Hungary during the last week of June. Riders who do not live in Wisconsin or cannot ride to Milwaukee should check their local dealerships as they may be celebrating this anniversary instead. . You can check out Harley’s official website for further details. Attendees can also download the Harley Davidson App to get updated news, announcements, and details about the Anniversary Rally/Homecoming Festival. This article provides complete information about the 120th Harley Anniversary Rally.

1. Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Rally Date & Venue

The Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Rally will be held between July 13-16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The city is considered Harley Davidson’s hometown, making it the perfect venue for such a momentous celebration. The festivities will take place at the following locations:

  • Veterans Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Harley Davidson PowerTrain Operations (20.6 miles ride from Milwaukee Wisconsin)

In addition, the following Harley dealerships will also organize activities for motorcycle enthusiasts:

  • Milwaukee Harley Davidson Dealership
  • Wisconsin Harley Dealership, Oconomowoc
  • House of Harley, Greenfield
  • Suburban Harley Davidson Dealership, Wisconsin
  • West Bend Harley, Wisconsin
  • Uke’s Harley Dealership, Racine

2. Weather & Climate

The weather in Milwaukee in July is usually pleasantly warm thanks to the gentle breeze. The temperature can rise to 79°F/26°C at day and can fall to 65°F/19°C at night. Make sure to check the weather before you set out for Milwaukee to avoid unexpected weather.

3. How to Reach the Harley Davidson Homecoming Festival Venue?

The most suitable mode of transportation to travel to the festival location would be by motorcycle, preferably a Harley model. But if you do not own a bike, you can get to the venue in a car instead.

If you plan to join other riders for a trip around Lake Michigan but want to drive a car to the venue, you can rent a bike from the nearest rental service. For participants, a shuttle service will also be available between July 14-15.

3.1 Parking Options

Parking spots are available at all three main locations for motorcyclists. Parking is mostly available on a first come, first serve basis.

On the other hand, on-site car parking spots are only available at Harley Davidson Powertrain Operations. If you are driving a car, then you would have to find parking in the surrounding areas of Veterans Park. For the Harley Davidson Museum, riders would have to park at the American Family Field and use a shuttle to reach the museum. It is best to book parking spots via parking.com. This application helps you find discounted parking spots near your destination.

3.2 Road Assistance Facility

Harley Davidson is offering free premier road assistance service in the Milwaukee area for all riders. If your ride breaks down in or near Milwaukee, you can count on Harley to send help and fix it for you.

This premier service is only a call away and is accessible from 7 am to 11 pm during the festival. If you are a resident of Milwaukee, your broken bike can be picked up from your home to receive service.

H-D Road Assistance Facility for the 120th Anniversary Celebration
Road Assistance Facility Contact No. 414-343-4000
Service Days Wednesday, July 12 to Sunday, July 16
Service Availability 7 am to 11 pm
Charges Free
Bike Pick-Up Radius If you live in Kenosha, Johnson Creek, Milwaukee, Lomira, Sheboygan or even further, the service will pass through your area.
Motorcycle Service Locations Harley Davidson Dealerships:
Milwaukee H-D Dealership
House of H-D in Greenfield
Suburban H-D Dealership in Thiensville
West Bend H-D Dealership
Wisconsin H-D Dealership (Oconomowoc)
Uke’s H-D Dealership in Kenosha

3.3 Popular Routes to Take

For the convenience of riders, Harley Davidson has provided six routes you can travel to get to the event. Along the way, you can stop by local Harley Davidson dealerships to get your bike checked by certified technicians. You can also grab a bite from the local food trucks nearby, refuel your motorcycle, and meet other riders headed towards the rally. Listed below are Harley’s six recommended routes to get to the venue: 

Southeast Route

This 1,800-mile trip starts from Alligator Alley Harley Davidson dealership located in Sunrise, Florida and ends in Milwaukee.

Southwest Route

This 3,000-mile trip starts from Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson dealership located in Baldwin Parkway, California and ends in Milwaukee.

Northeast Route

This 1,350-mile ride starts from the Sea Coast Harley Davidson dealership located in North Hampton, New Hampshire and ends in Milwaukee.

Northwest Route

This 2,500-mile ride starts from Paradise Harley Davidson located in Tigard, Oregon and ends in Milwaukee.

Canada East Route

This 1,800-mile trip involves riding all the way to Milwaukee through Privateer H-D in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Canada West Route

This 2,500-mile trip starts from Trev Deeley in Vancouver and ends in Milwaukee.

4. Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Festival Ticket Options

At the Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Festival, different activities will be held at the three venues, some which are free and others that require tickets for entry. Here are the details:

4.1 Veterans Park - Only Ticket Venue

Entry to Veterans Park requires a ticket to enjoy the music, family activities, and food and drinks.

Veterans Park Ticketing Details

  • To buy a ticket, you would need to create a Front Gate account. Buy here.
  • Attendees can buy a two-day ticket or one-day ticket for admission to the venue.
  • A two-day general admission ticket gives you access to the venue and activities for Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15.
  • A one-day general admission ticket gives you access to the venue and activities for one of the festival days.
  • With tickets, you get access to the venue, live music performances, motorcycle stunt shows, vendors, and restaurants. You would have to pay for all your purchases inside the venue.
  • Children under 10 years old can only access the venue with an adult with a ticket.
  • Tickets are limited and might not be available on-site, so make sure you purchase yours in advance.
  • For Veterans Park, one attendee can purchase a maximum of eight tickets.
Veterans Park Ticket Price
Date No. of Days Price Fees
Friday, July 14 One-Day General Admission $110 $19.10
Saturday, July 15 One-Day General Admission $120 $19.94
Friday, July 14 & Saturday, July 15 Two-Day General Admission $205 $27.05
Note: Ticket Costs Might Increase Due to Limited Availability

4.2 Harley Davidson Museum

Entry to the museum grounds is free, but you must pay to visit the museum exhibits. At this venue, you can find entertainment/activities that are free and require a ticket.

Tickets are available for purchase at the Harley Davidson Museum website.

  • All tickets are non-refundable.
  • Attendees can use the ticket for one-time admission only.
  • Attendees can choose the date to attend the festival at the time of purchase.
  • Tickets include access to all exhibits, including My Papi and Mama Tried Exhibits.
Harley Davidson Ticket Price
Category Price
Tickets for Adults (ages 18 or above) $22
Tickets for Children (ages 17 or below)
Children under five do not need a ticket
Tour, Coffee, & Conversation $140

4.3 Harley Davidson Powertrain Operations – No Ticket

The H-D Powertrain Operations is the only venue that requires no ticket for entrance, activities, community events, self-guided tours, demos, and entertainment.

5. Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Live Concerts

The most hyped events of the Harley Davidson festival are the live concerts. At Veterans Park or Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, you can attend concerts performed by some of the world’s best musicians. Besides music, the venue has much to offer in terms of a diverse community, refreshing beverages, and amazing food that make for a fun weekend getaway. All of the concerts require tickets to attend, so make sure you purchase yours as soon as possible.

Harley Davidson Homecoming Live Concert Schedule
July 13 at H-D Museum
American Progress at 5 pm
War Hippies at 7 pm
Hairball at 9 pm
July 14 at Veterans Park
Abby Jeanne at 3 pm
KennyHoopla at 4 pm
Phantogram at 5:15 pm
The Cult at 7 pm
Green Day at 8:45 pm
July 14 at H-D Museum
God’s Outlaw at 5 pm
The Jimmys at 6 pm
The Now Band at 8 pm
July 15 at Veterans Park
Ghost Hounds at 3 pm
White Reaper at 4 pm
Joan Jett & the BlackHearts at 5:15 pm
Cody Jinks at 7 pm
Foo Fighters at 8:45 pm
July 15 at H-D Museum
Cactus Brothers at 5pm
RustBucket at 6 pm
Road Trip at 8 pm
(Road trip includes different popular artists and bands, including Katy Perry,  Chris Stapleton, The Romantics, Guns and Roses, Ozzy, Pink, Maroon 5, U2, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, etc)

6. Free Activities at the 2023 Harley Davidson Homecoming Festival

The following activities that will be held at the Harley Davidson Powertrain Operations will be free:

July 13-16
Harley Davidson 2023 Model Demos & Test Rides
Pilgrims Road Powertrain Operation Factory Tour. Attendees will get to observe powder coating processes, assembly lines, cold testing, aluminum and steel manufacturing, and other processes that contribute to developing Harley powertrains.
Thrilling riding demonstrations by local law enforcement.

The self-guided factory tours are almost 30 minutes long and available on a first come, first serve basis.

7. Community Events at the Harley Homecoming Festival

7.1 Bastille Days - Free Community Event

If you want to enjoy the festivities of the Harley Davidson Homecoming event for free, then make sure you are at the Cathedral Square Park on July 14 at 11 am to attend Bastille Days, a French-themed festival.

At this community event, you can enjoy street performances, live music, check out merchandise at over 60 vendors, try out different bars and diners, and participate in a 5-mile run called Storm the Bastille. Since it is a free event, the organizers are expecting a large crowd. As a result, parking is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Bastille Days
Date Friday, July 14
Saturday, July 15
Sunday, July 16
Timings 11 am - 11 p.m. (Friday & Saturday)
11 am - 8 p.m. (Sunday)
Location Cathedral Square Park, 825 N, Jefferson Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, United States

7.2 Beach Bonfire

The beach bonfire will be held on the serene shore of Lake Michigan. Motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy this beautiful community event with family and friends. The event will include food, a cozy bonfire, live music, and a lively motorcycle community. If you have never had the opportunity to sit around a bonfire to share stories about your motorcycle adventures, then this is your chance.

Beach Bonfire
Date Thursday, July 13
Timings 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Location Grant Park Beach, 2299 Grant Park Drive, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172, United States

7.3 Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) 40th Celebration

Unlike other community events, the Harley Owners Group celebration is an exclusive event that only H.O.G members can attend. Harley has organized this event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Harley Owners Group. As a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) member, you will get to enjoy the best music and activities with fellow Harley enthusiasts. Harley Owner Group members must present their membership cards for admission. A guest can accompany you to the venue; however, any member without a card will not be denied entry.

Harley Owners Group 40th Celebration Event
Date Thursday, July 13
Timings 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Location Bud Pavilion, Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, 640 S, 84th Street, West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

7.4 Down Under Disco Community Event

The Down Under Disco is a community event featuring impressive musical performances by Roll Train, DJ Romke, and other pop artists. Plus, you will get to mingle with a high-spirited motorcycle community and make new friends.

Down Under Disco
Date Friday, July 14
Timings 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Location LakeFront Brewery Parking Lot, 1872 N Commerce Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

7.5 Bikes on the Block Party

Bikes on the Block Party is a family-friendly event that you can attend with children. The highlight of this event includes a delicious barbeque from Double B’s BBQ, performances by local music artists, vendors, and kid-friendly games and activities. This free event is the best way to enjoy your weekend with company. You would only have to purchase food and merchandise.  

Bikes on the Block Party
Date Saturday, July 15
Timings 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Location Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, Wisconsin

7.6 Harley Davidson 120th Motorcycle Parade

The Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary Parade will be the closing event. H.O.G members can choose to participate and ride alongside other motorcyclists or park and watch the parade. For a few H.O.G members, they have access to a premium viewing area. The parade route is yet to be announced. Make sure you download the H-D app to get updates.

To ride in the parade, you will need a pass that is included in the VIP package. Check with your H.O.G chapter for a parade registration form and participation details. Trailers and pets are not allowed at the parade.

H-D 120th Motorcycle Parade
Date Sunday, July 16
Spectating Hours 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Location Downtown Milwaukee

8. Other Events at the 120th Harley Davidson Anniversary Rally

Other than concerts, community events, and guided factory tours, the Harley Davidson 120th Anniversary celebration will also have other activities, including bike stunts and bike demos. Here are the details:

8.1 Motorcycle Stunts & Shows

  • Division BMX Stunt Show
  • Wall of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show by Kyle and Cody Ives
  •  Nitro Circus Motocross Stunt Show
  • Ball of Steel Motorcycle Stunt Show
  • V-Twin Visionary Performance Motorcycle Ride-in Show
  • Mama Tried & Friends Motorcycle Show

8.2 Motorcycle Races

  • Flat Out Friday Boonie Race

8.3 Bike Demos/Displays

  • Harley’s Livewire S2 Del Mar Model Display at H-D Museum
  • Stacyc Bike Display for Kids
  • Test Ride on Hank Aaron Trail on Serial 1 eBicycle
  • V-Twin Visionary Speed and Style Custom Bike Show
  • 2023 Model Line-up Garage Product Showroom
  • Harley & LiveWire Jumpstart
  • Vintage Motorcycle Field Game Showcase

9. Best Food & Restaurants

One of the major highlights of this Harley event are the various diners and restaurants available at the different venues:

  • Motor Bar and Restaurant, famed for its Midwestern style, hospitality, and great taste, will be serving food near H-D Museum on Thursday, July 13 from 11 am to 9 pm. You can enjoy BBQ, salads, and burgers and relaxing riverfront views at this eatery.
  • Local food trucks will also be available at the venues, offering a range of appetizers including salads, pizza, funnel cakes, gyros, etc.
  • At Veterans Park and Harley Davidson Powertrain Operations, a large number of food and drink vendors will be available.
  • For a fine dining experience, you can opt for a fancy restaurant near the rally venues. Some of the best fine dining restaurants in Milwaukee include Mason Street Grill, Sanford, The White House, and Ardent.

10. Nearby Accommodations

If traveling from a different city or state to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Harley event, then you should reserve your accommodation beforehand. There are multiple accommodation options in the Milwaukee area for all budgets. Whether looking for a campsite or a luxurious hotel room, you can find your perfect place to stay with Airbnb.

11. What to Wear

Casual wear like jeans, t-shirt, and a lightweight jacket would be the perfect attire for this event. If you are a H.O.G member, you can wear H.O.G biker patches on your jacket.

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Harley is also selling commemorative 120th anniversary collection shirts, helmets, vests, hoodies, gloves, and jackets. A shirt can cost you as little as $40, while a jacket can cost you $500. Check out the prices and shop for the collection here.

12. What to Pack

Participants traveling to Milwaukee should pack their luggage according to their accommodations. If you are camping, you will need to bring camping gear as well. If you plan to reserve a hotel room or rent a house, then you would only need extra clothes according to the number of days you are staying. Other things worth carrying include:

  • Motorcycle Registration/Ownership Documents
  • ID Card/Passport (if you are traveling to the rally from Canada)
  • Phone, Charger, & Powerbank
  • Insurance Documents
  • Snacks
  • Safety Gear
  • Rain Jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Motorcycle Tools
  • Cash
  • Water Bottle
  • Travel-Size Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissues/Wipes
  • Travel-Size Toiletries
  • Camera Equipment (if you enjoy recording your journey)

When packing, make sure you don’t exceed the suggested weight limit of your motorcycle. To make it easier to carry all items on your motorcycle, equip your ride with high-quality saddlebags, backpacks, and sissy bar bags.

13. Last Words

The 120th Harley Davidson Anniversary Rally is a one-of-a-kind festival where the company, its fans, H.O.G. members, and motorcycle enthusiasts can celebrate Harley’s success and contributions to the motorcycle industry and community. Rekindle your passion for riding by attending this fun-filled event that will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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