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10 Best Motorcycles with Fairings for Taller Riders

10 Best Motorcycles with Fairings for Taller Riders

To ensure an enjoyable riding experience, a motorcycle must have suitable ergonomics, wind protection, and a comfortable riding position. Most motorcycle companies design bikes with average-sized riders in mind. Therefore, finding motorcycles suited for taller riders can be challenging, even more so if you are looking for a bike with a fairing.

Due to their height, taller riders are more exposed to flying debris and strong winds. A motorcycle fairing not only reduces air drag and improves fuel efficiency, but also offers protection for the upper body. In addition, it reduces wind buffeting for a smoother and quiet ride.

If your favorite ride lacks a fairing, you can usually install an aftermarket fairing.

Finding, choosing, and installing a fairing that looks good on your bike can be time-consuming. Not to mention, aftermarket or OEM fairings can be expensive.

This article brings you the 10 best motorcycles with fairings suited for taller riders.

1. How to Choose a Motorcycle with Fairing for Taller Riders

When choosing a motorcycle with a fairing, a rider should first consider his/her height, torso length, arm length, and inseam. Use the rider triangle to find the most comfortable ride for you. You should also keep the following factors in mind.

  1. Your weight distribution can affect riding comfort. Stock fairings for different motorcycles can vary in width and wind deflection capacity.

Your riding style will help you determine the most compatible motorcycle with a fairing. If you travel on interstates or visit remote motorcycle camping sites, you should buy a motorcycle with large frame-mounted fairing and superior ergonomics. Spending long hours on a bike without a proper wind deflector and riding posture can cause wind-induced fatigue. However, when riding within a city, you can enjoy a safe ride with a small handlebar-mounted fairing. Focus on the bike’s riding position and comfort instead of the width and shape of the fairing.

1.1 Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha YZF-R1

Photo Credit: webbikeworld

Category: Sport Bike

Claimed Seat Height: 33.7 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $17,999

The Yamaha YZF-R1 is one of the most celebrated sports bikes due to its 998 cc four cylinder engine, high performance braking, and sophisticated suspension setup. The stylish fairing and aerodynamic profile helps increase acceleration.

The large YZF-R1 fairing features a windshield that provides coverage for riders of all heights. Although the fairing does not cover the rider’s head, it deflects wind away from the body and over the head, reducing wind buffeting and increasing riding comfort.

Besides its sleek bodywork, the seat height of 33.7 inches creates adequate distance between the seat and peg and the seat and ground to accommodate longer legs. Moreover, the rider can adjust the seat to create enough space between the handlebars and the saddle to help the arms relax.

1.2 Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

Photo Credit: ultimatemotorcycling

Category: Adventure Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 32 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $17,699

The Harley Pan America 1250 is the adventure tourer launched by Harley Davidson. The bike can cover long miles and traverse difficult terrain thanks to its advanced engine, impressive suspension, and traction control. It is also equipped with hand guards, heated grips, and fairings, so riders can ride in different weather conditions. The fairings and the windshield deflect wind and gravel, allowing riders to open the helmet visors and enjoy the surroundings.

For tall riders, another useful feature is the bike’s Adaptive Ride Height. Harley claims that the suspension system transitions to an optimal riding height when the bike is in motion. Though this feature is optional, it greatly improves the ride quality for riders with longer inseams. At 33.7 inches, the seat height provides much-needed legroom and distance from the mid-mounted foot controls and ground. The handlebars are placed at a considerable distance from the saddle so riders can maintain a natural posture.

1.3 Harley Davidson Road Glide

Harley Davidson Road Glide

Photo Credit: stonewallhd

Category: Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 25.9 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $21,999

The Harley Davidson Road Glide is a grand touring motorcycle featuring a frame-mounted sharp-nosed fairing. About 29 inches wide and 14 inches tall, this fairing offers optimal wind protection and riding comfort to taller riders, especially if fitted with an adjustable windshield. The Road Glide also has a seat height of 25.9 inches and forward-mounted foot controls. These three features make this vehicle ideal for taller riders. For shorter and average riders, the outstretched handlebar position can be a bit uncomfortable. But taller riders can easily reach these handlebars. The distance between the handlebars and the saddle offers ample legroom. Riders who are dissatisfied with the stock settings can customize the Road Glide with a higher seat and lower footrests to increase distance between the seat and pegs.

1.4 Indian Challenger Limited

Indian Challenger Limited

Photo Credit: webbikeworld

Category: Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 26.5 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $28,499

The Indian Challenger Limited has ample legroom that allows the riders to stretch their legs more than on any other Indian cruiser or tourer.

While the Indian Challenger Limited only has a seat height of 26.5 inches, the outstretched forward controls easily accommodate a 6’4” tall rider with a 34-inch inseam. Hence, a tall rider can ride this touring bike for long hours without feeling discomfort in the legs or joint pain.

This bike has all the essential touring accessories, including hard saddlebags, a windshield, and a wide fairing. The fairing protects the rider,infotainment screen, speakers, and bar-mounted gauges.

1.5 Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa

Photo Credit: ridermagazine

Category: Sport Bike

Claimed Seat Height: 31.5 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $18,799

The 2023 Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by an inline four cylinder motor mounted to the sleek chassis. The frame is decorated with a sporty fairing that allows riders to achieve high speeds while in upright and tucked-in riding positions. Adding a taller windshield will further improve wind protection.

The Suzuki Hayabusa has a seat height of 31.5 inches, making it suited for riders with heights between 6’ to 6’2”. However, the ergonomics can be improved by replacing the stock seat with a gel seat, adding handlebar risers, and relocating the footpegs.

1.6 Ducati Multistrada V4

Ducati Multistrada V4

Photo Credit: gearpatrol

Category: Sport Bike

Claimed Seat Height: 31 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $30,595

The Ducati Multistrada V4 features a full race-track style fairing for riders who enjoy traveling at high speeds on freeways and twisties. The fairing with a windshield protects the rider from harsh winds and adverse effects, including dehydration, hypothermia, exhaustion, instability, and lack of control.

The seat height can be adjusted depending on the rider’s preference. You can make this bike 31 to 37 inches high to create enough legroom for a relaxed seating position. The sporty look and the spacious ergonomics make the Multistrada V4, especially the Pikes Peak model, a popular pick among tall riders.

1.7 Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT

Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT

Photo Credit: cycleworld

Category: Adventure Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 33.1 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $18,899

The Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT has a 1,043 cc engine and a slim chassis.

Riders of all sizes can enjoy riding this bike on tarmac roads and gravel paths.

The large fairing with a windshield deflect wind, reducing wind resistance and drag. The fairing also allows you to relax your arms while holding onto the handlebars.

The Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT has a seat height of 33.1 inches, a superior suspension system, and mid-mounted foot controls that improve riding comfort.

However, riders taller than 6’ will need to modify the bike to suit their physique.

1.8 BMW R1250GS Adventure

BMW R1250GS Adventure

Photo Credit: bmwmotorcycles

Category: Adventure Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 35 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $17,995 (Base Price)

The BMW R1250GS Adventure has a seat height of 35 inches that makes it an ideal ride for taller riders. The adjustable seat can be moved another 0.8 inches to create a 35.8-inch high saddle. At the lowest suspension setting, a rider with a 32-inch inseam can easily flat foot at stop signs, parking lots, and roads with dense traffic. The set adjustability provides riders with a 34-inch inseam ample legroom. The stock fairing and windshield make this bike suited for highway travel. You can also tuck in the fairing to improvee your bike’s aerodynamics. The customization options include a taller windshield, handlebar risers, aftermarket seats, and floorboard extensions.

1.9 Yamaha Tenere 700

Yamaha Tenere 700

Photo Credit: canadamotoguide

Category: Midsize Dual Sport

Claimed Seat Height: 34.4 inches

Starting Price in 2023: $10,499

A tall and agile adventure motorcycle, the Yamaha Tenere 700 has a seat height of 34.4 inches. Riders with a 32 to 33-inch inseams can ride this bike on asphalt and dirt tracks. You can select the aftermarket rally seat that adds another 1.6 inches to the bike, making it 36” high. The sleek frame features a stylish fairing with a short windshield. So if you ride this bike in the dirt, the fairing will keep you safe from dust and dirt.

1.10 Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Photo Credit: advpulse

Category: Adventure Tourer

Claimed Seat Height: 33.5 inches (low position) , 34.3 inches (standard position)

Starting Price in 2022: N/A

Starting Price in 2023: $14,499

The Honda Africa Twin is a tall motorcycle with a standard seat height of 34.3 inches. Taller riders prefer this bike for its lightweight frame, roomy ergonomics, and wide fairing. Though a 2023 model is yet to be released, you can buy the 2022 Africa Twin. Thanks to the fairing, riders can tackle any type of terrain and weather condition. Though the seat is flat, the upright riding position ensures you are comfortable for a long time when exploring your favorite motorcycle destinations.

2. Quick Tips to Modify Your Bike

Regardless of your height, you can modify your bike to improve comfort and provide adequate legroom. Here are a few ways you can make your bike better suited for taller riders.

2.1 Replace Lower Fairings with Sliders

Lower fairings help protect the engine in case of an accident. Unfortunately, they take up much of your legroom. If you remove these fairings, you will have a bike that better fits a taller rider. Replace the lower fairings with frame sliders that will shield your bike’s engine, upper fairings, and chassis.

2.2 Install Extended Brake Pedals

An extended brake pedal or lever provides extra legroom and a reliable means to stop. These aftermarket pedals are longer than the stock brake pads and mounted at a lower angle for easy operation. If you choose to keep the lower fairings, then adding brake pedals will provide a neutral riding position.

2.3 Replace Stock Seats

When buying a motorcycle with fairing, check out the parts catalog at the dealership to find a seat specifically designed for taller riders. Replacing the stock seat with an aftermarket one is more expensive, but will be worthwhile in the long run.

2.4 Relocate Stock Floorboards

Use a floorboard relocation kit to adjust the footrests according to your height. To maximize space, modify the floorboards in the following ways:

  • Lower the floorboards: 2 - 2 ½ inches
  • Move the floorboards forward: 2 inches
  • Move the floorboards away from the frame: 2 inches

These modifications will reduce hip and knee pain, general discomfort, and riding fatigue.

2.5 Change Handlebars

For taller riders, wide ape handlebars are the best option. If your motorcycle has  pull-back, bullhorn, or flat handlebars, then replace them with ape hanger bars.

3. Takeaway

There are only a few motorcycles with fairings that are designed for tall riders.

Any rider who is looking for a bike with an in-built fairing should either choose a touring bike or an adventure tourer. If these bikes do not meet your riding needs or are taxing on your budget, you can also install an aftermarket fairing and modify your bike to better suit your height.

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