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Want To Stop Overpacking For Your Trips?

Posted by Blake Simons on Nov 15th 2019

Packing things, you never need just makes the motorcycle trips hard and carrying the luggage difficult. You would only be managing and trying not to lose those unnecessary things. But the problem is that most of us don’t even know we are over packing and it ruins the joy of motorcycle trip later on. The first thing you would have to do is not overthink and remember it is a motorcycle trip. This guide will let you know how to stop over-packing and save space. You can thank us later, now let’s get into it.

Pack light

If it is not a touring bike, selecting motorcycle luggage is the first thing. Choose light and tough one. Next is choosing clothes and other items you would pack; they have to be lightweight and functional. Try to think and pack like a minimalist here. Go for t-shirts and half sleeves. However, don’t forget or skip important things like rain gear, gloves, socks, documents, tool kit, tire repair, and first aid kit.

Check weather

Research about the weather of route and pack accordingly. If the forecast says rain pack rain gear if it doesn’t pack it anyways. Always check the forecast before leaving the hotel or whatever. Base layers should be breathable regardless of the weather. Pack body warmers for winter, warm mid-layers, and warm motorcycle jackets or heated jackets. Don’t forget leggings or leg warmers, most of the people do and curse themselves when riding in the cold.

Multi-use packing

Try to pack things that could be of multi-use. For instance, buy or wear such a motorcycle jacket that can be used as a motorcycle jacket when riding and just a warmer jacket when off the bike. Or maybe waterproof, windproof motorcycle jacket and trousers that would act as a rain suit.

Start packing before the trip

If tomorrow you have to go for the trip and start packing now, of course, chances of overpacking are a lot more. The simple and easy solution is to pack at least three days before the trip. This way you can analyze and reduce things that aren’t needed and add what is important. Check out the adventure luggage packing guide if going on an adventure trip.

Pack for situations

No one knows what will happen on the trip thus it is useful and helpful to pack for every situation. First aid kits, tire repair kits, tool kit, lube, important documents, emergency communicator. Now it is time to go over everything and take out unimportant things and stuff you think you might need.

Go for alternatives

Alternatives that could save space are worth it. Like if you like to read on the trip get an e-book instead of hard one, small flashlight, smaller crockery, etc. remember saving space without leaving behind important stuff is our goal.

Organize the luggage

The organization is very important, whether it be motorcycle trips or any other. However, it is much more needed on motorcycle trips because luggage space is limited, most of all. We don’t recommend bringing expensive and your favorite items. Like your favorite sunglasses, your laptop, DSLR, backup drives, etc.

Check everything before leaving the hotel room so you don’t have to waste time coming back searching for it. Check twice if you have to and get everything needed before. Organize your stops and plan accordingly. For instance, if you need to buy snacks do it while you stop for refueling or dinner or night stay. Check the bike before getting on it, this will save your time and life letting things get repaired before time. Keep spare keys, in some other place than go-to keys. Never keep all the cash in one place.

Pack the items that need quick access in the tank bag, snacks and water in the backpack or hydration pack, heavier items in saddlebags (at the bottom and lightweight on top). Have more luggage? Try sissy bar bags. Don’t pack the bag to its neck and check the weight limit. 

Nov 15th 2019