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Golden Rules For Motorcycle Tour Travels

Golden Rules For Motorcycle Tour Travels

Golden Rules For Motorcycle Tour Travels

Traveling through a motorcycle always gives the thrill. The freedom, scenic views around, breeze blowing the hair, and that exhaust sound automatically rushes the adrenalin in the body. Traveling through a motorcycle is one of the best ways to explore and form a strong bond with your mates and the bike itself. However, things are done magically, you actually have to plan, get motorcycle luggage, pack and mount it, unless your bike has luggage space. After years of traveling and exploring on the motorcycle, I came up with the following rules. These tell you the things that are essential and you should follow before starting the bike and going on a trip.

1. Packing right accessories

Planning and packing are the most crucial things. These things will decide what your experience of traveling and touring will be like. One wrong move and you would hate motorcycle traveling. Pack right according to the weather. Appropriate riding apparel like gloves, jackets, boots will help you dealing with weather and help protect you in accidents. Go for gear that has CE approved armor it makes the difference between life and death. Proper gear ensures a safe journey that you can enjoy. If your trip is long then you would also need to carry oil to change or find a mechanic there. It is better to plan this beforehand. Also, first aid, repair kits, and lubes.

2. Choosing and preparing the bike

Things like mileage, low maintenance, seating and riding position are key factors that you should look at. These are reliable and good better your trip will be. So, keep these things in mind while choosing a bike. Do a complete research and test it with a somewhat long ride than usual to see if it is what you need.

Choosing and getting your bike ready for the trip is very important. Preparing the bike means getting it completely checked before the trip, make necessary changes, replace your fluids, breaks and anything else that needs to be changed. Do all these changes at least one day before going on a trip so you can test the bike and see any left-out things and get them repaired in time.

Preparing also includes getting suitable motorcycle luggage and mounting it. This is a very important part that most of us miss and regret it later on the trip. Here is a guide to install motorcycle saddlebags, have a look.

3. Following the traffic rules

Yes, you already know it but in the excitement of traveling and touring, plus because new places have new rules you unknowingly break the law. So, make sure you adhere to traffic rules wherever you are going. So, research the traffic rules of where you will be going and passing from before the trip. Rules are available on the official sites of different states. Searching for them every Time before the trip is important because they change from time to time. This will keep you out of trouble during the trip. Plus, ignoring or stating you didn’t know if the law is not a valid defense. Traffic rules are strictly followed in hilly areas, your one wrong step can cause catastrophe and casualties.

4. Rest properly

As much as you like riding but elongated periods and continuous riding would cause sprained neck, back pain and heavy head. Ensuring proper rest periods and getting complete hours of sleep i.e. 6-8 depending on person is very important. Apart from these you should also stretch at pit stops, remember to keep them short. On long journeys, you are more likely to get dehydrated, whether it be summer or winter. Yes, drinking water is as important in winter as it is in summer. Our recommendation is to keep hydration backpack with a pipe coming to your mouth. So, you can take a sip whenever you want without having to stop.

5. Try keeping the motivation high

Excitement and motivation are the best part of a motorcycle trip. Starting the ride, you are excited, enjoying the scenic views, and everything else about it. It is then you become tired and slowly start to get frustrated. This is mostly because you aren’t getting proper rest or pushing yourself too hard. Thus, tiredness and frustration can mess up your journey and ruin everything. This is why keeping spirits high is important. 

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