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Important Motorcycle Touring Requirements Usually Ignored

Posted by Blake Simons on Oct 18th 2019

Oct 18th 2019

If you are traveling and touring enthusiasts but not sure what accessories do you need for the trips, you are lucky as we are here to help you with that. For touring you must keep in mind certain things. City riding is different than tours and trips and of course, it needs some specific accessories. The joy of touring and trips comes with some expenditure. They are not just for show off, these accessories improve your riding experience. So, following is a list of motorcycle accessories every motorcycle rider should have.

Motorcycle luggage

Motorcycle luggage is necessary, of course, there are a lot of bags like saddlebags, tank bags, sissy bar bags, and more. It depends on how convenient you feel carrying bags on a trip. If it is your first time don’t worry about getting used to it takes time. The number of bags to carry depends on distance, weather, and whether you are traveling with a passenger or not. I prefer lockable bags because they are somewhat secure plus they don’t hop around.

Bluetooth communicator

Motorcycle tours can be lonely and very boring, even if you enjoy riding the bike and views after a while it all fades away. Listening and talking to your fellow riders can kill the time and stop you from being bored and tired. A Bluetooth communicator is an incredible device that helps you do that, easily pair it up with your cellphone and all done. Off button is always available to give you some alone time. It also helps if one rider is in trouble by letting others know as they come for help.


The next most important thing is your clothing, now this includes everything from the base layer to jackets, chaps or motorcycle trousers and gloves. During summers wear a jacket that has a ventilation feature, don’t forget the trousers and gloves. They might make you sweat a little but give protection from sun, dust, and scrapes. During winters dress in layers keeping a breathable and sweat-wicking base layer with warm, breathable and waterproof top layer add more if you like. During the windy and rainy weather get your rain suit on while keeping the base layers as is, but I recommend taking rest during that time stretch your legs. No matter what the weather keeps your gloves and motorcycle boots on while riding. For riding during the dusk and dawn or nightwear a reflective jacket or vest. See what else to pack for your motorcycle trips.

Emergency communicator

In situations where you cannot help yourself and neither call someone from the phone, an emergency communicator lets you call for help with the push of a button. It communicates through satellite and works everywhere on earth. There is also an “I am fine” button that lets you dear ones know of your wellbeing. A non-emergency button points out your location for some help. It means you are okay but need help with something.

Motorcycle toolkit

On the road, you may not be able to do major repairs but at least the bike could get in shape to get to a mechanic. Do little tweaks to the bike and adjust it accordingly would be an easy and quick plus, you learn more about your bike and understand it better. Tool kits for Harley and BMW are specialized while others can be adjusted with normal tool kit. There is even a special tool kit bag which is specified for containing tool kits. Wherever you keep the toolkit just try to keep them dry.


Last but not the least, motorcycle gear i.e. a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow guards, ankle size motorcycle protective boots are very important, don’t even think of riding without these. Other than that, a visor cleaner, first aid kit, type repair kit, chain lube, portable air compressor, emergency communicator, Bluetooth communicator (if traveling in groups), and your medicine with prescription these are few things you must have with you while traveling.