Viking Strider Sport Motorcycle Fairing For Harley Dyna Street Bob FXDB Gloss Black

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Fits Dyna Street Bob FXDB 2006-2017

Impact Resistant
Free Hardware
Weather Resistant
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns

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Gloss Black Strider Fairings

The Strider Sports Harley Street Bob fairing is a high-quality, durable fairing that is designed to give your bike a clean, yet intimidating appearance. It is made of fiberglass and features an impact-resistant acrylic windshield. The fairing comes with a universal bracket kit and is offered in two styles to match your preferred riding style.


ABS Plastic

Fairing Dimensions (inches)

14" x 15" x 6" (H x W x D)

Adjustable clamps

fit 35mm-49mm fork

Opening fit most

5 3/4" headlights

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Strider on 2016 Street Bob

First I will say customer service was fantastic! They originally sent me the wrong fairing. I called and got a shipping label from them, sent it back, and the correct one arrived promptly. The fairing itself is very nice quality. If you have a vivid black bike like mine I truly feel there is no need to paint it. If it fades over time then maybe I will. Installation is one of those things that is difficult when you do it but then once you finish if you had to do it again it would be a breeze. This is because there is so much play within the brackets for a universal fit. What worked for me on a Dyna was :
Step 1. Use the small flat headlight relocation bracket. Remove the bolt from under your headlight. Use this bolt and the supplied nut to attach the bracket where the headlight used to be. Use the supplied shorter bolt and some blue Loctite to attach the headlight to the end of the new extension bracket.
Step 2. Attach the fork bracket and hose clamps to the forks. Tighten them enough so they don't move freely but loose enough you can move them by hand. Make sure to place the fasteners in a location behind the forks where you can reach them to tighten after the fairing is on.
Step 3. Attach the Brackets that bolt directly to the fairing on to it. The supplied lock washers are useless so use Loctite.
Step 4. Attach your last remaining bracket to the fork brackets you already put on the forks. Hand tighten them enough that they are snug but can still be manipulated.
Step 5. Hold your fairing up to the bike and line everything up how you want it. When happy remove the fairing and torque down that middle bracket you just put on.
Step 6. Put the fairing back on and attach it with your 4 remaining nuts and bolts. Tighten them up.
Step 7. Stand in front of the bike and slide the entire unit up an down and left and right till the headlight is centered. Remember you can because the hose clamps aren't tight yet. Finally tighten the hose clamps!
Hope this helps!
After it's done it is very sturdy and looks amazing!