Viking Saddlebags Quick Disconnect System For Indian Scout

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Fits Indian Scout 2015 - Current

Key Lockable
Steel Built
Weather Resistant
Free Hardware
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns
Fitment Note

Not Compatible with Shock Cutout Bags.

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Quick Disconnect System

The Viking Indian Scout QDS saddlebag quick-detach system is made of marine grade powder coated metal and is easy to install. It allows you to take your saddlebags off and put them back on within seconds without any tools. The brackets are completely adjustable and can be locked to keep your bags safe.


Mild Steel

Maximum Docking point distance


Minimum Docking point distance




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Customer Reviews

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Came with wrong hardware and costumer service suggested I should by new hardware in a hardware store or return it.

Quality Bracket but Fabrication Required to Fit Indian Scout

These are quality made brackets, however they will not fit the Indian Scout without some fabrication work. First, the supplied mounting spools didn't fit into one of the slots, minor filing took care of that. The main issue though, is that the fender bolts on the Indian Scout, by design, are slightly angled away from each other, so that when you bolt the spools on (with the correct length bolts, 30mm, that you'll have to buy cause they give you a bunch of bolts that don't fit), the spools are not square with the fender sheet metal and not parallel to each other. So you cant mount the bracket. The solution is to take the thinner spacers that are included and grind a bevel on them, and trial and error fit them till the spools wind up parallel. The final issue is that the key lock is nearly impossible to turn. The locking mechanism is an angled metal piece that fits up against the spool, when you turn the key, the metal piece wedges in between the spool and a projection coming off the bracket, locking the bracket in place. Problem is that the metal piece is too thick and it wedges way too tightly between the spool and the bracket. I tried bending the metal piece to no avail and finally had to grind it a bit to make it thinner and allow the key to function smoothly. I don't know, maybe I got a defective set. I was able to make them work, but it took a few hours of my time.

Luis R.
Quick Disconnect

Very good quality/strong construction

Michael P.
Quality number 1

Quality number 1

Pedro K.
Bracket review

The bracket was easy to attach, along with getting rid of the sag that using only the bolts that came with bags to attach them my bike