25L - Revival Series Large Suzuki Studded Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

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Fits All Suzuki Motorcycle

Fits 35 Cans
Easy Install
Weather Resistant
Free Straps
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns

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Black Revival Series Sissy Bar Bag

This Revival Series studded Suzuki leather sissy bar bag is made from durable and waterproof Viking leather. It provides 1525.6 cubic inches of storage and fits most sissy bars, luggage racks, or backrests. The bag is fully accessible while mounted and includes a detachable full-size roll bag with a shoulder strap and top carrying handle. The bag comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Dimensions (inches)

15.5" x 8.5" x 14.5" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

15" x 8"



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Customer Reviews

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Brandon R.

It's a Beautiful bag. Matches the saddle bags purchased here perfectly. It's classic and feels well made with quality in mind. The leather for the top is super soft and feels worn like a good worn jacket. It so soft it kind of tu.... better not finish that statement lol. It comes with PLENTY of straps to secure it.
It can hold over 2 two liter sodas laying down side by side and a bit more than 4 stacked tall laying down for American math lol.

I've received a lot of compliments on my cruiser before I got the saddle bags when it was stripped down. Then I got even more after the saddle bags. Now with this sissy bar bag on the back the compliments are through the roof. It really set the bike off from everyone else's (around me). Even the baggers stop and give praise. They're just classic and can't fail on looks.

My complaints. There are no real issues but I do have feedback.

I measured my helmet repeatedly and knew the size of it would be a tight fit. It's a lot tighter than expected but it does fit. My helmet is a standard full face JBL helmet. I have a universal fit cover on that fits snug on it so my helmet has to be close to average sized for full face (I'm assuming with an educated guess). So it could be 2 inches deeper from front to back is all. Being able to fit my helmet was a huge goal when looking for a new bag. I'm not upset because I can make it work but I hope it doesn't deform the bag over time. I don't want to return it and try someplace else because I really like the bag and knew what I was risking.

Locks. Designing a locking system would be a huge plus as well. Maybe make all the plastic connectors metal (matte black of course because I see why they are black originally) with locking capabilities. Make the leather straps thinner, doubled, stitched edges or good leather glue and with a flexible metal inner lining so they can't be easily cut.

I go on long distance overnight trips so security is a concern.

I knew what I was buying so like I said, just some feedback. No real complaints because the product is exactly as advertised. I love this bag and my saddle bags from Viking Bags.

Terry G.
Great size and quality

Great size and quality


Gives my sportster a natural look

good sotrage

these bags provide a lot of storage


the studs dress up the bags. I really like the look of them