44L - Lamellar Stallion Extra Large Victory High Ball Leather Covered Motorcycle Hard Saddlebags

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Sale price$449.99 $382.99 with coupon
Fits Victory High Ball 2012-2017

Fits 62 Cans
Hard Shell
Key Lockable
Free Hardware
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns

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Black Lamellar Stallion Hard Bags

The Viking Lamellar Stallion Victory High Ball saddlebags are extra-large, leather-covered, and hard. They feature enhanced security with matching keys, improved metal mountings for durability, a weather-tight seal to protect against rain, a foam liner to prevent rattling at high speeds, an advanced hinge that safeguards gear, and reflective side markers for increased nighttime visibility.


ABS Plastic

Dimensions (inches)

25" x 8" x 14" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

17.4" x 7"

Turn-signal Relocation

Not Needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kody R.
Top quality product easy to

Top quality product easy to install with lots of adjustment.

Stephan S.
Victory rider from Germany ;-)

Hello from Germany,

I ride a Victory Highball and was looking for a pair of saddlebags for longer trips. The first ones I bought in Germany were unfortunately a bad buy and I had to send the saddlebags back because they didn't fit.

After searching the internet for suitable saddlebags, I became aware of Viking Bags and I really liked the saddlebags (Lamellar Slanted Leather Covered Motorcycle Hard Saddlebags).

Unfortunately, I found out that Viking Bags does not offer shipping to Germany, so I had to come up with something.

After another search on the Internet, I became aware of "Shipito" and was able to set up a shipping address in the USA where I could send the order.

Shipito then organized the shipping to Germany.

After I paid the customs fees, the package was delivered.

A day later I had time to attach the saddlebags. The assembly alone was a bit difficult, but I managed it.

I'm very happy to finally have saddlebags for my highball that fit.

Thanks very much

Greetings from Germany ;-)

PS: I have recommended you to my friends who also drive Victory!

Patrick K.
Great bags, terrible brackets

The bags are really great quality and look amazing on my 2013 Victory Highball. The mounting brackets are not a great design they should be longer and more rigid to prevent the bags from moving when I hit bumps

Ace E.

Bags are awesome but I ordered them for my specific bike so of course i was thinking it was gonna be bolt on and done … NOPE I had to hold the saddle bag with one hand where I thought it looked best on the bike and do my best to mark spots to drill mounting bracket holes with my other hand then drill them and line those same holes up with the opposite saddle bag so the matched up then the bolts they came with are waaayyyy toooo long and one of the locks had to much metal to grab so it wouldn’t open and when I finally got it open I had to grind down some of the latch so it worked as it should but once all is said and done they look GREAT !!!