34L - Lamellar Raven Extra Large Shock Cut-out Painted Hard Saddlebags for Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF/SE

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Fits Dyna Fat Bob FXDF/SE 2008-2017

Fits 48 Cans
Hard Shell
Key Lockable
Free Hardware
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns
Fitment Note

You will need to relocate the turn-signals to install the bags using the included relocation kit.

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Gloss Black Lamellar Raven Hard Bags

The Viking Lamellar Raven Harley Fat Bob extra large shock cut-out painted motorcycle hard saddlebags are made of durable materials with a sleek black finish. They are lockable and come with updated metal mountings for improved safety and durability. The bags have a storage capacity of 2318 cubic inches and are designed specifically for your motorcycle.


ABS Plastic

Dimensions (inches)

22.5" x 7.5" x 13" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

15" x 7"

Turn-signal Relocation

Required (Included)

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Customer Reviews

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Arthur C.
Review of extra large, locking, hard case bag for 2017 HD FatBob

The product was delivered quickly, was well-packaged and in good condition upon arrival. each bag was in a separate compartment (cardboard partition in the box) and placed in a nice, soft cloth bag.
no complaints here at all...very nicely done.
The directions could have been improved significantly. The steps to mount the hardware on the bags were not very detailed, and the graphics were poor.
I had to call customer support for help understanding one of the steps, as the support bracket is a different length at the bottom than at the top.
The CSA answered promptly, was helpful and polite.
Although I selected the model of bag which was designed for my specific bike (2017 HD FatBob), the fit is not optimal.
the cutout is not in the best place, or the bag is not long enough behind the cutout for the shocks. As a result, it is difficult to mount the bag flush against the bike frame. Additionally, there is only a very small tolerance for adjusting the holes to be drilled through the body of the bag, so that all four holes will align with the two bolt brackets and the flat brace.
Once the brace/hardware is mounted on the bag, there are just two hex bolts which have to be used to mount the bag through the holes in the fender/frame.
Getting the bolts to mount to the retaining ring on my bike was extremely difficult to do alone, as the bag has to be supported while attempting to guide the bolts - from inside the bag, with the lid open - into the retaining rings, between the tire and the fender. The retaining ring/cup kept getting pushed back in the wheel well inside the fender and was tricky to align, and I had to reach behind the fender with one hand to hold the retaining ring in the proper place...while still propping up the bag, and trying to set the bolt so that it would support the bag.
Once mounted, the bag works as intended, mostly.
The lock latch does not open smoothly, and may also open while on the road, if not locked (and a bump is hit at high speed, as I did this morning.)
The directions also suggest checking the security of the bag (for the bolts coming loose) every 40-50 miles.
Most likely, this is because the bolts do not have any kind of lock nuts to secure the bolts in place behind the fender.
True to their word, I did find one of the bolts backing out, slightly after my first ride (I have an 80-mile, round trip commute to work.)
I carry a hex wrench tool, so this is easy to fix, with 4-5 twists.
Due to the confined space where the bolt head comes through the bag, however, there is enough, but not abundant room to tighten the top, back bolt (toward the rear of the bike/bag, away from the cutout), which is the only one so far to have backed out slightly.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the product, but not thrilled with the design for the mounting hardware, or the labor-intensive installation.
Suggestions for improvement:
Ask customers to verify the width between the fender bolts when ordering (it should be pretty standard for each model; mine was 10 ‚Öú" or 10¬Ω", center to center of the holes where the bolts attach), and pre-mount the bracket on the bag;

improve and re-write the directions (steps and graphics) to be more detailed. Include a hardware packing list with the sizes of the hardware and better directions to indicate what hardware is used for what part of the installation;

Make a video demonstrating installation and post it on YouTube; add a link to the video to the directions;

Add a fastener (a locking wing nut, which could be tightened by hand) to secure the bolts to the bike frame and prevent loosening;

add rubber washers or grommets for the drilled holes to dampen vibrations and protect the bag against damage from hardware vibrating right against the fiberglass (or whatever the bag is made of).

good bags and easy installation

they look great and installation wasn't too bad

Richard C.
I wanted to give 5 stars…

I want to give this 5 stars because the bags are nice and look great on the bike…but, they barely fit on my 2012 Fatbob. The bags are barely long enough to fit the bolt holes on the bike’s fender attachments. We had to grind some of the washers to make fit and had to buy some 3/8 inch bolts in different lengths to make it work. I recommend this being a two man job. Plan on making a trip to Ace hardware. Another plus was there was no need to relocate the taillights. All in all I’m glad I bought them and have them on my bike. But it wasn’t easy.