Viking Iron Born 9" Handlebar for Harley Sportster 883 Iron XL883N Matte Black

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Sale price$149.99 $127.99 with coupon
Options: 9"
Fits Sportster 883 Iron XL883N 2009 - 2022

Steel Built
Easy Install
Rust Proof
Internal Pulling Wire
Ships within 2 Days & 45 Day Returns
Fitment Note
  • You may need to buy separate extended cables to install the handlebar.
  • This handlebar will not fit bikes that require Throttle-By-Wire system.

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Matte Black Iron Born Handlebar

The 9" Iron Born Harley 883 Iron handlebar is a high-quality, pre-drilled handlebar made from durable steel. It combines the best features of a mini-ape bar, drag bar, and Z bar for a comfortable and stylish riding experience. The handlebar is also available in a gloss finish to match your bike's aesthetic.


Stainless Steel

Dimensions (inches)

9" End Rise

Overall Width


Base Width


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Customer Reviews

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Jason H.

Completely changed the bikes look and comfort. I have a 2021 Iron 883 and the stock bars made rides uncomfortable but since I swapped to the Iron Born 9” I can ride for hours only to stop for gas. Looking back the install wasn’t hard but it was my first time to swap bars and I made it more difficult than it should have been. I only need to buy a longer brake cable, all of the other cable/wires were long enough. I highly recommend running the wires inside the bars for a much cleaner look. However, this is where I made it harder than it should be. The welds on the inside of the bars are sharp and the angles make it difficult to fish the wires through the inside of the bars. The bars come with a wire already ran through to make it easier. How I finally got the wires fished through was take a tough string (i used a shoe string) and tape it up with electrical tape, then tape it to the wire that is already fished through the bars. Pull the taped up string through with the wire leaving string out on both ends. Then tape the string to you controls wires and fish them through. I also added a little grease to help everything slide through better. I did the left handle controls with the bars off and the right handle controls/throttle with the new bars installed. I didn’t tighten anything down all the way until everything was where it should be and I positioned the bars where I wanted them.

Justin H.
No title

Bars look amazing, only complaint is the plugs on the bottom left and bottom right of the bars were broken into pieces and had to shake them out of the bars