26L - California Large Honda VTX 1800 S Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

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Fits Honda VTX 1800 S 2002-2006

Fits 36 Cans
Key Lockable
Free Hardware
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Black California Leather Bags

The Viking California leather saddlebags, designed for Honda 1800 S motorcycles, are heavy-duty, water-resistant, and theft-proof due to key lockability. They maintain shape without sagging and integrate seamlessly with the bike's design. Offering 1586 cubic inches of storage, these bags include detachable organizers, built-in reflectors, essential mounting hardware, LED lights, and a solar charger for off-grid convenience.



Dimensions (inches)

20" x 6" x 11.25" (L x W x H)

Lid Opening (inches)

13" x 6"

Turn-signal Relocation

Not Needed

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Customer Reviews

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Norman B.
Well Built. Mounting hardware needs improvement

The bags are sturdy and fit well within the limits of my VT1800. Anyone that has this bike knows the problems with muffler pipes and bag clearances - these bags address that nicely. The support brackets inspire confidence. I'd like to see Viking improve their hardware, but the bags are a good product.

The fasteners could stand improvement. Mounting to my satisfaction required running down different parts.

Viking included enough options to fit just about any situation. The bracket mount bolts selection is a combination of 70, 80 and 100 mm with spacers to convert to intermediate sizes. Unfortunately, use of the spacers extends the bolt head into the inside to a point where it reduces the ability to load the bag. In my case a 90 mm bolt was necessary because of a back rest support hence the intrusion caused by the spacer.

The bracket bolts are also hex key heads. The effort to match the original Honda bolts was a nice touch but the bolt heads are inside the bag and difficult to turn with a standard set of hex keys. A regular hex head bolt and a standard set of sockets make it an easier install.

The lower bolts connecting the bag to the support brackets were too short. There are just enough threads to catch the nut with the fender washers in place (necessary to increase bearing surface to avoid bolts pulling thru the bag). The threads don't quite make it to the far end of the nut. I would liked to have had room for a lock washer.

There's not enough fender washers to allow that extra bearing surface on both sides of bracket and lower bolts.

I've also had issues with water intruding thru bolt openings into other bags I've used. While the bags are tight to the brackets, the holes that must be drilled for the bolts are an opening that would likely allow small amounts of water into the bag. I sealed around the opening with roofer caulk. Silicone washers would have worked better but I already bought the other spare parts I needed and overlooked the water seal.

Lastly, I wouldn't exactly categorize these as "Extra Large" bags.

All in all, the bags are a good product and I would recommend them. Just be prepared to customize the hardware and have an appreciation for the bag dimensions vs the 'extra large' label.