Yamaha Raider, Stratoliner Parts

Yamaha Raider, Stratoliner Parts

Honestly, there are not many differences between the Yamaha Raider and the Yamaha Stratoliner. Both of them have similar specifications, especially their engine sizes and transmission systems. The only factor that separates them is that the Yamaha Raider is a cruiser capable of short- to mid-range travel, while the Yamaha Stratoliner is a touring bike best suited for long-distance trips. But it is because these Yamaha models are so alike that they can be adjusted with similar components, being fitted interchangeably with Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner parts. To ensure that any modifications will have a significant effect and will securely stay in place, you want to get the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner.

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Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner sissy bars stand at a height of 25 inches, designed to look like the shiniest and longest V or U. Its impressive height allows this equipment to carry tall luggage bags with shoulder and waist straps. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner handlebars stand either at a height of 9 or 12 inches, fitting within an average height range to make it easier for shorter, average, and taller riders to reach the handles when steering. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner fairings encompass the entire front of your motorcycle, with some variants coming with extended side fins to aid with aerodynamics and protection. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner crash bars form a narrow yet durable perimeter around your engine and legs, keeping them safe from being struck by a car or crushed under the motorcycle’s weight. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner luggage racks are fitted on top of Tour-Packs via the four short pegs that support them. Though not having a solid bottom, the luggage racks have several tightly packed rungs that leave enough space for mounting straps while leaving enough flat surface area to place your belongings. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner seats are comfy foam cushions wrapped inside a Viking leather cover, having a slight dip to help provide lower back support. 

Yamaha Raider & Stratoliner backrest and pads are fitted in the center of the sissy bars and offer mid to upper back support. 

As you browse through Viking Bags’ inventory, you should be able to find Raider & Stratoliner motorcycle parts for the following models: parts for Stratoliner/Roadliner and parts for Raider.

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