Yamaha Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Yamaha Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Motorcycle sissy bars (or sister bars) are attached to the rear of motorcycles as a backrest to provide comfort and support for the passengers. Sissy bars may or may not have leather pads attached to them. Besides, becoming backrest, they can also be used as support for helmets, backpacks and other gears. If you're in search of the best and lustrous Yamaha sissy bar, ‘Viking Bags' is the right place for you. We keep highly durable Yamaha motorcycle sissy bars. You can find them in variant sizes, short, medium and tall, in our stock. These Yamaha motorcycle sissy bars, best of its kind and affordable for everyone, are available in stainless steel matte, black and chrome finishing which gives an extra and elegant look to your bike on the road. The motorcycle sissy bars for Yamaha we have, can be quickly released and easily detached when needed. Their supreme weather-resistant quality saves you from the worries of riding in extreme weather conditions. We offer specific motorcycle sissy bars for Yamaha Road Star, Raider, Stratoliner, V Star, Virago and Bolt.

A Yamaha motorcycle is more than a two-wheeled vehicle that you take out to go on joy rides. It is also a reliable source of transportation and a means to transport your belongings.

While it is possible to attach motorcycle luggage to the sides, windshield, handlebars, etc., there is sometimes still not enough space left to carry everything you want.

Also referred to as a “sister bar,” the Yamaha sissy bar is a long, tall piece of equipment fixed towards the back of your motorcycle. Because it helps extend the length of your vehicle, a Yamaha motorcycle sissy bar has its uses for both passengers and baggage.

Though your motorcycle can still operate just fine without a Yamaha sissy bar attached, it may be handy to own one just in case the need arises. If you are unsure of the quality of Yamaha motorcycle sissy bars, you will not have to worry about what you find at Viking Bags. We offer only the best Yamaha sissy bars, freshly made with a shiny yet strong look that will satisfy nearly every customer.

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Aerodynamic Fairings

Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

Foldable Sissy Bars

Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

Stylish Handlebars

Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Models for Yamaha Sissy Bars

V-Star Sissy Bars

V-Star sissy bars include both mounting hardware and a backrest that can be detached in under less than a minute when not in use. Though the metal frame of the V-star sissy bars is the most durable part of this product, the surface of the pad is covered in weather-resistant leather.

Road Star Sissy Bars

Road Star sissy bars can either come in a short or tall height depending on the rider who purchases them. Positioned over the fender, this version has a foldable steel rack with a grilled surface to help provide a ledge for your luggage to sit upon. The slits on the rack’s surface are narrow enough that nothing will fall through but will allow airflow when a passenger is leaning against it.

Raider, Stratoliner Sissy Bars

Raider or Stratoliner sissy bars have their installation brackets made out of compact and dense steel so they withstand heavy blows yet stay fixed in place. Because the two steel bars or rods are straight, it ensures the passenger sits in a healthy posture.

Bolt Sissy Bars

Bolt sissy bars come included with a detachable pad which is a comfortable backrest for your passenger to recline against. The pad contours around your passenger’s back, providing support for the lower region and reducing cramping when traveling over long distances.

Virago Sissy Bars

Virago sissy bars come with spacers during installation so that the paint on the chassis will not get scratched and prevent the product from either sliding or coming loose. The metal frame of the Virago sissy bars can provide reliable handholds that your passenger can hold onto for extra stability.

Yamaha Motorcycle Sissy Bars Design

The Yamaha sissy bars are primarily made out of steel rods that either stand straight or at an angle curving comfortably around your spine. The twin steel bars either are rounded or flattened, with them slowly converging the higher up you go. The height of the steel bars can range from short to tall based on how much luggage you want to carry or the height of either the passenger or yourself.

At the top where the two steel rods converge is one of the following tips: rounded or pointed. The rounded tip saves time when securing luggage while the pointed tip has a better hold of your luggage.

The mounting brackets at the bottom of the Yamaha sissy bars are where the nuts and bolts are inserted and help anchor the Yamaha sissy bars to your motorcycle. They are typically fixed close to the turn signals and are above the fender.

Yamaha Motorcycle Sissy Bars Features

Though positioned behind the operator and/or the passenger, the Yamaha motorcycle sissy bars can still be buffeted by flying debris. Luckily, your Yamaha sissy bar still works and maintains its integrity even after taking a few hits. This is thanks to the strong stainless steel bars that make up most of the Yamaha sissy bar’s frame. However, it can still get scratched so try to handle this product with care when mounting or dismounting from your motorcycle.

If you are not strapping any motorcycle luggage to the Yamaha sissy bar, you can instead have a pad installed in case you or a passenger want to recline against it. Having good back support will help prevent any cramps or discomfort while you are traveling either short or long distances. The pad is wide enough to cover your entire back and dense enough that you will practically sink into it.

Yamaha motorcycle sissy bars can come in different looks depending on whether you prefer either a chrome or matte black finish. Either one can provide a shiny new look to complement your Yamaha model. Either one can also help the Yamada sissy bar withstand damage by increasing the strength of the metal frame by a small margin.

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