Yamaha Road Star Sissy Bars

Yamaha Road Star Sissy Bars

Comfort and style, Motorcycle sissy bars can add one or both of these attributes to your ride. The sissy bar, or sister bar, was initially introduced as a backrest for the passenger to lean on but later they became an extremely popular style upgrade as they started coming in multiple designs and shapes. Back pads were also added to enhance the comfort trait. In addition to playing the role of a backrest, they can also be used as a support for helmets, backpacks, and other luggage. If you want the best and the radiant Yamaha Road Star sissy bar, ‘Viking Bags' is one right place for you. Our Yamaha Road Star motorcycle sissy bars are highly durable. You can choose from variant sizes, short, medium and tall, of these sissy bars available in our stock. These motorcycle sissy bars for Yamaha Road Star, best and easily affordable for everyone, have stainless steel matte, black and chrome finishing which augments the look of your bike on the road. The Yamaha Road Star sissy bars we have, can be quickly released and easily attached, detached with minimal tools and time. Their weather-resistant quality dwindles the worries of riding in unfavorable weather conditions. We offer specific motorcycle sissy bars for Road Star, S, Midnight, Road Star Warrior, XV17 and Silverado.

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