Yamaha Motorcycle Handlebars

Yamaha Motorcycle Handlebars

When examining the anatomy of a Yamaha motorcycle, the various parts that form its framework fall into two categories: replaceable and irreplaceable. Replaceable parts, like the fairings and luggage bags, are aftermarket motorcycle parts that can improve your motorcycle’s performance and storage capacity but are not necessarily needed. Irreplaceable parts, like the handlebars, tires, and engine, are part of a list of required components that determine whether your vehicle is suitable for the road or not. Even if your motorcycle has impressive handling, a powerful engine, and an aerodynamic design, none of that will matter if you don’t have Yamaha handlebars to help you steer your ride.

Whether you got your Yamaha model fresh off the factory production line or got it from a used market, it is guaranteed to have a set of Yamaha motorcycle handlebars already installed. Depending on the kind of two-wheeler you own, you will need to check that the handlebars and vehicle are compatible. Though motorcycle handlebars all share the same purpose, each version comes with a unique look and characteristics depending on the brand.

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Aerodynamic Fairings

Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

Foldable Sissy Bars

Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

Stylish Handlebars

Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Features of Viking Yamaha Handlebars

Viking Bags’ handlebars for Yamaha are positioned towards the motorcycle’s front, the area where incoming hazards will strike first. Though usually protected by a fairing or a windshield, Yamaha handlebars are built tough to prevent them from suffering damage when exposed to the elements. The metallic structure of Yamaha motorcycle handlebars makes it nearly invulnerable against incoming debris and impacts against vehicles or the ground. This equipment should survive mild to moderate blows without suffering critical damage, whether it be bending, cracking, scratching, etc. Further improving the Yamaha handlebars’ durability is the finish laminating the equipment’s whole exterior. The finish helps make the metallic surface resistant to scratching, rusting, and water damage. Whether through rain or strong winds, the handlebars will still work in whichever environment you go to and whatever the weather conditions.

Design of Yamaha Motorcycle Handlebars

Viking Bags’ handlebars for Yamaha are built with a V-twin shape but with a flat bottom rather than a pointed end. The entire structure of the Yamaha handlebars is made out of stainless steel bars, at least five of them fused into a single piece of equipment. Aside from having a smooth surface and durable build, the steel bars also have DOM tubing with a hollow interior. Because you need to connect the handlebars to your motorcycle’s electronic system and controls, the hollow interior helps you to pull through and guide the wiring at the top of the motorcycle fork. Luckily, the sides of the steel bars have pre-drilled holes along the entire length from top to bottom, as well as an internal pulling wire to help you put the wiring in its correct position. You only have the option of choosing a matte or glossy finish with either a black or chrome surface. Because of the steel bars’ narrow width, it is not possible to paint on a different color scheme, though it is possible to attach motorcycle stickers.

Why You Should Buy Handlebars for Yamaha Motorcycles

Though you will not need to get new Yamaha handlebars until there are indications that the current set is starting to get worn out, it does not hurt to research and acquire replacement equipment early in case you want to be prepared. Viking Bags’ Yamaha motorcycle handlebars are carefully constructed by experienced engineers, with each part made of high-quality materials, and the product is tested multiple times before being released. This equipment is constructed to be long-lasting and will last you for a couple of years, the entire package coming within an affordable price range. If you own a V-Star, Road Star, Raider, Stratoliner, Bolt, or Virago model, you should be able to find a compatible set of Suzuki handlebars.

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