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Suzuki Volusia 800 Crash Bars


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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Suzuki Volusia 800

Despite being called Suzuki Volusia 800 crash bars, the motorcycle aftermarket parts actually have plenty of uses beyond what their official name suggests. Constructed from solid steel bars, they will be able to keep their shape and retain their durability for many years even after suffering plenty of punishment and going on trips across various terrain. They will remain tightly secured in the middle of your bike thanks to the fastened mounting nuts and bolts that will come included for free with the aftermarket parts. Acting as motorcycle engine guards for Suzuki Volusia 800, the crash bars create a circle around the engine that helps keep it from being touched by larger vehicles, the solid ground, or any other stationary objects along the curbs. Acting as a protective rail, the steel perimeter repels any incoming hazards that could cause serious damage while keeping the bike from slamming onto its sides. This is thanks to the extended protruding sides of the crash bars that catch and rest against the ground, thus keeping the bike propped up rather than landing flat.

Suzuki Volusia 800 crash bars have a lot of space in the center the steel bars form a ring around which allows you to insert your legs and leave them resting within the protection of the metal structure.

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