Suzuki Marauder and Intruder Parts

Suzuki Marauder and Intruder Parts

Though the Suzuki Marauder and Intruder are separate models with different styling, engines, and handling, their designs resemble each other closely enough that they can be fitted interchangeably with Suzuki Marauder & Intruder parts. Depending on which parts you replace or add onto, you may significantly improve a Suzuki model’s performance, engine, and steering. But be careful in doing so since altering the original specifications of a Suzuki Marauder or Intruder could negatively affect other essential functions. But if you feel confident in your customization skills, then you are more than welcome to make use of the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Suzuki Marauder & Intruder at Viking Bags.

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Suzuki Marauder & Intruder sissy bars stand at a height of more than two feet, making it possible to strap on and stand up medium or large luggage. Standing upright, gravity will keep your baggage from coming loose and complements your motorcycle’s frame. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder handlebars have a narrow width between the grips, making it easier for riders to reach the handles and relax their arms at all times. Depending on the model, having fresh, well-made handlebars will help make it easier to clear tight corners, change lanes, and maneuver at high speeds. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder fairings have a large round surface area that provides maximum coverage for your motorcycle’s front. The opening fits perfectly around the headlight, ensuring everything ahead is fully illuminated. The windshield shields your eyes from harsh sunlight and keeps debris from flying into your face. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder crash bars are a large open frame with round steel bars welded into a wide angular shape. The ends are fastened underneath the handlebars and the motorcycle’s center, ensuring that the engine is inside the outline of the crash bars. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder luggage racks have multiple chrome and nickel blade-like rungs that form a streamlined design that improves aerodynamics and provides a stable platform to place your belongings. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder seats have a dense yet compact comfort foam that supports the weight of all riders, both lightweight and heavyweight. The Viking leather seat cover is made of durable materials that help protect the more delicate foam cushion from the elements. 

Suzuki Marauder & Intruder backrest and pads are built from a crescent-shaped comfort foam that allows the rider or passenger to recline and relax their back when on the road. 

At Viking Bags, the following Marauder & Intruder motorcycle parts should be available: parts for GZ250 Marauder and parts for Intruder 1500.

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