Suzuki Boulevard Parts

Suzuki Boulevard Parts

The Suzuki Boulevard series includes several ultimate cruiser lineups; the larger versions offer comfort when traveling long distances, and the smaller vehicles are reliable means of travel through the city. However, Suzuki Boulevard models do not need to be limited to a specific role. If riders can get their hands on well-made Suzuki Boulevard parts, they can refit their models to alter their performance, braking, style, etc. If you want the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Suzuki Boulevard that are easy to install and will last a long time, check out the inventory at Viking Bags.

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Suzuki Boulevard sissy bars stand upright above the motorcycle’s rear fender. Built out of stainless steel bars, the long U- or V-shaped equipment offers extra room to secure luggage with built-in straps, from backpacks to sissy bar bags

Suzuki Boulevard handlebars are inserted towards the front behind the headlight. Constructed with design elements of multiple handlebars, including the mini-ape, drag, and Z bars, the handlebars maintain stability when maneuvering on the road. 

Suzuki Boulevard fairings are fitted around the headlight towards the front. The ABS plastic and fiberglass hollow shell make it easier to fasten to the surface of your motorcycle’s chassis while offering protection from debris, rain, and wind. 

Suzuki Boulevard crash bars are fitted at the center, forming a narrow fence around the motorcycle’s engine. Also referred to as engine guards, crash bars have a robust build that keeps them from denting inward when struck against another vehicle, the sidewalk, or the road. 

Suzuki Boulevard luggage racks are placed atop Tour-Pack lids at the motorcycle’s rear. The clean-looking metal rungs offer a flat surface to play medium and tall luggage, though you will also need mounting straps to tie down your belongings. 

Suzuki Boulevard seats are installed towards the motorcycle’s center with a slight dip that allows the rider to rest comfortably. The foam cushion compresses slightly when weight is applied, supporting your weight and wrapping around your bottom. When off of the bike, the cushion will inflate back to its original shape. 

Suzuki Boulevard backrest and pads can be placed in the space between the sissy bars’ rods, offering a cushion that helps provide lumbar support for the passenger. 

At Viking Bags, the following Boulevard motorcycle parts should be available: parts for Boulevard C109, parts for Boulevard C90, VL1500, parts for Boulevard M109, VZR 1800, parts for Boulevard M50, VZ800, parts for Boulevard C50, VL800, parts for Boulevard M90, VZ1500, parts for Boulevard M95, VZ1600, and parts for Boulevard S40, Savage LS650.

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