Harley Davidson Softail Street Bob FXBB Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Softail Street Bob

The advantage of having a lightweight motorcycle like the Harley Softail Street Bob is that you are able to turn tight corners and respond quickly when you are executing maneuvers. However, even with such a reliable vehicle, you are not always going to be able to avoid hazards that could dent the front of your motorcycle. In case you run into obstacles that could potentially damage you or your motorcycle, you may want to install a new set of Harley Softail Street Bob fairings.

Features of Harley Softail Street Bob Fairings

Built tough like your motorcycle’s chassis, the Harley Street Bob fairings are built from a heavy-duty and long-lasting material known as ABS plastic. This material that forms the fairings’ shell can withstand hits from flying debris, allows rainwater to slide off, and helps air to flow around. On the top of the fairings, if you prefer having additional head protection, you can attach a windshield. The windshield is made from acrylic and plexiglass, a material that is transparent yet durable so you can navigate with full awareness of your surroundings without having to worry about incoming projectiles.

Design of Harley Softail Street Bob Fairings

Depending on the version you pick, the Harley Softail Street Bob fairings could have an elongated body that has a considerable height or only covers the entirety of your motorcycle’s anterior. The front has a ridged yet bulky framework while the back is more hollow with ends that can be attached to your motorcycle’s fork.

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