Honda Valkyrie Seats

Honda Valkyrie Seats

If you regularly operate a motorcycle, you know how important it is to navigate the road without distractions. Because motorcycles are not built as tough as cars, riders need to be focused and wary of their surroundings. But it is difficult to keep your eyes on the road if you are too busy trying to get cozy.

The biggest distraction for motorcyclists is the constant cramping in your bottom if you are sitting on a faulty seat. Even if you try to ignore the discomfort, you will not be able to resist wanting to alleviate the pressure. Having to shift around can be especially dangerous if you do so while your motorcycle is still moving.

So that both your mind and body are at ease, you should have a Honda Valkyrie seat fitted to your motorcycle. Providing a soft cushion for your bottom will be a great relief so that you can focus on getting to your destination as safely as possible.

Choosing a Valkyrie seat requires a lot of careful deliberation before buying since you want to be sure it offers the comfort level you desire. This page will tell you what qualities to look for in the most comfortable seat for Honda Valkyrie.

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Honda Valkyrie Seats Components

The basic structure of Valkyrie motorcycle seats starts with the baseplate, the part responsible for elevating the rest of the Honda Valkyrie seat. The height of the baseplate is not too high as it must stay stable even against the wind. Because it is the foundation, the baseplate’s shape forms the outline for the other components: the seat pad and seat cover.

Attached to and fitted within the confines of the baseplate, the seat pad is what you rest your bottom against and makes up most of the structure in Honda VTX seats. Being made out of foam, the seat pad pillows around your body while managing to keep its original shape.

Encompassing the top of the seat pad, the seat cover functions as a protective layer from the elements. The Viking leather material makes the seat cover both durable yet smooth, being able to prevent rips while providing a stable, flat surface.

Honda Valkyrie Seats Details

Most of the structure below the seat pad in Valkyrie seats is made out of steel bars or fiberglass. These rigid materials make it difficult for the Valkyrie seats to be knocked loose after being fastened. They are also able to withstand bad weather conditions, rusting, and heavy impacts.

Due to the seat pad being concealed, the only notable features would be the width and depth. The wider a seat pad is, the less likely you will have issues staying centered. The deeper a seat pad is, the more the foam will compress when weight is applied.

You have a wider range of choices when it comes to customizing the finish and stitch patterns. For the finish, you can go with either gloss, matte, or chrome. Fort the stitch, you have either the plain black, diamond, vertical, or horizontal stitch options.

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