Harley Touring Parts

Harley Touring Parts

The Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles are long-distance motorcycles best suited for traveling across hundreds of miles of highways, interstates, and freeways. Though Harley Touring motorbikes are already designed to perform well even when carrying a lot of cargo, many motorcyclists feel they can find ways to improve their rides even further. The easiest way to make small improvements to a Harley Touring motorbike is by installing Harley Touring parts. Rather than waste time researching and browsing stores, try out the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Harley Touring motorbikes available at Viking Bags.

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Harley Touring sissy bars are tall steel bars reaching a height of 25 inches that allow you to slip on luggage that uses straps. The U- or V-shaped tip poses no danger to you but makes it easier to put on or prevent your luggage from falling off respectively. The long fin-shaped mounts can be attached above the rear turn signals. The wide space at mid-height makes it possible to fasten a backrest and pad if you wish to offer better back support for the rider or passenger. 

Harley Touring handlebars are swept-back ape riser handlebars with their grips positioned comfortably close to the rider’s seat. The bottom bar has a large hole where the wiring from the motorcycle is inserted, while the sides of the handlebars have pre-drilled holes that make it easier to access and pull the wires to the end of the grips. 

Harley Touring fairings have a round front where the bulk of its fiberglass and ABS plastic structure is located, while the back is a hollow groove with steel clamps. In the center is a circular opening that fits around the headlight. The fairings and their windshield are made of durable materials and protect against debris, wind, and rain. 

Harley Touring crash bars are a single piece of equipment with multiple round steel bars welded into a large rectangular shape. With a large open space in the center, the crash bars fit around the circumference of the engine. The outer rim forms a narrow barrier that helps protect the engine from impacting road hazards, fenders, and the ground. 

Harley Touring luggage racks are flat, rectangular pieces of stainless steel made of multiple steel rods forming a semi-open floor. Though lacking an entirely solid bottom, the rungs have a flat top and are pressed close together, allowing you to lay down your luggage. Depending on the version, the luggage racks may come with a fence-like rim or not. 

Harley Touring seats are designed similarly to a bicycle seat with a wide circular rear and a narrow straight front. Most of its construction is the shape-retaining foam cushion that ensures a soft and cushy surface when seated. 

You should be able to find Touring motorcycle parts for the following models at Viking Bags: parts for Harley Road Glide, parts for Harley Street Glide, parts for Harley Road King, and parts for Harley Electra Glide.

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