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Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle Trunks

When we hit the open road, whether it's down the street or across the country, we expect our luggage compartments to withstand the punishment of the day's travel. Although it's best to choose a storage solution that's comfortably positioned on your motorcycle and out of the way, sometimes you want to select the larger bag that holds more goods. If you already have a pair of saddlebags and need a bit of extra room, you will find great usefulness from our motorcycle trunks. Constructed by Viking Bags, these trunk bags are made of the finest materials, but they're some of the most affordable products on the market. Check out each page for more information, or call us today to see which bag works best for your needs.

Trunks for Motorcycles

Motorcycle Trunks

Motorcycle Touring Trunks

Bikers who travel the open roads realize the importance of having motorcycle trunks and similar luggage options. When we hit the open road, whether it's down the street or across the country, we need reliable luggage options that aren’t difficult to handle and manage. Sometimes, having additional space on your bikes in the form of motorcycle trunks can prove extremely useful. Constructed by Viking Bags, our trunks for motorcycles are made of the finest materials, yet they're one of the most affordable variants in the market. Like all our motorcycle luggage options, we offer a large variety for various bikes as well as bikers.

A Selection of Best Motorcycle Trunks:

Our collection of motorcycle trunks bring you a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. With key locks to ensure security, our motorcycle trunks are made up of weather and water-resistant fiberglass. Along with Cordura and Leather finish options to complement every style, it’s a Viking promise that our products are as durable as it gets! You can find the following designs of motorcycle trunks: Cordura-Finish Motorcycle Trunks Leather-Finish Motorcycle Trunks Plain Motorcycle Trunks Viking Motorcycle Trunks for ALL Bikes! With a vision to provide every American biker with the ideal motorcycle luggage options in the world.

Viking Bags is proud to announce its ideal motorcycle trunks for the following manufacturers:

With a sleek and easily comprehensible design, you’ll have no trouble mounting it up yourself. But feel free to contact us for assistance! We promise that all our products will fit perfectly on the given models of each bike. Moreover, we understand the troubles people face with online shopping. Therefore, to make things simpler, we offer a 30-day return warranty. If you don’t like the product delivered to you, please let us know how we can assist you.