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Motorcycle Solo Bags

Motorcycle Solo Bag

For Cruiser riders, Motorcycle Solo bags have long been the compromise of having a single saddlebag for one side. They're also affectionately known as swing arm bags, single side saddlebags and other alias. One thing is for sure, they're the most efficient way to keep your bike sleek and streamlined. You don't want to add bulky saddlebags to your particular bike. There's no shame in that. Honestly, we know that adding weight might change the ride of your bike. Sometimes keeping a lower profile on your bike is a good thing if you're located in a state that allows lane splitting. The word Motorcycle Solo bag is confusing, but if you simplify the terms and meaning, it's really just a single sided bag. To pick out a good motorcycle solo bag, you'll want to pick out your needs. Most of the time, the solo bag is perfect for holding a few items on your trip back from the grocery store.

Viking Motorcycle Solo Bags