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Back Packs

Motorcycle Backpacks

When on-motorcycle storage becomes a basic necessity and you simply cannot afford to relinquish anymore motorcycle space, backpack bags become the best resource for riders. Just like the name suggests, these backpack bags are worn by the riders rather than mounted on the motorcycles, keeping the motorcycle free from any extraneous gear. Likewise, backpack bags make great extra storage space when saddlebags, tail bags and other on-bike luggage just isn't enough. Featuring only the finest in construction materials, Viking Bags provides us with high-quality backpack bags for street bike riders and motorcycle cruiser enthusiasts alike. Step inside our online collection of best motorcycle backpacks and see for yourself!

Back Packs


Can Viking backpacks be installed on a bike?

Many of our Viking Backpacks come with our patent-pending sissy bar mounting system so you can ride with the comfort you deserve. See the backpack details to see which of our motorcycle riding backpacks come with the mounting system.

Can I carry my laptop in a Viking motorcycle backpack?

Laptops are a necessity these days and we understand that. All our motorcycle backpacks come with padded laptop pockets so you can carry your digital friend with you.

Why buy a motorcycle specific backpack?

Motorcycle specific backpacks are a step above a regular backpack. Equipped with sissy bar mounting system, the best motorcycle backpacks are designed to be off your shoulders and on your sissy bar / back rests while riding, giving you 100% freedom to ride. Additionally, the backpacks are ergonomically designed to safely tuck away your shoulder straps while riding and mounting straps when carrying on your back. Do yourself a favor and get a hard shell backpack designed for the rider.