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Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean Streak Motorcycles Saddlebags

Kawasaki Mean Streak, Eliminator Specific Motorcycle Saddlebags

While the Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean streak are two very different bikes, we’re able to group them together in the other section of Kawasaki motorcycles. The eliminator is one of the smallest displacement motorcycles available on the market. It’s designed to be one of the cheapest starter bikers available. Add saddlebags on and increase the functionality for your long commutes through the city. On the other side of the room, is the Mean Streak. It could be the Eliminator’s grown up older brother. With a big powerful-no-compromise engine, it’s easy to see what the Kawasaki Engineers had in mind when designing this bike. Bring your first aid kit along and store it in your Viking saddlebags. From Compact saddlebags to the large tub sized saddlebags, Viking Bags has you covered. Be sure to contact our customer service representatives with any concerns and questions you might have.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Saddle Bags

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Saddlebags for Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean Streak Motorcycles

When the time comes to outfit your Kawasaki Eliminator series or Mean Streak model motorcycle with a durable set of luggage or saddlebags, only the best will suffice. But you shouldn't have to spend top dollar in order to receive top quality saddlebags, and Viking Bags understands this. Here in our online shop, you can browse through our collection of saddlebags specific to the Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean Streak, narrowing your search for that perfect luggage set. Of course, there are a few factors you need to consider before purchasing Eliminator or Mean Streak saddlebags, and we're always standing by to help you out.
Kawasaki Mean Streak Motorcycle Saddlebags Resource Center
Constructed of extra-durable materials such as premium cowhide leather, hard fiberglass and waterproof Cordura, Viking has created a series of saddlebags for the Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean Streak motorcycles that riders can enjoy for years to come. These saddlebags not only look great and fit appropriately on your bike, they'll last as long as you can. Take them through the most treacherous of weather and as long as you can keep going, they can, too. Viking's team of engineers and designers have tested each of these bags before selling them on shelves, so you know you're getting high quality luggage built specifically for the dangers of the road. Likewise, this collection of saddlebags you'll find on this page fit the Eliminator and Mean Streak models perfectly, so there's no second guessing.
Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycle Saddlebags Resource Center
With Viking Bags, you'll find modern innovations in just about every square-inch of the saddlebags. This collection is no different, because each model offers something unique that indicates how ahead of the curve Viking is with their lineup of saddlebags. You'll find a simple and easy-to-use locking mechanism for secure storage, preventing theft and loss when away from the bike. Likewise, interior pockets are included to help riders maximize their organizational skills. This helps keep smaller, more valuable items tucked away and out of harm’s way, yet convenient for easy access when needed. Other key features, such as a quick-release buckle system, Velcro seal and dual zipper pull, give riders an extra hand when it comes to durable storage. Browse through our collection here and you'll see for yourself just how adaptable these saddlebags can be for a variety of reasons.

Motorcycle Saddlebag Customer Photos

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Everett's Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600 w/ Charger Leather Saddlebags
Kendal's '04 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600 w/ Hard Motorcycle Saddlebags
Henrya's '04 Kawasaki Mean Streak w/ Side Pocket Saddlebags
Every pair of Kawasaki Eliminator and Mean Streak saddlebags comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions. This gives riders of all skill levels, mechanical experience and general know-how the ability to easily install their new saddlebags. Who wants to waste time fiddling with a difficult saddlebag mount? On the flip side, Viking has also created the turn signal relocation kit and quick disconnect system for riders who want to further enhance their motorcycles. The saddlebags you will find on this page can be further upgraded with these two kits, giving riders the ability to mount their saddlebags where the existing turn signals are located or quickly dismount/mount their saddlebags when on-the-go.
We're confident that you'll love your new Viking saddlebags, or we'll offer you a full refund. That's right; if you want to return or exchange your new Eliminator or Mean Streak saddlebags, you may do so within the first 30 days of original receipt. We'll even help you pick out a new pair, because your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities here!