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Honda Shadow Specific Motorcycle Bags

Honda Shadow Specific Motorcycle Bags

When it comes to bikes, Honda easily tops the charts. As more bikers around the world opt for this legendary brand, there are increasing demands for customized Honda accessories. For any stylish Honda motorcycle series, select accessories that will enhance their looks even further are always a big draw for buyers. One such popular product is the Honda Shadow motorcycle bagwhich has never failed to earn a huge applause. Easy to install and carry, these offer ample room to store a large number of travel items. They are also easy to detach and attach with the help of detachable brackets, which means that one can easily use them as portable luggage if one so wishes.

Honda Shadow Motorcycle Bags

Honda 250 - 750

Honda 600 Shadow VLX Bags
600 Shadow VLX
Honda 700 Shadow VT700 Bags
700 Shadow VT700
Honda 750 Shadow ACE Bags
750 Shadow ACE
Honda 750 Shadow AERO Bags
750 Shadow Aero
Honda Shadow 750 Phantom Bags
750 Shadow Phantom
Honda 750 Shadow RS Bags
750 Shadow RS
Honda 750 Shadow Spirit Bags
750 Shadow Spirit DC
Honda 750 Shadow Spirit C2 Bags
750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2)
Honda VF 750 C Manga 750 Motorcycle Bags
VF750C Magna 750


Honda 1100 Shadow Ace Bags
1100 Shadow ACE
Honda 1100 Shadow AERO Bags
1100 Shadow Aero
Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre Bags
1100 Shadow Sabre 
Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit Bags
1100 Shadow Spirit

Honda Shadow Manufacturer Motorcycle Bags Videos

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Why Choose Viking Bags for Honda Shadow

The very stylish Honda Shadow motorcycle bags are extremely sturdy as well. Made from hard leather they are then further reinforced with a fiberglass and metal framing. These ensure that the bags stay in shape and don’t give in to sagging easily. The back of the bags are reinforced with strong ABS plastic that too holds them up well and provides them with extreme protection from terrain shocks. This is great news, not just for the bags but for the luggage carried within. This is one of the key reasons why people want to opt for Honda bags, they can ensure damage resistance for their goods.

Honda Shadow Motorcycle Bag Customer Photos

Larry Hughes' Honda Shadow w/ Studded Side Pocket Motorcycle Bags
Honda Shadow w/ Charger Single Strap Motorcycle Bags
William Duke Sr's '05 Honda Shadow w/ Lamellar Hard Bags
William Duke Sr's '02 Honda Shadow w/ Lamellar Hard Bags
Vickie Wilson's '07 Honda Shadow w/ Charger Motorcycle Bags
Tom Smith's '07 Honda Shadow w/ Motorcycle Bags
Todd Spencer's '06 Honda Shadow w/ Motorcycle Bags
Steven Meyer's Honda Shadow w/ Lamellar Hard Bags
The ergonomic design of these bags ensure maximum comfort for riders and friends. They are flexible enough to be used as throw overs or as detachable mounts. Their robust make and stylish design combine to make these very popular indeed. The bags for Honda Shadow motorcycle are lined with mesh and weather sealed to protect one’s belongings from snow, storm or rain. The complimentary hardware and easy instructions that are included in every package, helps one save more money on installation cost.