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What is a No Contact Motorcycle Accident?

What is a No Contact Motorcycle Accident?

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents is the “No Contact” motorcycle accident. As the name suggests, it is a type of motorcycle accident in which there is no contact or impact of a motorcycle with another vehicle. There are several factors and reasons why a no-contact motorcycle accident may occur. Read this article to learn what a no-contact motorcycle accident is and what complexities are involved in it.

1. What is a No Contact Motorcycle Accident?

A no-contact motorcycle accident occurs when a motorcyclist has to swerve or change its track abruptly to avoid hitting a vehicle. No-contact motorcycle accidents are usually caused by irresponsible riders and drivers on the road driving their vehicles rashly.

1.1 Examples

  • Take an example of a vehicle that suddenly changes its lane and comes in front of a motorcycle rider without indicating through turn signals. The motorcyclist, in an attempt to avoid a collision, swerves the motorcycle or changes its direction, crashing the motorcycle into a pole or a tree on the roadside. In such a motorcycle accident, there is no contact between the two vehicles, making it difficult to prove the rash driver is guilty of causing the accident.
  • Consider another example of a fast-moving car breaking the traffic signal and a motorcycle rider approaching the interchange from the right. After seeing the fast-moving car breaking the traffic signal, the rider tries to avoid collision to save his/her life by swerving and as a result crashes into a pole or a tree on the roadside. In such a scenario, the fast-moving car did not hit the motorcycle or vice-versa. However, the rider has suffered physical injuries, mental distress, and property (motorcycle) damage.

2. Liability For a "No Contact" Motorcycle Accident

Even though there is no collision or contact between the two involved vehicles in a no-contact motorcycle accident, the injuries incurred by the rider can be serious and life-threatening and he/she must be compensated for the loss and damage. No-contact motorcycle accidents are often more dangerous than direct collisions.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to get compensated for a no-contact motorcycle accident because, in most cases, the irresponsible rider/drivers who have caused the accident often flee from the accident scene, unaware of the repercussions of their reckless riding/driving. Therefore, they easily avoid any criminal charges and liability for the accident.

2.1 What to Do If You Get Involved in a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident

Your first responsibility as a motorcyclist is to ride safely and wear safety equipment at all times during the ride. If you still encounter a no-contact motorcycle accident, there are a few things that you must do if you are conscious and capable of pursuing the person, who caused you to crash, for compensation.

Make Sure You Are Safe

There is nothing more important than your life and safety. If you are involved in a no-contact motorcycle accident, your priority should be to ensure your safety. Check for any external scratches, bruises, deep cuts, and injuries. If you are feeling dizzy, do not force yourself to get up.

Note the Vehicle’s Registration Number

If you are safe and conscious, try to note the registration number of the vehicle involved inn the no-contact accident. If possible , you should take a picture of the vehicle’s number plate. Make sure you do this before the wrongdoer escapes the accident spot.

Immediately Contact the Police

Contact the police department as soon as possible after being involved in a no-contact motorcycle accident. After the police arrive at the scene, record your statement.

Ask the Eyewitnesses to Assist You

Before the police arrive, you can request the eyewitnesses, who were present at the spot when the accident occurred, to record their statements as well. Although it is difficult to hold the irresponsible rider/driver liable in a no-contact motorcycle accident, eyewitnesses can play a key role in substantiating your accident claim and getting compensated for the loss.

Take Contact Details of Eyewitnesses

You should politely ask the eyewitnesses to share their contact details with you so they can help you in the future to identify the irresponsible rider/driver who caused the no-contact accident.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After being involved in a no-contact motorcycle accident, you must hire a motorcycle accident lawyer without any delay to avoid losing the accident claim. Getting compensated for a no-contact motorcycle accident is difficult, but a motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you get compensated. However, to get you reimbursed for the damage, the lawyer will also need proof.

3. The Bottom Line

A no-contact motorcycle accident is tricky and involves several complexities when it comes to substantiating the claim and getting compensated for the accident. It is one of the most common types of motorcycle accidents and is caused due to several factors. However, the most common cause of no-contact motorcycle accidents is the irresponsible behavior of a rider/driver on the road. Breaking traffic laws, including breaking traffic signals, changing lanes without indicating other riders on the road, overtaking the wrong way, and riding/driving recklessly are some of the most probable causes of no-contact motorcycle accidents. Even though the two vehicles do not collide with each other in a no-contact accident, the rider can sustain fatal injuries. In most no-contact motorcycle accident cases, it is difficult to hold riders/drivers liable for the collision as they mostly deliberately escape from the scene or are simply unaware of the consequences of their poor driving/riding skills. However, by following the tips and steps mentioned in this article, you can hold the rider/driver who was at fault liable for your physical injuries, mental stress, and damage to your motorcycle.

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