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Top 10 Motorcycle Museums to Visit in the US and Abroad

Top 10 Motorcycle Museums to Visit in the US and Abroad

Contrary to popular belief, a motorcycle experience is not dependent solely on well-paved open roads only. Some of the most memorable motorcycle experiences are hidden away from the freeways in brick-and-mortar buildings called motorcycle museums. Though it is true that the electrifying thrill can only be experienced outdoors, there is also an undeniable charm of enjoying a relaxing time indoors among motorcycle exhibits and taking a ride down the history of motorcycles. At motorcycle museums, enthusiasts get to experience different generations of motorcycling culture from various parts of the world. Moreover, motorcycle museums help riders learn and understand when and how groundbreaking motorcycle innovations were introduced and how they helped shape the face of the modern motorcycle industry.

Whether you want to experience the remarkable history of the most prominent motorcycle manufacturing brands or learn more about vintage motorcycles, the process of creating an iconic bike, and the evolution of the motorcycle industry worldwide, a trip to a motorcycle museum can help you in your quest for knowledge. In this article, Viking Bags has compiled a list featuring the top 10 motorcycle museums in the United States and around the world that you can visit during your next cross-country tour or motorcycle trip abroad. 

1. 10 Must-Visit Museums in the United States and Abroad

1.1 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Motorcycle Hall of Fame is one of the most celebrated motorcycle museums, boasting numerous exhibits of iconic vintage motorcycles. Moreover, this museum is dedicated to keeping the motorcycle racing spirit and culture alive by commemorating the inductees of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The museum also celebrates other prominent racers who have contributed immensely to promoting racing in America through representative roles, assisting with designing racing motorcycles and highlighting the rights of the racers.

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame museum also features exhibits of motorcycle riding gear, historic two-wheelers, relics, and collectibles. Visitors will also find an exhibit of the 1972 Harley Davidson Baja 100 and many other exciting displays in this two-story museum. The Motorcycle Hall of Fame museum also preserves memories of on-road and off-road racing tournaments and other motorcycle events.

Both individual guests and groups are welcome to visit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame for a day full of rich motorcycle history, culture, and success. The museum also welcomes riders who want to start a ride to or from this museum; however, in this case, visitors are required to inform ahead and schedule their rides for convenience. 

In addition to collecting and preserving records of different American racers, contributors, and other important figures of motorcycling in the United States, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame is also responsible for inducting new members of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The process involves nominee applications submitted by the masses, and the nominee recommendation forms can be downloaded from the museum’s official website.

AMA Hall of Fame Motorcycle Museum Quick Facts
Timing Open Daily
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET
Entrance Fee Members: Free of Charge
Adults: $10
Students: $3
Senior Citizens: $8
Children 11 and Under: Free of Charge, But Should Be Accompanied with an Adult
Military Veterans: Discounted Rate of $5
Founding Year 1990
Museum Type Transport Museum
Location Pickerington, Ohio
On AMA Campus
Museum Director Jeffrey V. Heininger
Official Website AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

1.2 The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame
Photo Credits: Colorado Springs

Located near Colorado Springs and to the east of the gigantic Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame is a small and exclusive museum, showcasing more than 75 historic motorcycles of different brands, including Harley Davidson, Indian, BSA, Triumph, and Excelsior. Due to its location and interior, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum is also considered a haven for motorcyclists, whether they are interested in learning the history of American motorcycle brands or British motorcycle brands. In addition to vintage motorcycles, the museum is also dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting keepsakes and tokens such as motorcycle posters and pictures, clothing, miniature motorcycle replicas, and framed newspaper articles on revolutionary advancements in motorcycle technology, racing events, and the launch of most iconic best-sellers. 

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum is also unique because, in addition to historic motorcycle exhibits, this exhibition hall features its exclusive Hall of Fame section that is dedicated to regular motorcyclists whose efforts resulted in a useful advancement or an evolution in the motorcycle industry. Furthermore, prominent faces of the motorcycling world are also inducted into this auspicious Hall of Fame. 

In addition to the beautiful exhibits inside, the museum has a lot to offer in terms of scenic surroundings. When riding towards the museum, you can enjoy the view of the San Juan mountains, experience the Wild West, or get a chance to experience riding on the Million Dollar Highway. The museum is located near Silverton, the adventure hub of the United States, and indirectly fills your trip with unbridled adventure.

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum Quick Facts
Wed - Sat
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame
Upstairs at 19 N Tejon Street, Colorado Springs
Official Website 

1.3 Harley Davidson Museum

Harley Davidson Museum
Photo Credits: Harley Davidson Museum

Harley Davidson is an old motorcycle brand with a rich history of over 120 years, and to share its remarkable success story with the world, Harley Davidson has its own museum that offers a contemporary experience with its engaging exhibits, and unique narration. Harley Davidson Museum effectively informs the visitors and brand loyalists about the brand’s culture, heritage, and legacy. When it comes to an extensive collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles and collectibles, no museum can compete with Harley’s awe-inspiring and interactive exhibits arranged on two floors. On average, the Harley Davidson motorcycle museum hosts more than 100,00 guests from across the United States and other parts of the world each year. Many motorcycle clubs, H.O.G. members, and motorcycle enthusiasts flock to Milwaukee for the remarkable indoor motorcycle experience unique to the Davidson Harley Museum only.

One of the most celebrated exhibits in this museum is that of the 2004 Harley Night Train, the Tsunami Motorcycle, that traveled approximately 4000 miles across the scenic Pacific Ocean in a container during the catastrophic tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. The motorcycle surprisingly survived the tsunami and was found on a deserted beach in British Columbia, only to be preserved in the Milwaukee Museum.

The Harley Davidson museum is established on a spacious 20-acre land. This large campus allows the museum to also provide fine dining and other exciting experiences to the visitors. Different motorcycle events, bike shows, motorcycle nights, and concerts are hosted on the museum campus, making it a top destination for motorcyclists and everyday people alike. Many events are family-friendly, allowing riders to share their passion for riding with their children as well. Moreover, the museum offers guided factory tours that help guests understand the process of motorcycle manufacturing and how a Harley stands out from other bikes. Engineering students can truly benefit from these guided factory visits.

On the second floor, there is an unmistakable display of the Exploded Bike. This 1940s Knucklehead engine is disassembled into different pieces. The engines displayed in the engine room highlight the evolution of Harley Davidson’s motorcycle engine technology, from the first to the latest innovation. Throughout the gallery, visitors will also find interactive displays demonstrating engine mechanics.

In addition to the engine room, the Harley Davidson museum also has a dedicated wall exhibiting the timeless tanks the company has ever made since its inception in 1903. Some temporary exhibits are also made accessible to visitors to offer them an insight into different topics related to the company and motorcycle culture in general.

 Harley Davidson Museum Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Motorcycle Museum
Menomonee Valley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Museum Director 
Jim Fricke
Official Website 

1.4 Honda Collection Hall

Honda Collection Hall
Photo Credits: tripadvisor

The Honda Collection Hall is located in Motegi, Japan, adjacent to the Honda Twin Ring Motegi Racetrack, and is considered one of the world’s largest motorcycle museums owned by a motorcycle manufacturing company. The museum exhibits more than 300 restored automobiles, two-wheelers, racing motorcycles, and power vehicles. The building of the Honda Collection Hall comprises three stories, out of which the second floor showcases the evolution of the brand’s motorcycle and automobile manufacturing processes, starting from the company’s first factory bicycle engine to other most celebrated vehicles. On the other hand, the entire third floor of the museum is dedicated to showcasing the remarkable history and legacy of Honda. 

The Honda Collection Hall also has a section called the “Locus of Dreams and Challenges, which not only provides insight into different Honda motorcycles but is also dedicated to narrating the struggles and achievements of the founders, Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. This gallery beautifully embodies the spirit of the company, narrating the events of its earlier years to provide insight into the trends it introduced and the impact it had on the global motorcycle industry through its subsequent innovations. The museum also provides access to an exclusive reading room where visitors can explore old documentaries, photographs, books, and other material explaining Honda’s rich heritage and its contributions to the world of automobile and motorcycle innovation.

Honda Collection Museum Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Mobility Resort Motegi, Japan
Official Website 

1.5 BMW Motorcycle Museum

BMW Motorcycle Museum
Photo Credits: BMW Motorcycle Museum

The German motorcycle manufacturing company, BMW, established its private motorcycle museum to celebrate the 100 years of freedom, excellent motorcycle technology, and the thrill of open roads. Also called the House of Motorcycles at the BMW Museum, this gallery is not only popular for its remarkable exhibits of iconic BMW motorcycles but is also popular among motorcyclists as a top tourist destination. The BMW Museum hosts many exciting bike events, guided tours, and workshops, and also has fine restaurants and shops to offer a complete touring experience to riders and visitors.

The museum exhibits more than 50 classic motorcycles manufactured by the brand since its inception, all boasting authentic German engineering and technology. A rare collection of classic motorcycles is also accessible in this museum that the masses might not have seen. The strategic location of the BMW museum near the company’s headquarters and the BMW Welt makes it a must-visit destination. The gallery offers captivating exhibits narrating the story of BMW automobiles and two-wheelers. Here you will find the BMW R32, the BMW R90S powered by the boxer engine, and the most-celebrated BMW K1 on display. The museum also includes carefully designed scenes showcasing both off-road and on-road capabilities of the BMW motorcycles, giving the visitors a real-life riding experience off the bike.

BMW Museum Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Corporate/Transport Museum
Munich Germany
Official Website 

1.6 Triumph Factory Visitor’s Experience

The UK also has a rich motorcycle culture that has been beautifully preserved by the Triumph Factory Visitors' Experience. Whether you are a Triumph loyalist, a motorcycle enthusiast on a motorcycle trip abroad, or a UK resident planning a different motorcycle experience on your next trip, exploring Triumph’s Factory Visitor’s Experience should be on your list. The museum was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales and is focused on providing guided factory tours to guests to help them understand the process of manufacturing Triumph motorcycles. These guided tours also provide insight into the concept behind each bike under production in the factory. To ensure that the visitors have no trouble catching and understanding the manufacturing principles adopted by the brand, high-quality headphones are provided to them.

In addition to guided factory tours, the museum also provides access to exhibits and galleries strategically designed to narrate the story of the British motorcycle brand, highlighting its achievements, glorifying its struggles, and illustrating its survival phases. Moreover, these galleries are also dedicated to highlighting Triumph's contribution to the world of motorcycle racing. The iconic motorcycles featured in the most successful movies, such as the Triumph TR6 in the 1962 movie, “The Great Escape,” are showcased. Moreover, the new limited-edition Triumph 1200 Scrambler Steve McQueen is also exhibited to commemorate the original Triumph TR6 model. The Tiger 900 Bond edition is also displayed to commemorate the times this bike was featured in spy movies. 

Different motorcycle events are also organized by the Triumph Factory Visitor’s Experience. Another popular attraction of this museum is its 1902 cafe and attached gift shop.

Triumph Factory Visitor’s Experience Quick Facts
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Hinckley, United Kingdom
Admission Charges
£28 per head
Official Website 

1.7 Suzuki History Museum

Suzuki History Museum
Photo Credits: Suzuki History Museum

Suzuki is one of the four motorcycle manufacturing giants in the world, best known for its reliable dual sport motorcycles, the V-Strom lineup, and the 270-degree crankshaft parallel twin engine technology. In addition to manufacturing iconic motorcycles and actively contributing to the advancement of the motorcycle industry and culture, the Japanese motorcycle brand is known for its well-maintained private motorcycle museum that brilliantly conveys the brand’s success story. Located in Hamamatsu, Japan, the Suzuki History Museum displays automobiles and motorcycles designed by the company since its inception in 1909. This way, the brand beautifully provides proof of the improvements it has made in its vehicles over the years.

The Suzuki History Museum is also called the Suzuki Plaza by the locals. Open to visitors of all ages, the Suzuki Plaza is designed on the concept of an automobile theme park. Unlike other motorcycle museums in the United States and abroad, the Suzuki History Museum is open to visitors on an appointment basis only, but the plus point is that entry is completely free for both adults and children. The museum has two floors exhibiting motorcycles, cars, and other products by the company. The displays are not restricted to vintage and antique Suzuki motorcycles only. To give the guests an experience of the latest Suzuki motorcycle engineering and technology, newly launched models are also displayed in this museum. With each exhibit, you will also find details about the motorcycle’s historical background, design concept, and specifications. Some of these exhibits also offer an interactive experience to visitors.

On the second floor of the museum, guests can learn all about the process of conceptualizing,  designing, and manufacturing a Suzuki product. In addition, the guests are also informed about the marketing strategies and sales of the products launched in the market. The factory manufacturing processes can be watched in a 3D theater format. Life-size models of production bikes are also showcased, giving guests a real-life factory experience.

Suzuki History Museum Quick Facts
Admission Charges 
Free of Cost
Reservation is Mandatory for Admission
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Hamamatsu, Japan
Official Website 

1.8 Motorcyclepedia Museum

Motorcyclepedia Museum
Photo Credits: Motorcyclepedia Museum

Located in New York, the Motorcyclepedia Museum is an 85,000-square-foot area that offers access to one of the largest motorcycle galleries in the United States. Boasting more than 600 classic and antique motorcycle exhibits, Motorcyclepedia is a must-visit museum in the United States. If you haven’t been there already, make sure to add it to your next itinerary. The majority of the motorcycles on display in this museum are American-made and highlight the motorcycle culture of the early 20th century. You will find vintage Indian motorcycles on display, especially the two-wheelers introduced by the brand between 1901 and 1953.

The museum was established by Gerald and Ted Doering, Indian motorcycle loyalists, who began collecting historic bikes from the brand for their private museum. It took the museum about 80 years to expand to what it is today. The museum started as an Indian motorcycle gallery, but eventually, bikes of other brands were also added to the display. However, the theme of this bike is predominantly inspired by Indian two-wheelers. 

The most popular exhibit in Motorcyclepedia is Chopper City. This gallery houses custom two-wheelers, especially choppers, that ruled the streets in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the motorcycle art by Ron Finch and Arlen Ness is also displayed at this museum for visitors to draw inspiration from. Since custom motorcycles are highly popular in the United States, the motorcycle art gallery is the most relatable section for many visitors. Moreover, the collectibles from past eras allow visitors to take a ride down history.

Another exhibit in the Motorcyclepedia museum is called the Circa Timeline, where visitors find the least seen and remembered vintage motorcycles, including Pope and the Flying Merkel. You will also find other rare two-wheelers from as far back as the mid-1800s.

Much to the excitement of motorcycle enthusiasts, the Motorcyclepedia museum is home to the 1897 De Dion-Bouton, best known as the oldest operational two-wheeler in the United States. The lower floors of the museum are dedicated to motorcycles used for war efforts, police, and military operations. Moreover, the presidential convoy motorbikes are also displayed in this museum.

If these don’t sound exciting enough, Motorcyclepedia has more to offer that compels riders from different parts of the world to visit this remarkable gallery at least once. At Motorcyclepedia, visitors also get access to the authentic German Wall of Death experience. The museum has an exhibit of circular motorcycle tracks, also called motordromes, from Kamikaze Pit.

Motorcyclepedia also hosts a calendar of motorcycle events in which motorcyclists from across the world participate every year. If you are planning to visit this museum for one of its events, it is recommended that you check the event dates before traveling. There are also some scenic places near the museum that you can explore. To make sure you have enough time to explore this museum, plan your trip.

Motorcyclepedia Museum Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Newburgh, New York
Museum Director 
Gerald A. Doering
Ted Doering
Official Website 

1.9 Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

The Barber Vintage Motorsports museum was established by George Barber, an avid car enthusiast passionate about collecting vintage cars and restoring them. Eventually, George became interested in collecting and restoring motorcycles, and this newfound passion laid the foundation for Barber Vintage Museum, which is also considered the world’s largest motorcycle collection. In April 2014, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum boasts a collection of over 1,800 motorcycles spanning different decades. In this museum, you will find rare motorcycles that date as far back as the early 1900s. Visitors can visit any day to get inspired by 1,000 bikes manufactured by 200 different motorcycle companies. Moreover, in this museum, you will not find any border restrictions. Motorcycles from around the world are on display in this gallery, including Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda, and also some lesser-known or discontinued motorcycle manufacturing companies.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Birmingham, Alabama
Museum Director 
Brian Case
Official Website 

1.10 Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience

If the Italian motorcycle engineering flair attracts you, then your next motorcycle tourist destination should be Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience, a motorcycle museum associated with the Italian brand’s history and evolution. Though the Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience does not offer as extensive a motorcycle gallery as other museums mentioned earlier in this list, it offers a factory tour unique to Ducati. In addition to getting access to iconic motorcycle exhibits, this experience offers insight into the historical aspects of the company and also offers in-depth knowledge about factory manufacturing processes and facilities that make Ducati motorcycles highly distinguishable and a mark of excellence. 

To promote learning among students, the Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience is designed by the company to help them learn the concepts of motorcycle design and engineering. Each guided tour accommodates 60 guests and is available with discounted tickets. In this building, the Fondazione Ducati has also established a fully functional interactive physics lab to encourage students to learn the application of principles of physics in motorcycle design.

Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience Quick Facts
Founding Year 
Museum Type 
Transport Museum
Bologna, Italy
Official Website 

2. Last Words

When it comes to the best motorcycle museums in the United States and abroad, choosing the top ten is a challenging task. In this list, we have added motorcycle museums that not only offer an extensive display of motorcycles but also provide interactive learning sessions, host exciting motorcycle family events, feature shops, restaurants, and cafes, and inspire you in terms of motorcycle engineering, history, culture, and art.

Each museum in this list tells a unique story about motorcycles, motorcycle manufacturing companies, prominent members of the motorcycle community, and passionate motorcycle collectors. A visit to a motorcycle museum is a great way to educate yourself more about the history of motorcycles, and the background of different innovations, and will also help you familiarize yourself with the workings of your two-wheeler. Plus, you will meet new people who share your passion for riding motorcycles. Make sure you visit the museums mentioned in this list, and also search for some similar places that you would like to explore this summer.

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