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The Best Christmas Holiday Gifts for Motorcycle Riders in 2013

The Best Christmas Holiday Gifts for Motorcycle Riders in 2013

If you’re in the mood of giving this Holiday season, let us show you what riders want! These tips are simple yet effective and will hit home with any rider in your family. Although some riders may already have some of these items, chances are they won’t have all of them so you’ll have something to pick from

Roadtech H3 Emergency Tool Kit – A simple tool kit will do wonders when you need to fix something on the side of the road or when you need to tighten up a few bolts here or there. This will go a long way on making sure that your riding friend maximizes his time riding and not on the side of the road! We highly recommend buying this along with a tool bag. See below.

Large Triannon Motorcycle Tool Bag – If a rider already has an emergency tool kit, the best option for you would be to get him a tool bag. This tool bag looks perfect with the pairing of studded and non-studded saddlebags.

Dowco Guardian Ultralite Motorcycle Cover– This is essential for any rider who doesn’t have the option of storing their motorcycle in an enclosed garage or at least a covered garage.

Viking 14 Large Tank Bag – ­Tanks bag can really add storage to any motorcycle rider when saddlebags aren’t an option or aren’t enough storage. Tank bags can carry smaller items that don’t require saddlebags etc. For example, you can store your cell phone, wallet and maps.

Battery Tender Jr. – Battery tenders allow motorcycle batteries to stay charged throughout the winter so that your battery is ready to go whenever you are! Also this can extend your battery life.

Go Pro Camera – By now you’ve probably seen videos of these cameras installed on race cars or bikes. They have a very clever marketing campaign and their commercials are king! Giving this as a gift will instantly make it the best gift this holiday season!

VikingCycle Hammer Motorcycle Jacket– If you have a budget in mind, you can find several fairly inexpensive jackets around for under $100 and even some around $60 range.

Passes to Sturgis’ Buffalo Chip camping grounds for next year– ­If the person you’re giving this gift to is an avid cruiser and even rides to the yearly Sturgis rally, this can be a great for them! It will make the biggest difference once they’re there! They’ll think about you all the way to Sturgis!

Motorcycle Calendar– If you’re on a budget but don’t want to skimp on your motorcycle riding friend, a motorcycle calendar would be one of the better options for you. Inexpensive but something they can use yearlong!

Kickstand Pad – You might not think about this item too much, but they are essential! If you’ve ever tried to use your kickstand on soft ground, you already know that it easily sinks in. A kickstand pad prevents your kickstand from sinking because it gives it more surface area. Great gift at a low price!

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