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Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750: Detailed Comparison

Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750: Detailed Comparison

1. Overview: Suzuki Marauder 800

Overview: Suzuki Marauder 800
Photo Credit: Auto Evolution

The Suzuki Marauder 800 is a great option for riders looking for a mid-size cruiser with a slightly sportier vibe and unique styling and is a perfect replacement for the Harley Sportster series. What makes it a little identical to the Sportster Iron 883 is its unique styling and its ability to be used for everyday riding. However, the power figures are slightly on the higher side as this bike can outrun its Harley competitors. This bike was aimed to compete with the Shadow 750 series and it did well to a certain extent. However, the Marauder has its particular attitude and class.

2. Overview: Honda Shadow ACE 750

Overview: Honda Shadow ACE 750
Photo Credit: Total Motorcycle

The “A.C.E.” in the Honda Shadow ACE is an acronym for American Classic Edition and look-wise, it is one of the most attractive cruisers ever designed by Honda for the American market in the 750 cc category. The Shadow ACE still enjoys good demand in the used motorcycle market due to its several advantages, including smooth performance, vintage styling, and the comfort it offers riders. The aftermarket parts are also easily available which can help you make this bike look new. Due to its unique characteristics and specialized styling elements, the Honda Shadow ACE became the best-selling model of its time in the 750 cc Shadow lineup.

3. Specs Comparison: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750
2004 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder   2003 Honda VT750 Shadow ACE
General Info
Suzuki Manufacturer Honda
Marauder 800 Model Shadow ACE
VZ800 Model ID VT750
Custom/Cruiser Motorcycle Type Custom/Cruiser
1997 Introduced In 1997
2004 Discontinued In 2003
$5,999 Base MSRP $6,599
$2,500-5,000 Used-Bike Price Range $2,500-4,500
805 cc / 49.19 cu in Displacement 745 cc / 45.46 cu in
45° V-Twin; Four-Stroke Engine Engine Type 52° V-Twin; Single Pin Crank
Two No. of Cylinders Two
Water-Cooled Cooling System Water-Cooled
74 mm Stroke 76 mm
83 mm Bore 79 mm
10:1 Compression Ratio 9:1
SOHC; Four Valves Per Cylinder Valve Train SOHC, Three Valves Per Cylinder
Twin Carburetors
Front: Mikuni BDS36
Rear: Mikuni BS36
Fuel Delivery System Two 36 mm Diaphragm-Type Constant Velocity (CV) Carburetor
Electric Starter Electric
Digital / Transistorized Ignition CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) with Electronic Advance
50 hp / 37.3 kW at 6,500 rpm Horsepower 43 hp / 32 kW at 5,500 rpm
65 Nm / 47.94 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm Torque 59.65 Nm / 44 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm
164 km/h / 101.9 mph Top Speed 160.93 km/h / 100 mph (Estimated)
37.94 mpg Fuel Economy 50.51 mpg (Estimated)
Chain Drive Final Drive O-Ring-Sealed Chain
Five-Speed Gearbox Wide-Ratio; Five-Speed
Wet, Multiple Discs; Cable Operated Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate
Twin-Sided Swing Arm Swing-Arm Rectangular-Section Swing-Arm
Steel, Double Cradle Frame Frame Steel Frame with Rectangular-Section Backbone
Oil-Damped Upside-Down Front Fork with Coil Spring Front 41 mm Front Fork
No Adjustability (Front) No
5.5 in / 140 mm Wheel Travel (Front) 5.12 in / 130 mm
Oil-Damped Dual Shock Absorbers Rear Dual Rear Shock Absorbers
Five-Way Spring Preload Adjustable Adjustability (Rear) Five-Position Spring Preload Adjustability
4 in / 102 mm Wheel Travel (Rear) 3.54 in / 90 mm
300 mm Single-Disc with Twin-Piston Caliper Front 296 mm Single-Disc with Twin-Piston Caliper
Expanding Rear Drum Brake Rear 180 mm Rear Drum Brake
Wheels & Tires
Aluminum Three-Spoke Wheel Wheel Type Wire-Spoked Wheels
16-inch Front Wheel (Diameter) 17-inch
15-inch Rear Wheel (Diameter) 15-inch
130/90 HR16 Front Tire 120/90 H – 17
150/90 HR15 Rear Tire 170/80 H – 15
Dimensions & Measurements
700 mm / 27.6 in Seat Height 700 mm / 27.6 in
1,645 mm / 64.76 in Wheelbase 1,615mm / 63.6 in
135 mm / 5.3 in Ground Clearance 145 mm / 5.7 in
35° Rake 34°
204 kg / 449.74 lbs Dry Weight 229 kg / 505 lbs
3.4 gal Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7 gal
750 mm / 29.5 in Width 980 mm / 38.6 in
2,405 mm / 94.68 in Length 2,455 mm / 96.7 in

4. Design & Looks: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

4.1 Design & Looks: Suzuki Marauder 800

Design & Looks: Suzuki Marauder 800
Photo Credit: Auto Trader

The Suzuki Marauder 800 is one of the finest-looking midsize cruisers in the used market with a lustrous paint job and chrome finish. Unlike conventional cruisers with bulkier parts, this bike has a little stripped-down style, including a bobber-style front fender, and a stylish chopped rear fender with an elevated tail design. The Marauder 800 houses a cleanly installed V-Twin power plant with black and chrome fins style and a brick-shaped air filter cover. The battery covers are also fitted perfectly and on top of it, there is a neatly installed well-cushioned rider seat. The passenger seat is a separate well-padded unit installed on top of the rear fender.

Due to being water-cooled, the engine is blocked by the blacked-out radiator in front of it. There is a stylish mid-size round headlamp fitted inside a chrome cover and a single-dial gauge on top of it. To make it different from the rest of the cruisers in the market, the manufacturer has installed aluminum three-spoke wheels wrapped inside decently fat tires.

4.2 Design & Looks: Honda Shadow ACE 750

Design & Looks: Honda Shadow ACE 750
Photo Credit: Reddit

Another top-of-the-line old Honda cruiser with classic styling is the Honda Shadow ACE. The design was primarily focused on attracting American cruiser lovers. This bike featured quite a balanced design and planted look thanks to the normal-sized front forks. The front and rear fenders do not imitate a fully-dressed vintage-style touring bike, but they give a vibe of a lighter version of an old-school bike.

The Honda Shadow ACE also features a classic tail light bulging out of the rear fender. The headlamp is slightly bigger and round shaped enclosed in a chrome cover. The overall look of this bike is complemented by the teardrop-shaped gas tank and the gauges mounted on top of it. This bike also features a two-into-one chrome-polished exhaust system. To further enhance its vintage look, the Shadow ACE boasts wire-spoked wheels.

5. Engine & Performance: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

5.1 Engine & Performance: Suzuki Marauder 800

The Suzuki Marauder 800 was primarily built to target the beginner cruiser market but being an 805 cc bike, it offers slightly more power and a thrilling riding experience to riders. With the throttle response and power this bike offers, it can give tough competition to the Harley Sportster Iron 883. When compared to the Honda Shadow ACE 750, the Marauder 800 also provides good competition in terms of power, torque, and speed.

The 805 cc water-cooled 45° V-Twin engine installed in the Suzuki Marauder 800 delivers 50 hp of horsepower and 65 Nm of torque. According to most riders, there are several tweaks and modifications, including aftermarket exhaust pipes, you can do on this bike to ensure an evident increase in the power output.

Apart from being decently fast and responsive, the overall engine and machinery make the Suzuki Marauder 800 a reliable motorcycle. Together with its light overall chassis and design, this bike is one of the smoothest to ride.

The low weight comes into play when you accelerate this bike from rest. The engine produces instantaneous power and the exhaust note is also quite satisfying. Despite being a beginner-friendly bike, the Suzuki Marauder 800 can also impress intermediate riders looking to buy their second bike.

5.2 Engine & Performance: Honda Shadow ACE 750

Honda Shadow ACE is a renowned model in the Shadow family of cruisers. The Shadow 750 lineup is not very well-known for its fast pick-up and speed, though they have a good reputation for being one of the smoothest running bikes with great styling and relaxed ergonomics. The 745 cc 52° single pin crank V-Twin engine is a comparatively simple piece of equipment and therefore, easy to work on to make sure it lasts longer. The water-cooled engine encompasses dual 36 mm CV carburetors for smooth and crisp throttle response. The engine churns out 43 hp of horsepower and 56.65 Nm of torque, along with the ability to attain a top speed mark of 100 mph.

The Honda Shadow ACE may not compete with the 1,100-1,400 cc engines, but it performs the best in the 800 cc category, making it one of the ideal for beginners. The 745 cc engine produces satisfying low-end power and the torque delivery is sufficient for riding on open roads and highways. The rider can also comfortably ride with the passenger and go on long-haul journeys. This bike does not mind installing saddlebags, tank bags, backpacks, tool bags, handlebar bags, and roll bags for a more improved cruising and touring experience.

6. Comfort & Ergonomics: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

6.1 Comfort & Ergonomics: Suzuki Marauder 800

Comfort & Ergonomics: Suzuki Marauder 800
Photo Credit: Motorcycle Cruiser

Despite the finest cruiser look, the Suzuki Marauder 800 has the ergonomics of a standard bike that can be comfortably used for daily commutes. Regardless of its bigger midsize appearance, the ergonomics and rider triangle, including the legroom, seat position, and handlebars’ position are not extra wide and roomy.

Starting from the handlebar, its width is quite short and the risers on which the bar is mounted are highly sweptback to ensure a low grip position. The narrow handlebar installed on this bike provides a slightly sportier vibe while riding and turning corners. Riders can restfully sit on the saddle in an upright back posture thanks to the pulled-back handlebars. The legroom is not extra spacious but comfortable enough for most riders to stay happy even on continuous, long-distance riders. Installing sissy bars, backrests, and an aftermarket saddle can come in handy to ensure better comfort.

6.2 Comfort & Ergonomics: Honda Shadow ACE 750

The Honda Shadow ACE is quite wide and a big cruiser with a bulkier appearance. As you sit on this bike, it offers highly agreeable ergonomics. The legroom is spacious enough to accommodate average-sized and even taller riders. The buckhorn-style handlebars are wide and swept back sufficiently to fall within a reasonable range of riders to make sure they can sit and ride the bike in a relaxed manner. The seat and handlebars’ positions ensure that the rider’s back stays erect during the ride. The gauges are also mounted to the gas tank, making it more readable for riders during the ride. The comfort of this bike can be further enhanced by installing backrests and a windscreen if you are planning to take this bike on long-haul tours and open-road rides.

7. Ride Quality & Handling: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

7.1 Ride Quality & Handling: Suzuki Marauder 800

Among the several reasons that make the Suzuki Marauder 800 a perfect choice for beginners, including esteemed reliability, affordability, appealing style, slim bodywork, and appreciable gas mileage, the fact that this bike handles and maneuvers extremely well makes it more beginner-friendly. This bike is lighter than the Shadow ACE which helps in turning corners easily at both slow and high speeds. However, if you are completely new to motorcycling, you must be alert while riding the Marauder 800 as it can be fast and can require time to get used to handling this machine.

The Suzuki Marauder 800 is also a great bike for daily commuting and riding through the traffic. Both the ergonomics and handling characteristics of this bike allow riders to use it for everyday riding. However, the only thing that can make you frustrated about this bike is the cold-start issue. The Marauder 800 can sometimes be extremely difficult to start in cold temperatures. Moreover, the Marauder 800 is also well-suited for comfortable two-up riding.

7.2 Ride Quality & Handling: Honda Shadow ACE 750

The Honda Shadow ACE 750 is not designed for quick throttle response and fast rides, but one thing that defines this bike’s performance is its smoothness. The ride quality of this bike is top-notch and quite balanced. Despite being a heavier and bulkier bike than the Suzuki Marauder 800, the Shadow ACE is admiringly more maneuverable and comfortable to ride thanks to the wide buckhorn handlebars and a lower-to-the-ground design. The grip on the road is perfect which allows better control.

8. Pros & Cons: Suzuki Marauder 800 Vs Honda Shadow ACE 750

8.1 Pros & Cons: Suzuki Marauder 800

Suzuki Marauder 800 Pros Suzuki Marauder 800 Cons
Trendy look Low fuel tank capacity
Quite stylish Starting issues in cold temperatures
Loads of shiny chrome parts Not suitable for taller riders
Satisfactory throttle response Carburetors are difficult to synchronize
Comparatively light Poor resale value
Better for novice riders Not a perfect bike for long-haul tours
Admirable handling Entry-level performance capabilities
Suitable for regular use  
Perfect for riding through traffic  
A good competitor of the Harley Sportster series  
Easy to work on  
Satisfactory fuel mileage  

8.2 Pros & Cons: Honda Shadow ACE 750

Honda Shadow ACE 750 Pros Honda Shadow ACE 750 Cons
Incredible first bike A little heavier for beginners
Traditional cruiser styling Feels underpowered
Manageable to maneuver Base-level performance
Admirable handling Cold-start issue
Smooth power delivery Rough idling
Relaxing ergonomics Not a long-term bike
Steers nicely  
Ensures stable rides  
Superb entry-level bike  
Suitable for two-up riding  
Perfect motorcycle for highway cruising and long-haul tours  
Fuel efficient  
Satisfying engine sound  

9. Conclusion: Which is Better?

The VZ800 Marauder and the Shadow A.C.E. are two admirable motorbikes from the past and are still desirable in the used cruiser market. Comparing these two motorbikes is a bit challenging as both have their distinctive class and attitude.

Despite being a cruiser, the VZ800 Marauder is more of a standard bike/daily commuter ideal for regular use for traveling within the city. Meanwhile, the Shadow A.C.E. is a classic American edition for stylish and plush long-haul tours and highway rides.

It is tough to choose a clear winner between the two as both of them are great in their own particular segments, but considering the overall performance elements and other attributes, the Shadow A.C.E. 750 is a more viable option as it guarantees better value for the money. There are only a few drawbacks/cons of the Shadow A.C.E. that can be avoided by making a few amendments to this bike. Overall, it is a reliable, smooth, and easy-to-ride bike, making it perfect for novice riders.

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