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Motorcycle Winter Wonderland Pt. 3

Motorcycle Winter Wonderland Pt. 3

Riding through the winter months can mean different things to everyone depending on the part of the country, or world, you live in. In some parts of the country, the winter is simply cold but it does not rain or snow very often. In others, it snows, or at least it seems like, for a few months straight. In some states it rains a lot more than it snows. This week’s blog will discuss things you can do to keep you warm during the winter but also dry.
Assuming it rains more than it snows in your part of the country, you might not necessarily need all the heated gear we previously discussed, you problem is not so much staying warm but staying dry. I recently did a trip to Eugene, Oregon and was surprised by how much precipitation I encountered during the spring months. I was nowhere near prepared for that, given that when I left Southern California it was in the low 80’s. I was riding using my usual gear, jacket, boots, helmet and gloves but had nothing to keep the rain from soaking me. If you ever find yourself having to ride through the rain, you’ll definitely want to have a rain suit or at least a rain coat. There are many different kinds of rain coats and even more rain suits but they all generally do the same, keep you dry.


Rain Suit

The rain coat is the simplest way to keep you dry because they simply go over the gear you currently have and there is not much planning needed for you to wear one. If you’re suddenly caught in a rain storm, a rain coat can take 30 seconds to put on and it will keep you dry. Rain suits on the other hand require a little more time because the material is much closer to the body than that of the rain coat but still gives you the comfort of being able to ride with it without much hassle. Rain suits can range in price but they’re usually more expensive than the rain coats. Since the rain coats are more expensive, they are expected to cover more surface area and protect you more than the standard rain coat does, and boy do they work wonders. One of these would have saved me a lot of time, because I would not have had to wait out the pouring rain during my trip. If you are in the market for something to keep you dry during the winter months, look no further than a rain coat or a rain suit. One thing to note is that since you are wearing these over your riding gear, you are more than likely going to cover all of your reflective parts on your jacket. We highly recommend you to get something that will make you visible when riding. For some reason, manufacturers think that we all want black gear but when it’s already raining, the last thing you want is for a motorist not to see you and slide right into you.


Elite Series II One-piece Rainsuit Yellow/Black

Consider the topics we have discussed and get yourself ready for the winter wherever you are. If you’re riding this winter, chances are that you’ll need at least one of the items we have talked about. In addition, even if we just opened your eyes to the different types of products out there, we have done our job. Ride warm, ride dry, but more importantly ride safe.

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