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Motorcycle Helmet Statistics

Motorcycle Helmet Statistics

According to GEICO’s studies on motorcycle crashes, motorcycle helmets can help improve your survival rate in a crash up to 29%. Their studies show that having a full face helmet with windshield can severely reduce the change of severe injuries. Partial helmets were not included in this study.

The study reported that motorcycle helmet use in the US has not increased since 2010. Furthermore, they state that it’s important to use a DOT approved helmet in order to drastically reduce the chance of injuries. This will ring a bell with my fellow cruiser riders. Many cruiser riders prefer to stick with half helmets and ¾ helmets instead of full-face. While this is much better than having no helmet at all, the risks are still apparent. Take into consideration, we’re riding very powerful machines that have motors usually displacing an excess of 1000cc, it’s very important to have the best protection in case of any accident.

No one ever expects to wreck, but it’s good news that a full face helmet can increase your chances of returning home in one piece. While there are many new developments in the helmet category, like modular helmets, there is nothing that offers more protection than a full-face helmet. While modular helmets are bridging the gap between full face and 3/4 helmets, they’re not entirely the same as a full face helmet. Modular helmets have a adjustable chin bar, which will flip up and act as a 3/4 helmet. The adjust-ability allows modular helmets to act as a great compromise for those who like to have a smoke while riding or sip of water at a light. We know those are valid reasons for having half and quarter helmets.

We know there are fair amount of states that don’t require helmet use, but we do highly recommend the use of one because we want to see all of our fellow riders safe. If you’re interested in these brave new helmets, check out our partners at Motorcycle House to see their helmet selection.


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    • Motorcycle Laws & Licensing for New Jersey, United States

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