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Costumes On Your Bike

Costumes On Your Bike

Costumes On Your Bike

Since it’s almost Halloween, we’re getting into the spooky spirit around the office. A lot of people have their favorite types of holidays but ours would be Halloween. I’ll be honest, mainly because of the festivities that follow, “We like to party“. Whether it’s trying to out spook each other around the office or planting spider webs for the warehouse workers to walk into, it’s been a fairly fun work week. Everyone’s seeing pretty interesting costumes all over. We’ve had Breaking Bad references all the way to zombies from The Walking Dead. However, we’ve found our own personal favorite ones that are motorcycle related. We’re not talking the dime a dozen Sons of Anarchy costumes either, that’s just too easy guys, but, we’re huge fans of the show too. While we’re still a day before Halloween, and in the mist of planning and preparing our own costumes, we’ve come across some pretty good motorcycle related costumes on the interwebs.

Here’s our favorite 3!

The first one being the Grim Reaper Riding in on a sick bike, minus the ‘bags. If the Grim Reaper doesn’t scream bad ass, I don’t know what does. The second costume would be a group costume – This one was very well executed, plus you need a few friends! The combination of them together makes for an epic picture. We grew up playing Mario Bros, or Super Mario Bros or one of the dozen other games that came out, so we can easily relate to something like this. That being said, we know this is not the case for every generation but it’s definitely pleasant to see. The last one is featured because of the dedication of the rider. His bike and costume both match. We can’t even think of how far ahead he had to plan for this to work out, but I digress. While the Spidey costume certainly isn’t for everyone, you have to give it to the man for pure dedication.

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