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Kawasaki to Launch Ninja E-1 and Z e-1 Electric Motorcycles in 2024

Kawasaki to Launch Ninja E-1 and Z e-1 Electric Motorcycles in 2024

Electric motorcycle technology is evolving rather quickly, and being one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Kawasaki has decided to revolutionize the global motorcycle landscape. Consequently, the motorcycle manufacturing giant has announced two electrifying additions, the Ninja E-1 and Z e-1 motorcycles for its 2024 lineup. These two motorcycles are designed to provide a larger variety to motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for reliable two-wheelers for everyday commuting.

Kawasaki had mentioned in the past,, when it unveiled its future plans, that it would be launching electric motorcycles to its street-bike lineup, and the brand has delivered on its pledge. Both of the new motorcycles are based on the 400 cc gas-powered street-bikes; however, these bikes will offer a different riding experience altogether. According to the Kawasaki team:

“These electric-powered motorcycles are the real deal and offer superior performance over an electric scooter or bicycle.”


It goes without saying that with these new additions, Kawasaki will not only reach a larger audience but will also convince riders who do not find electric motorcycles as reliable as the gas-powered vehicles to actively participate in the motorcycle revolution. Plus, with these bikes it is a step towards making motorcycling eco-friendly.

Both the Ninja E-1 and the Z e-1 motorcycles use lithium-ion batteries and are powered by a 5.0 kW brushless electric motor that boasts low-end power, crisp throttle response, and high acceleration. The brand claims that the top speed of the Ninja E-1 is, 52 mph in road mode and 37 mph in Eco mode, which is higher than the naked Z-e1. Additionally, the e-boost feature of the bikes can increase the top speed to up to 65 mph.

The power from the motor is transferred to the chain drive via a primary reduction gear. Thanks to the single-gear transmission, the bike eradicates the need for a clutch or shift lever. However, the rear brake remains foot-operated to preserve the familiar feel of a gas-powered bike. The trellis style frame, along with the curb weight of 309 lbs for Ninja E-1 and 298 lbs for Z-e1, make the bikes beginner-friendly. The lithium batteries provide a 50.4 V of voltage and a total capacity of 60Ah. Since these batteries can be removed from the bike, riders can easily carry them inside their homes to charge them through any one of the three methods: dock, direct, and off-board charging methods. It takes almost 3.7-7.4 hours for each battery to get fully charged. It is worth-mentioning that the motorcycle battery charger is an external part that riders need to carry with them at all times.

The base price of the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja E-1 is expected to start at $7,599, while the base price of the 2024 Kawasaki Z-e1 is expected to start at $7,299. Both motorcycles are available in Metallic Bright Silver/Metallic Matte Lime Green/Ebony paint scheme.

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