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How to Convince My Wife that Motorcycles Aren't Death Traps?

How to Convince My Wife that Motorcycles Aren't Death Traps?

Imagine yourself riding on the open road. You can feel the wind passing your hair. The engine feels responsive as you twist the throttle. It is one of the perfect feelings for a motorcyclist. However, your partner has major concerns about riding a motorcycle as she considers it unsafe.

Continue reading this article to learn about the useful steps to have a valuable discussion with your wife regarding motorcycling. The tips provided in this article can help you convince her that motorcycles are safe.

1. Listen to Her Fears

First of all, you should try to appreciate her perspective on the matter. She has a point when she says that motorcycles are dangerous. Motorcycles are more prone to accidents than cars. If she is concerned, pay special attention to her words and the things that are bothering her. Is she scared because you do not follow the traffic laws and ride without wearing safety gear?

She may have observed other individuals on motorcycles riding dangerously at high speeds. Most probably, she has heard instances where car drivers do not tend to recognize the presence of motorcycles on the road and cause accidents. Once you know the things that scare her, you can work on overcoming or at least handling them more efficiently.

2. Show Her from Your Actions that Riding Is Safe

Show Her from Your Actions that Riding Is Safe

Safety is a crucial factor while riding a motorcycle. You must be very concerned about it when you are on the road. By following the steps below, you can show her that you take riding very seriously:

2.1 Gear Up Perfectly

This piece of advice is not taken seriously by most riders. Helmets are very important; they are one of the most important riding gear that can save you in case of a crash. Look for a strong and durable jacket, pants, gloves, and motorcycle boots that will help you out in case you fall off the motorcycle.

Consider the riding gear your armor that will provide you with extra protection. It is very important to show your partner that you are willing to spend money on good gear. This will also convince her that you take safety very seriously

2.2 Learning Is Key

Show her that you are willing to enroll in a motorcycle safety course. It shows that you are serious about learning how to ride safely when riding a motorcycle. The safety motorcycle course includes things that you must learn like how to handle the motorcycle safely; how to avoid an accident, and that you need to be more conscious when you are on the road.

You can also decide to take the course together with your wife. She will get to know better how eager you are to learn.

2.3 Start Slow

Do not start with riding a heavyweight and fast motorcycle. Learning motorcycle riding should be a gradual process. Start to learn on a smaller bike which makes learning an easier process. Ride slowly and get more experience on the road. This is how you can develop a better road sense. You will start to feel more comfortable on the road over time.

3. Share Good Things about Motorcycling with Your Wife

Below are some good things about motorcycling that you can share with your wife:

3.1 Save Big on Gas

Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars. The total cost of fuel consumed while using a motorcycle for traveling is considerably less than cars which in turn saves a lot of money. Think of all the long weekend rides that you can take together with your wife.

3.2 Parking Made Easy

Have you ever been stuck in traffic jams where cars are lined up in rows, or where you end up driving round and round to find a space to park your car? Motorcycles are smaller, lightweight, and compact. They can maneuver in narrow parking spaces easily. They require less space to be parked.

3.3 Freedom of the Open Road

It is cool and fun to ride a motorcycle. You can go on long weekends and cross-country rides with your wife and experience the best time of your life together. You feel connected to the road and when you both are together, the trip will become more memorable. You can travel and discover new places.

3.4 Save Money on Maintenance

Motorcycles require less effort and money to maintain them as compared to cars. You can even maintain your bike by yourself to save more money. Motorcycles require regular attention, but the parts and repairs generally cost less.

3.5 Beat the Traffic

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic jams more often? Motorcycles can easily pass through the traffic. You can spend more time riding rather than being stuck in traffic jams.

3.6 Adventure Awaits

Motorcycles are the best transport if you are an adventure seeker and love exploring new and beautiful places. Picture yourself going for a ride to visit unknown destinations, amazing beaches, or scenic towns with your wife.

3.7 Stress Relief

Riding a motorbike is enjoyable and can help to reduce stress levels . You can forget about all your worries as soon as you hit open roads and highways on your motorbike. It is not just a saying that motorcycle riding is good for mental health; it is a fact as confirmed by scholarly research.

3.8 Make New Friends

Motorcycle riders never mind making new friends who share the same passion. You can form a new group or even join the local motorcycle group in your area. However, you must take your wife in confidence before making new motorcycle friends.

The main idea is to discuss your wife’s concerns with her while thinking about how to address her concerns. Prove to her that you are a responsible man who knows the importance of riding a motorcycle safely.

4. Finding Common Ground

Maybe motorcycles aren't quite her thing which is why you shouldn’t force her to ride. However, there are ways to find a middle ground if she is willing to ride with you:

4.1 Gear up Together

Consider taking classes to master how to ride with a passenger. It will provide her the chance to experience the fun of traveling on a motorcycle as a passenger. At the same time, she will also learn about the precautionary measures to be taken while riding at the back. Maybe one day she will like the idea of going on a motorcycle trip with you.

4.2 Plan Safe Rides

If you love to go fast and usually ride on busy roads and highways, you will need to change your riding style and preferences. You will not be able to convince your wife of motorcycling with such an attitude. Talk to her about taking rides along the coast or on the less congested country roads. You can take beautiful pictures together on such rides and make your wife want more.

4.3 Always Talk Things Out

If she still has any concerns regarding motorcycling, make sure to be open for a friendly conversation. Listen to her concerns and be ready to change your riding style to make her feel comfortable. She is perhaps not looking relaxed because she does not want you to take specific roads or she wants you to not go above a certain speed limit.

5. The Bottom Line

The idea of having a good and friendly conversation with your wife is not to make her fall in love with motorcycles and become a biker. It’s about convincing her that safety is important to you. You should come up with ways through which you can prove that motorcycling isn’t dangerous.

If you prioritize safety and follow all the traffic rules, she will no longer have a reason to fear motorcycles. You can then politely ask her to go for a ride together. This is how you win her trust and enjoy the best time of your life together on a motorcycle.

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