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Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback: Is It a Good Choice For Motorcycle Enthusiasts?

Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback: Is It a Good Choice For Motorcycle Enthusiasts?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and love the power to get smooth-revving while riding on the beautiful motorcycle roads and coastal highways, Harley Dyna Switchback could be your choice. In Harley’s lineup, this motorcycle is famous for its versatility and ease of loading with all of the specs that you'll need for touring.

However, Switchback is easy to manage for mature riders and beginners as well. Practically, this bike is the best choice for enthusiastic ramblers who don't have much touring experience and want to go out there to flourish their passion and adore to wander around the world. In the biker’s world, it is called Harley-Davidson’s idea of touring training wheels.

In this article, we will be discussing from where Harley Dyna Switchback’s idea originated to how it ended up ruling the hearts of speed riders.

1. First-year of Harley Dyna Switchback?

In 2012 Harley released the switchback, there was no doubt that they had observed the customer's demand and finally created bikes for various customer classes.

The Dyna was affordable, customizable, and had the highest performance potential. These aspects made it famous not only among Harley riders but in recent years, it has become the choice of many stunting crews.

The Switchback was the start of generation-inclusive touring bikes because it was not like other touring bikes with bulky frames and only suitable for men. Dyna has the aspects which keep it up from other touring bikes without the strains and tiredness you expect from long riding miles. These points made the switchback the best-selling bike.

2. Why Did Harley-Davidson Quit Making Dynas?

Dyna was discontinued in 2017 and Harley Davidson silently killed off the famous Dyna production without any official announcement and merged the Dyna products into a new Softail platform.

Both Softail and Dyna are great bikes to ride. A lot of accessories for both bikes are available but Softail has more. The main difference among them is Dyna is more balanced and best at steering in traffic. Dyna is also suited for riding two people but the Softail is best for one rider only.

3. Why is it called Dyna?

There is always a story and meaning behind every name. Harley-Davidson never chooses any random names for their bikes. There is always an important meaning. The word Dyna means power. When you place Dyna in front of any other word, it implements an addition of power and that was the aim behind this name. It was the determination to add extra power and psychologically this name has an effect that clicks at the thing that makes it remarkable.

4. Special Attractions

The main thing which makes the Harley switchback more attractive is the comfort and lightweight of the motorcycle. It weighs an average of 100 pounds which is less as compared to other touring bikes. They named it Switchback because it is the appropriate name for this bike. You can add many accessories to partially and fully customize the bike in just a few moments, and then strip it back to bare naked just as quickly. This also includes attaching or detaching the saddlebags and windshield.

5. Technology And Features

If we come to its style, features, and versatility there are plenty of topics to talk about. Hit the jump for more topics and information about Harley Dyna Switchback.

5.1 Style

Heritage Detailing

This bike makes a unique visual statement that’s truly established in the Harley-Davidson legacy. The Switchback models have a charming look that’ll never be lost in the crowd. From its chromed-out headlamp and its mini handlebars to its fuel tank console with 5-inch speedo, Harley Dyna Switchback gives a look of a complete bike with all the useful features.

Wheels And Fenders

Full fenders on this bike do more than keep the mud off during your long miles and add a classic profile. 5-spoke hot-rod wheels are not just for show, they are eye-catching and their cast aluminum construction and stabilized engineering increased the bike’s handling and biker confidence.

Convertible Options, Classic Styling

Your riding mood swings, let it happen. With its detachable windshield and saddlebags feature you can switch your motorcycle from cruising to touring bike in a couple of seconds. This is like having two in one combo for different riding styles.

5.2 Engine

Unique Harley-Davidson Styling

Harley-Davidson designed the engine with detailed attention. Such design you won’t find from any other motorcycle company. Heads are powder-coated black and cylinders are shown up by machined cooling tips. It is a gem machined out of metal.

Six-Speed Cruise Driver

The Six-Speed Cruise drive gives an output in the form of smooth and soundless shifting and lessens the engine speed on the highway, so you can get an amazing combo of engine turnover and road speed. And the confined drive system helps in accelerating smoothly.

Engine And Top Speed

If you have already fallen in love with this bike for its unconventional features and specs, you should take a seat for the next amazing part. The bike with Harley’s 103 ci(1690 cc) V-Twin cam engine produces an average of 76 hp at 5,000 pm. This bike can reach a top speed of 115 mph, moving from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

5.3 Technology

Braking System

Harley did not compromise on the customer’s safety. With the need for comfort and benefits of being economical, the Switchback was one of those bikes which gave riders the option of an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

5.4 Handling

Adjustable Cigar Tube Rear Shocks

The Switchback's historic Harley-Davidson appearance may be enhanced by the traditional style suspension covers, but the modern technology they're wrapped around provides a thrilling journey. Oil emulsion damping controls deliver a smooth, quality ride that makes it easy to go for long miles. And you can easily adjust your suspension to suit your riding style, touring, or cruising using a spanner wrench.

Lightweight Chassis

The chassis is designed for a lightweight feel and smooth handling. Indeed, these are the lightest custom touring chassis in its class allowing you to move nimbly and confidently in every driving situation. It's also simple to put it on and take it off its stand.

5.5 Comfort

Full-Length Rider Footboards

Your boots were designed for riding, in any manner you see fit. Its full-length footboards feature a classic style that's stood the test of time. There are plenty of foot positions for your preferences and comfort. For a more comfortable ride, Rubber vibration isolation is used.

Two-Up Seat

In this strongly curved, narrow-necked bucket, the vintage design meets contemporary sleekness and comfort. The saddle relieves pressure on your thighs and gives comfort while providing back support, along with plenty of room for your friend to join you for a ride. Its premium stitching complements the sophisticated ergonomics with the kind of precise detail that only a Harley-Davidson motorbike seat can provide. Its science is in the service of comfort, for both short and long trips.

Detachable Saddlebags

When you’re touring, you want big and secure cargo space and when you are cruising, you need style. With its detachable saddlebags, this motorbike is always ready for your mood swing and what you want. Saddlebags' unique design gives you the ease of load in your stuff and its locking, hard-case exterior keeps it well protected. When it's time to convert, they come off easily and cleanly without the use of any hardware . So you can go ahead, change your mood and do whatever you want and, whenever you want - your switchback will always be ready for this.

Detachable Windshield

In a flash, you may switch from touring to cruising. You can attach the windshield for protection from the weather. Alternatively, you can detach it in seconds for a fresh appearance and ride. Its Lexan screen is as tough as they come, also durable, scratch-resistant, and has low maintenance. Whether you cruise or keep the shield on, your Switchback has a unique design and versatility that you may customize.

5.6 Exhaust

Its 2-into-1 exhaust, which is inspired by the bold pipe style of classic Harley Davidson bikes, helps divert heat away from you and your passenger while delivering powerful performance.

6. Fuel Economy

Among many undefeatable features, the fuel economy is a plus. The Switchback has a 17.8-liter fuel tank, which is about 4-gallons of gas to roll your cross-country side. Any regular touring bike would get you between 100 to 140 miles, but Harley Dyna Switchback has the (ESPFI) Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection system, which has a sustainable 42 mpg on premium fuel, will give you up to 200-mile range.

7. Specifications

MSRP $16,999
Ground Clearance 4.3"
Length 92.9"
Seat Height, Laden 27.4"
Seat Height, Unladen 27.4"
Trail 5.84"
Wheelbase 62.8"
Tires, Front Specification 130/70B18 63H
Tire Rear Specification 160/70B17 73H
Engine Air-cooled, Twin Cam 103
Bore 3.87"
Stroke 4.374"
Displacement 103.1 cu in
Engine Torque 98.8 ft-lb
Engine Torque (rpm) 3.500
Wheel, Front Type Black, 5-Spoke Cast Aluminum
Wheels, Rear Type Black,5-Spoke Cast Aluminum
Brakes, Caliper Type 4-piston fixed front, and 2-piston torque-free floating rear
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Exhaust 2-into-1 chrome exhaust with straight-cut muffler
Fuel Economy 42M mpg
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Weight, As Shipped 696 lb
Weight, In Running Order 718 lb

8. Specifications

So, if the specifications of this motorcycle meet your checklist, Harley Dyna would be a really good choice for you.

Harley Dyna Switchback has optimal engine power, perfectly comfortable, up to the mark finishing, convenient seating posture, and many more that make it a good choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. This bike is noted and well-known for its versatility with features of loading with all of the basics that you’ll need on your long miles.

Moreover, Harley Dynas tend to be made for customization. Riders can easily put on the after-market stuff on their motorcycle to give a badass look and can easily make it a bagger by installing luggage bags on it.

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