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Guide On How to Choose the Best Handlebar Risers for Harley Dyna

Guide On How to Choose the Best Handlebar Risers for Harley Dyna

Handlebar risers are equipment that lifts the handlebars and brings them closer or farther away from the rider. They help riders adjust the position of their handlebars. Aside from providing a comfortable and relaxed riding experience, risers allow you to customize your motorcycle’s handlebars. 

If you find it hard to ride comfortably on your bike, you’ll probably need to adjust your motorcycle’s handlebars. Handlebar risers can help keep your back straight and reduce pressure on your back, shoulders, and wrists.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best handlebar risers for Harley Dyna models.

How to Choose the Best Handlebar Risers for Harley Dyna

1. What’s the Purpose of Handlebar Risers?

Handlebar risers change the position of the handlebars by raising or lowering them to ensure a more comfortable riding position. Most people utilize bar risers to create a natural and comfortable riding position.

Most motorcycle handlebars are built to fit the height of the average person. However, this does not make them suited for shorter and taller riders.

Everybody's height varies somewhat, and all vehicle manufacturers set the handlebar position by taking the average person's height into account, which doesn't fit everyone. For this, any riders adjust their handlebars by using bar risers.

In addition, some riders need comfort and the ability to maintain an upright riding position. They thus adapt it to meet their need for an upright riding position by adding bar risers. As a result, many riders use bar risers for a variety of reasons.

2. How to Install Handlebar Risers on Harley Dyna?

Listed below are the steps on how to install Handlebar Risers on Harley Dyna:

  • Before starting, cover the Harley Dyna’s fuel tank with a thick cloth to prevent scratching. 
  • Depending on the height of the risers, you may also need to adjust the length of the clutch.
  • Use an allen wrench and loosen the handlebar bolts before placing the handlebars on the fuel tank. 
  • Place the risers into position and secure them loosely. Don’t secure them tightly in case you need to adjust their position.
  • Place the handlebars on the risers to check the position. Once the handlebars are in the right position, mount the riser bolts and install the handlebars.

3. Why Do You Need Handlebar Risers for Harley Dyna?

3.1 Ergonomics

Most riders choose handlebar risers to improve the ergonomics of their Dyna. With the use of handlebar risers, motorcyclists can move the handlebars to a more comfortable angle and height that fits their particular body types. This can enhance the overall balance and control of the motorbike as well as aid to reduce tiredness and discomfort on long trips.

3.2 Control

Handlebar risers can help improve motorcycle control when off-roading or traveling complex routes. This is because handlebar risers make it easier for riders to adjust their weight and balance when necessary.

3.3 Appearance

Your motorcycle's appearance may also be altered by a handlebar riser by giving it a more dynamic and customized aspect.

Therefore, handlebar risers can change a motorcycle's look by repositioning the handlebars. Depending on the style of the risers and the motorcycle's overall look, raising the handlebars might give the bike a more aggressive appearance.

Handlebar risers are functional and aesthetically pleasing equipment, providing a streamlined look that accentuates the motorbike’s lines. Other handlebar risers might be more subtle, with a basic design that blends in with the rest of the bike.

3.4 Comfort

Comfort is one of the main factors for riders' adoption of handlebar risers. Handlebar risers can provide a more relaxed and straight riding position. This helps reduce stress on the wrists, shoulders, and back. Riders who go on tours or suffer from back pain would benefit from the comfort handlebar risers provide.

3.5 Weight Distribution

Changing the position of the handlebars and rider's seats with handlebar risers can affect weight distribution on your motorcycle.

For instance, if the risers are used to raise the handlebars, the rider’s weight shifts towards the back of the motorcycle. This may have an impact on the motorcycle's stability and balance, especially if the weight distribution shifts too much to the rear.

On the other hand, if the risers are used to lower the handlebars, the rider’s weight shifts towards the front. The motorcycle's stability and balance can also be impacted by this, especially if the weight distribution causes the motorcycle’s front to become excessively heavy.

4. How to Choose Best Handlebar Risers for Harley Dyna

4.1 Height

The most important thing is height when it comes to choosing the right handlebar risers for dyna. The height of handlebar risers affects three factors: wrist positions relative to your shoulders, weight distribution, and center of gravity.

If you choose handlebar risers that reach above your shoulders, you will feel more vibrations from your motorcycle. On longer rides, you’ll start to lose feeling in your hands due to your hands not getting proper circulation.

The height of handlebar risers also affects weight distribution between the front and rear tires. When holding the handles, you lean more towards the back which exerts more weight on the rear tire. However, if you use shorter handlebar risers with low handles, this will transfer your weight toward the front. Keep the weight distribution in mind when choosing handlebar risers for Harley Dyna, it’s something like when you get different risers, your bike behaves differently.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing Harley Dyna handlebar risers is the center of gravity. If you install taller handlebar risers, you will be sitting higher with a higher center of gravity. This could cause your bike to have less balance and shake more.

4.2 Measurement

When choosing a handlebar riser, pick the option with measurements that best your body measurements Take a measuring tool with you when going to get a handlebar riser.

The standard diameter for Harley Dyna handlebar risers is one inch, but the height can vary person to person, typically ranging from 3-10 inches.

4.3 Riding Posture

When picking handlebar risers, make sure they don't affect your riding posture. When holding the handlebars, make sure your hands are just under your shoulders and above your chest on long rides. This will ensure you maintain good riding posture by keeping your back straight.

4.4 Types

There are two types of handlebar risers: straight and pullback.

Straight Riser

Straight Riser

Straight risers have straight, thick, and sturdy steel rods that can be adjusted for a more comfortable riding posture. They can help lessen the rider's lower back and increase the stability of the handlebars.

Pullback Riser

Pullback Riser

Pullback risers are thick and sturdy steel rods with a slight front curve. These risers come in different lengths and curves depending on the version.

It’s better to pick a pullback riser than a straight riser since Harley Dynas have longer wheelbases and are difficult to handle if you have to constantly bend to reach the handlebars. Pullback risers bring the handles closer to you so you don’t have to reach forward and will help you maintain a straight posture. The best Harley Dyna handlebar setup should have a 9.5-inch tall riser with a 1.5-inch pullback.

4.5 Quality

Make sure to get handlebar risers made of high-quality, polished, and chrome steel. Most handlebar risers are made of billet aluminum, which has plenty of strength and durability.

4.6 Look

Most motorcyclists use handlebar risers to improve their motorcycle’s aesthetics. If you prefer an aggressive look, go for taller handlebar risers. On the other hand, if you want a sleeker and more streamlined look, get shorter handlebar risers.

5. Last Words

Handlebar risers are equipment used to raise the height of motorcycle handlebars. When choosing a Harley Dyna handlebar riser, there are a few things to keep in mind, i.e. height, quality, types, appearance, and riding posture. The height and type of the riser should offer adequate comfort and should allow you to maintain a straight riding posture.

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