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Featured Rider - John Painter

Featured Rider - John Painter

This week's featured rider is John Painter, Below you will see how passionate rider he is and how he motivates newbies with his experience. He is also well known in youtube world, he is managing his own  YouTube Channel

Question 1. How long have you been riding?

I started riding in 2010 after a lifetime of desire. I finally realized there was nothing stopping me but myself!

Question 2. How many bikes have you owned?

I had a starter bike for a little while, but I have had my current bike for about five years. I highly recommend that newbies get a cheap starter bike while they are learning.

Question 3. What is your current bike?

Currently I own a 2010 Triumph Bonneville, which is a standard, fuel injected bike that fits me perfectly. I maintain it myself and so far I've put about 13K miles on her.

Question 4. What made you want to ride a bike? Have you made any long distance trips with it yet? Do you have any planned?

I rode from New Jersey to Rhode Island to visit my kids at college a couple of years back and I would like to do more long distance riding as time allows. Work is always cramping my style!

Question 5. Most memorable ride, day and who was with you at that time?

My son, who is also a rider, joined me recently on a Patriot Guard Riders escort of the cremated remains of a Civil War veteran whose ashes were discovered in a long forgotten urn at a hospital in Oregon. Patriot Guard Riders carried the remains across the country for a burial with military honors in Maine. We had six NJ State Troopers escorting our 30 or so riders on the highway, and local fire departments saluted us with flags and ladder trucks from numerous highway overpasses. Our job was to transport the veteran's remains from Pennsylvania to New York. It was a special ride for all of us.

Question 6. Would you ride a different type of bike, i.e. Cruiser if you have a sport bike or sport bike if you have a cruiser.

I ride a "standard" bike now and I'm pretty comfortable with the ergonomics. Cruisers feel awkward to me, and sport bikes uncomfortable for the long haul.

Question 7. If you have to pick one protective gear before hitting the road what would it be? Jacket, Helmet, Glove, .... ?

I ride with all my gear all the time. Period. I wear a full face helmet , jacket, gloves, and pants. There are lots of great options for riders now no matter what the weather or temperature. No excuses.

Question 8. What's your dream bike and or next bike?

Well... I do have my eye on the BMW R1200RT! I can't imagine getting rid of my Bonnie, but the RT would be really nice for longer trips and cooler weather.

Question 9. What type of rider do you think you are? (Aggressive, conservative, Point A ? B )

I can be as aggressive as my bike allows at appropriate times, but I never lose sight of my surroundings. When the road is clear I'll open her up, but when there is traffic or other danger I'll ride defensively.

Question 10. What made you want to ride and commit to the motorcycle lifestyle? Any regrets?

Riding a bike has opened up new avenues for volunteering (like the Patriot Guard Riders) and for meeting new people. Aside from the pure joy of two wheels on the road, I've had wonderful and meaningful shared experiences with other riders. It's a big family, really.

Question 11. Do you think Riding Motorcycle is an advantage over the Cagers. ?

You know what? Being a rider has made me a better driver too. Once you see the road from across the handlebars it changes your perspective and your level of awareness. Now when I'm riding or driving a car I see and anticipate dangers I never truly understood before.

Question 12. What advice do you wish you knew, when you first started out? Any other pieces of wisdom?

Discretion is the better part of valor. As a rider there are times when you simply must swallow your anger at other drivers or traffic situations to stay safe. It's difficult to do in the heat of the moment, but with no protection on a bike except your own good sense, there will be moments when slowing down, or pulling over, or taking a different road is the smartchoice.

Question 13. Regarding those who don't practice ATGATT, how do you feel about them? Do you encourage it?

Quality protective gear is integral to riding for me. Those who wear T-shirts and flip-flops are acting like fools. There is a price point and a style for virtually any rider to have protective gear. If my bike is moving, I've got my gear on and I wish all riders would do the same. To me it's a matter of respect both for my own safety and to the riding community.

Question 14. When do you think you'll stop riding? Anytime soon?

We all need to know our limitations, but as long as I am physically able I'll be riding!

Question 15. We know it's a really painful topic to revisit, but have you ever gone down?

As a new rider I approached a traffic circle and noticed a woman in a car about to blow through a stop sign. I adjusted my speed successfully to avoid being hit by her when she did go right through the stop, but then when I was behind her on the traffic circle she suddenly slammed on her brakes mid-circle! Down I went. Lesson learned: There can never be too much distance between you and a bad driver.

Question 16. Last and not least, as a fun question- is there anything else you'd still like to do on a bike? Like a riders bucket list?

Oh boy. I'd really like to take enough time off to ride across some major sections of country and visit old friends along the way. We're not getting any younger. Someday...

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