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Best Motorcycle-Only Campgrounds in the United States

Best Motorcycle-Only Campgrounds in the United States

Post-Covid camping sites across the United States are seeing a massive influx of campers, making it difficult for motorcycle campers to find a peaceful spot without cars or RVs.

Luckily, there are many motorcycle-only resorts and campgrounds near popular motorcycle rides and attractions.

These locations offer various camping styles ranging from primitive to luxurious. The primitive campgrounds are well-maintained and have clean washrooms, running water, fire pits, and picnic tables. Motorcyclists looking for fancy accommodations can book tent cabins, rustic cabins, deluxe cabins, and suites. The biggest perk of motorcycle-only camping destinations is the opportunity to meet fellow motorcyclists and make new friends.

This article provides a list of the best motorcycle-only campgrounds in the United States. All of these spots require reservations and are open for a few months. You can plan ahead and reserve your spot in advance to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing motorcycle camping trip.

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1. Willville Motorcycle Campground, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, United States

Willville Motorcycle Campground is located only 1.9 miles from Meadows of Dan, Virginia, a census-designated area in Virginia known for its hiking trails, community restaurants, and country shops.

Willville Motorcycle Campground is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, offering quick access to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Willville Motorcycle Campground has a secluded 26-acre campground for organized yet primitive camping. Riders can set up their tents on clean, grassy, level ground or tie their hammocks to the trees to relax. For a more luxurious experience, you can reserve a bunkhouse or cabin.

At Willville, primitive motorcycle camping is safe for you and your motorcycle. The campground has a parking area for motorcycles and trailers and a bike shelter.

The campgrounds offer quick access to the beautiful roads and scenery, including crystal-clear mountain creeks in the campsites. Picnic tables, pavilions, and a large public campfire allow bikers to converse and make friends with other riders. Other amenities include 770 sq ft bathhouses with running water, hot showers, and toilets.

Nights at Willville Motorcycle Campground are filled with stars, so carry a hammock if you want to sleep under the stars.

Best Routes to Willville Campground

If you start in the town of Stuart, travel on Highway 58 to reach Willville Motorcycle Campground. Head west on Highway 58 towards the Meadows of Dan.

From the Meadows of Dan, head southeast on Highway 58 E until you reach Jeb Stuart Highway. Continue riding until you arrive at the first cross street on the Jeb Stuart Highway close to the Willville Campground. This is due to construction work being done on the part of Highway 58 running between Stuart and the Meadows of Dan.

Alternatively, riders can ride north on Route 8 to get on Blue Ridge Parkway, then ride south on the parkway to reach the Meadows of Dan. From the Meadows of Dan, they can get on Highway 58 before eventually switching onto Jeb Stuart Highway.

Things to Do

Since Blue Ridge Parkway is located only one mile away from the Willville Motorcycle Campground, riders can explore scenic vistas and dispersed campgrounds in the area, or navigate this sweeping road.

The Skyline Drive is another scenic motorcycle ride that runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains that gives you access to Shenandoah National Park. It takes at least three hours to ride the entire length of this 105-mile-long road.

Riders can ride north of the Meadows of Dan to reach the Rocky Knob Recreation Area and explore Rock Castle Gorge National Recreation, Black Ridge, and Rocky Knob Trails. These trails offer spectacular views, are filled with wildlife, and have steep paths.

The 100-year-old iconic Mabry Mill is a noteworthy tourist attraction located 2.4 miles from Willville Motorcycle Campground. Riders can go inside the mill to learn how it operates. Off the Blue Ridge Parkway and down the Meadows of Dan is another mill known as the Cockram Mill. Cockram Mill is 130 years old and rests on the banks of the Dan River.

You can also find Chateau Morrisette and Villa Appalachia wineries in Floyd, Virginia near Willville Motorcycle Campground. To reach the wineries, riders can travel between 8-10 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Riders can cook their own meals at the campground by using the large fire pits. In case they forgot their groceries or didn’t have enough space to carry any, riders can buy fresh groceries from the Poor Farmers Market in the Meadows of Dan.

The restaurant attached to Mabry Mill is one of the most popular food spots near Willville Motorcycle Campground. The restaurant attached to Cockram Mill is another great place to enjoy the local cuisine. This location has an outdoor patio overlooking the Dan River and Cockram Mill. The peaceful outdoor setting and stunning view of the river and grist mill help make a memorable dining experience.

Longfin Grill and Jane’s Country Cafe are other great places to get breakfast and lunch.

Reservation Requirements  Not Required for Tent Camping  Required for Cabins & Bunkhouses
Fee  Tent Camping:  $15 for single person   $22 for two people 
Bunkhouse: $22 per person 
Cabin: $50 for two people 
Amenities  Motorcycle-Only Campgrounds  Campfire  Parking for Motorcycle Trailers  Bathhouse Facility  Potable Water  Picnic Tables  Coal & Ice  Free Morning Coffee 
Open  April - October 
GPS Coordinates  36’’44.0 N 080’’25.6 W
Nearest Campgrounds Rocky Knob Campground  Daddy Rabbit's Campground 
Nearest Town/City  Meadows of Dan 

2. Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground, Stecoah, North Carolina, United States

Located in the Smoky Mountains, the Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground has a large open camping site for primitive camping and camping cabins for a more luxurious camping experience.

Seven camping cabins are available at this campground, furnished with double beds, mattresses, pillows, linens, and blankets. Reserving a camping cabin means you will not need to carry as much motorcycle camping gear. Motorcyclists can park their two-wheelers in the parking area or next to their tents at the campsite. This campsite also has several trees you can use to attach a hammock.

The Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground offers most of the amenities necessary to make motorcycle camping trips comfortable. These amenities include fire pits, picnic tables, a parking area, laundry facilities, a bike wash service, Bar-B-Que grills, a free tire inflation service, bunkhouses, and bathhouses.

Best Route to Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground

From Robbinsville, take the S Main Street to Rodney Orr Bypass and continue following this route for 0.6 miles. Then switch onto Sweetwater Road until you arrive on North Carolina Highway 28, and continue riding for 11.1 miles until you reach the Kickstand Lodge, NC.

Things to Do

Located in the Smoky Mountains, the Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground has access to several scenic motorcycle rides, including the Deal’s Gap Mountain Pass, Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, and Old Murphy Highway.

Stretching 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon has 318 sharp curves and countless breathtaking vistas running between Great Smoky Mountain and Cherokee National Forest. When visiting the Kickstand Lodge Motorcycle Campground, don’t miss the chance to travel on the Tail of Dragon in the Deal’s Gap Mountain Pass. Along the way, you can stop at the Great Smoky National Park to observe wildlife or hike toward the Rainbow Falls and Alum Cave Bluffs.

At the town of Robbinsville, you can check out the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Cheoah River, and Fontana Dam. Cheoah River is a hub of watersports and recreational activities, like whitewater rafting.


The closest restaurants are in Robbinsville. Riders can visit the Wolf Creek General Store Cafe for good food at cheap prices. The Tapoco Tavern is a great place to get a hearty meal after tackling the Tail of the Dragon. For home-cooked food, you can go to Lynn’s Place.

If you are visiting the region of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, then you can dine in Bryson City. La Polana is a popular Mexican restaurant, while Everett Street Diner offers breakfast in a country-style setting.

Reservation Requirements  Reservations recommended for camping cabins.  Campsites may be available without reservation during off-season. 
Fee  Will be disclosed at the time of reservation
Amenities  Campfire  Showers Bathroom  Electricity  BBQ Grill  Air for Tire  Bike Wash  Clean Camping Sites Luxurious Camping Cabins 
Open  Year Round
GPS Coordinates  35.4 N 83.7 W
Nearest Campgrounds Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge  Bartram Trail Backcountry  Riders Roost Motorcycle Resort  Cheoah Bald Campground 
Nearest Town/City  Robbinsville, Graham County, NC
Official Website  KICKSTANDLODGE

3. Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground, Boyne City, Michigan, United States

Located near Boyne City, Petoskey State Park, and Young State Park, Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground is a private motorcycle-only campsite with all the amenities necessary for a comfy motorcycle camping trip.

Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground has two large campsites with trees that provide shade and a place to hang your hammock. These campsites have plenty of dry wood lying around for campfires. There are also picnic tables available, so you do not need to bring extra luggage like chairs, tables, and loungers. Moreover, this motorcycle camping destination has clean washrooms, clean water, and showers. Whether you prefer dispersed or organized camping, Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground has everything you need for a comfortable and memorable trip.

Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground is open year-round, so you can reserve a spot any time that best suits your schedule. However, this location does have a minimum one-night stay policy.

Located next to Michigan’s most popular motorcycle route, the Tunnel of Trees, Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Camp offers ample opportunities to explore the wilderness, dense woods, and beautiful state parks.

Best Route to Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground

Since the Motorcycle Tent Campground lies between Park of the Pines and Young State Park, the best route to the campsite would be Boyne City- Charlevoix Road. You can travel to the campground from Horton Bay or Boyne City.

Things to Do

Ted’s Motorcycle Tent Campground gives you access to Young State Park, Fisherman's Island State Park, Petoskey State Park, Torch Lake, Aloha State Park, and Wilderness State Park.

At Young State Park, riders can engage in various recreational activities, including hiking, boating, fishing, and skiing. At Petoskey State Park, you have access to miles of beach for sunbathing, walks, and swimming.

At Torch Lake, you can do overnight boat camping and dispersed motorcycle camping.

If you are traveling in May, attend the National Morel Festival in Boyne City and collect edible mushrooms.

Visit Lake Charlevoix if you want to participate in water sports. You can rent a pontoon, jet ski, kayak, paddle boat, or ski boat from the Lake Charlevoix sports center.


You can grab a bite at the Dockside, a quintessential eatery by Torch Lake. This restaurant offers a beautiful outdoor setting on the deck overlooking the lake. In addition, pontoon rentals are available if you want to explore the lake. Besides the stunning views of Torch Lake, the Dockside is famous for its deli-sandwiches, burgers, Mexican cuisine, and beverages.

Reservations Requirements  Reservations recommended 
Fee  $25 per night 
Amenities  Campfire  Showers Bathroom  Electricity  Pets Allowed  Picnic Tables
Open  Year Round
GPS Coordinates  N/A 
Nearest Campgrounds Young State Park Camping Area 
Nearest Town/City  Boyne City, Charlevoix County, Michigan 
Official Website  Not Available  Reserve a spot through HipCamp

4. Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort, West North Carolina, United States

North Carolina is a popular motorcycle destination due to its many attractions, including Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Nantahala River Gorge, and the Tail of Dragon in Deal’s Gap Mountain Pass.

Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort is a glamping site for motorcyclists who prefer roughing it when spending time outdoors.

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort has 110 electric camping sites available only by reservation. Primitive sites without electricity follow a first come, first serve basis. For first come, first serve campsites, riders can choose an available spot on grass or gravel parking spots in designated areas.

Both types of campsites give you access to clean washrooms, hot showers, dressing rooms, and laundry services. Shower rooms have shampoo, soap, hair dryers, toilet paper, and other toiletries. Ice can be purchased at the lodge if you want to enjoy a cool beverage by the campfire.

For a lavish motorcycle getaway, reserve a luxury cabin, furnished lodge room, or bunkhouse. If you prefer a glamping camping experience in the Smoky Mountains, outdoor Conestoga Wagons can be booked at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and Resort.

Best Route to Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort

From Robbinsville, take the S Main Street to Rodney Orr Bypass. You will arrive at NC 143 E and continue riding for 10.8 miles until you reach Lower Stecoah Road. Ride 1.7 miles further on Lower Stecoah Road and you should reach the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort.

If you are coming from Graham County, ride for 2.1 miles from E Buffalo Road until you switch onto US 129 S. Continue riding on US 129 S until you reach Sweetwater Road or NC 143 E. Ride for another 15.2 miles until you reach Lower Stecoah Road. Keep following the rest of this road until you arrive at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort.

Things to Do

Three scenic rides in this area include Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway, and the Tail of the Dragon. These routes offer panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountain sub-range and forests. You can also travel to multiple hiking trails, cascades, national parks, woodlands, and recreation areas.

No matter how many times you ride the Blue Ridge Parkway or visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Nantahala National Forest, there is still plenty left to explore for your next trip.


Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge & Resort offers home-cooked meals for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, riders can go to the Wolf Creek General Store Cafe along Highway 28. If you want to use the large public fire pits and cook your own meals, buy groceries from Wolf Creek General Store Cafe. You can also catch fish from Stecoah Creek and enjoy a fresh meal.

Reservation Requirements  Required for Electric Sites  FCFS sites do not require a reservation 
Fee  Electric Tent Camping - $42.99 for one night   Primitive Tent Camping - $35.99 for one night 
Amenities  Electricity (Reserved Sites Only) Wi-Fi (At Lodges) Washrooms Laundry  Potable Water  Safe Parking  Showers  Ice  Cooked Meals  Fire Pits  Picnic Area  Campfire 
Open  April - October (peak season) November - March (off-season)
GPS Coordinates  35.4 N 83.7 W
Nearest Campgrounds Cheoah Bald Campground  Kickstand Motorcycle Campground  Double Island Motorcycle Campground  Riders Roost Motorcycle Resort  
Nearest Town/City  Robbinsville 
Official Website  IRONHORSENC

5. Two Wheels of Suches Motorcycle Lodge & Campground, Suches, Georgia

Two Wheels of Suches offers a one-of-a-kind camping opportunity by Canada Creek in Suches, Georgia. The campsites operate on a self-serve policy and do not require a reservation. If you plan to go on a motorcycle trip to the North Georgia Mountains, Two Wheel of Suches is the place to stay.

Two Wheels of Suches offers the following amenities: tidy washrooms, heated dressing areas, hot showers, charcoal rings, fire pits, picnic tables, firewood, and electric outlets. Riders can park their motorcycles in the parking lot for quick road access or next to their tents for peace of mind.

You can ride on the following scenic roads: Georgia Mountain Parkway, Blue Ridge Loop, Highway 52, Ellijay Western Loop, and Russell Brasstown National Scenic Byway.

If you don’t have groceries, you can stop at this resort to grab a bite and rest before hitting the road again.

Best Routes to Two Wheels of Suches Motorcycle Lodge & Campground

If you start from Suches, ride east on GA-180 and continue on this road until you arrive at GA-60 S. As you travel on GA-60 S, the campground should appear on your left side.

From Dahlonega, ride southwest toward Alumni Drive and continue riding until you reach Morrison Moore Parkway or Georgia 9 N. Travel this route for 8.4 miles until you pass a Taco Bell. Ride another 7.3 miles on GA-60 and take the second exit to arrive at the campground.

Things to Do

Several tourist attractions that are close to Two Wheels of Suches are the award-winning Wolf Mountain and Cavender Creek Vineyards, Dahlonega Square, and Brasstown Bald Peak.

If you are visiting during October, check out the Annual Indian Summer Festival. There are many scenic roads besides Georgia Mountain Parkway. If you enjoy riding on winding roads with less traffic, ride the Wolf Pen Gap Road and stop by Lake Winfield Scott.


Two Wheels of Suches offers quality food service. However, if you want to try local cuisine, try eating at the best restaurants in Suches and Dahlonega. Wildcat BBQ and Store in Suches and the OverHang in Dahlonega are the highest-recommended restaurants near Two Wheels of Suches.

Reservations  No Reservation Required 
Fee  $20 per tent for one-night 
Amenities  Washrooms Running Water  Hot Showers  Electric Outlets  Dressing Rooms  Fire Wood (to be purchased) Fire Rings  Charcoal Rings  Picnic Tables  Parking Area 
Open  Year Round 
GPS Coordinates  34.7 N 84.0 W
Nearest Campgrounds Kennedy Creek Resort 
Woody Gap Campground 
Chattahoochee National Forest Lake Winfield Scott Campground
Dockery Lake Campground  
Nearest Town/City  Suches Dahlonega  Hiawassee Cleveland  Blairsville 

6. Takeaway

Staying at biker-friendly resorts is a safer and more convenient way to experience the joys of motorcycle camping, especially for beginners.

Not all riders are ready to grapple with the harsh outdoors. If you want to relax and have a comfortable vacation, then motorcycle-friendly campgrounds are the best option. You can sleep in a hammock or tent under the stars with easy access to all the necessities.

Most motorcycle-only campgrounds and resorts are located near the Blue Ridge Parkway. This scenic road runs along the Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, and Cherokee National Forest. You are guaranteed to return to these motorcycle-only lodges and campsites in North Carolina, United States time and again.

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