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Are Heated Motorcycle Seats Worth It?

Are Heated Motorcycle Seats Worth It?

Most modern motorcycles come with dozens of accessories and optional equipment to make the rider stay comfortable during the ride. Out of all categories, touring bikes are the most luxurious and well-equipped due to their capability to go long miles. If you love to go on long-distance motorcycle tours and cross-country rides, you must have the idea of changing weather and temperature throughout the motorcycle tour. Also, if you live in a cold region where it rains and snows frequently, riding a motorcycle can be difficult. However, if you want to keep riding a motorcycle, there are several motorcycle equipment you can install. One such useful accessory to install on your motorcycle is the motorcycle heated seat. Depending on where you ride and how much you ride, a motorcycle heated seat helps to keep your body warm in the freezing cold weather and makes riding a motorcycle possible. Read this article to learn whether heated motorcycle seats are worth it or not.

1. Are Heated Motorcycle Seats Worth It?

1.1 Good for Riding in Freezing-Cold Temperatures

Good for Riding in Freezing-Cold Temperatures
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It depends on several factors whether a heated motorcycle seat is worth it to be installed on a motorcycle. Firstly, there are several regions in the U.S. where the temperature stays freezing cold during most of the year which makes riding a motorcycle impossible. The priority of a motorcycle rider should be to invest in good-quality leather gear suitable for cold temperatures. However, installing a heated seat is a good idea as it makes you feel warm and nice during the winter.

1.2 Good for Long-Distance and Continuous Rides

Heated motorcycle seats are also a great accessory to install on your motorcycle if you love traveling long miles. It helps you keep warm and comfortable on continuous rides.

If you feel uncomfortable on longer rides due to back pain and numb legs, a heated motorcycle seat is a good option to keep your body warm and the blood to continue circulating.

2. Why Heated Motorcycle Seats Are Not a Good Idea?

On the contrary, if you think investing in a heated motorcycle seat is not a good idea, you should wear an extra layer of clothes inside the warm jacket and pants.

If your motorcycle seat feels cold due to being parked outside, the temperature eventually becomes normal after you ride your motorcycle for 20-25 minutes due to your body temperature.

Investing in heated grips is better and preferable than installing a heated seat when it comes to riding safely and more comfortably if you have to ride your motorcycle in cold temperatures. Heated grips ensure that your hands do not go numb and freeze during the ride in winter.

You usually do not need the heated motorcycle seat on every winter ride throughout the year.

Most touring bikes, particularly Harley Davidson touring bikes are equipped with large engines, producing adequate heat to keep your legs warm.

3. How Much a Heated Motorcycle Seat Can Cost?

The expense of a heated motorbike seat is another significant aspect if you are planning to buy it. On average, a normal heated seat’s cost is above $800-$900. The cost additionally goes above $1,000 depending upon the quality and brand of the heated seat. If you think spending that much amount of money is not worth it, you can also consider installing a heated seat unit/kit that incorporates a heated cushion/pad, wire harness, and control. The heated cushion/pad is put under the seat cover to ensure it works effectively. The heated seat pack is a reasonable option for riders who would rather not supplant their stock seat. However, they would love to enjoy riding a motorcycle on a warm seat. The control and switches permit the rider to turn the heating pad on and off and furthermore to switch between high and low heating options.

How Much a Heated Motorcycle Seat Can Cost
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4. Takeaway

There are different types of heated motorcycle seats available in the market which you can choose according to your budget. It depends on your preferences, the weather in the region where you ride your motorcycle, and how much you ride your motorcycle to tell whether heated motorcycle seats are worth it or not.

If you think wearing heated riding gear, including a leather jacket, pants, motorcycle boots, gloves, and an extra layer of clothes inside the gear is inadequate to keep your body warm, you should consider getting a heated motorcycle seat. A heated motorcycle seat is useful for riders living in freezing cold temperatures and using their motorcycles as the main mode of transportation. Riding on a motorcycle with a heated seat helps you stay comfortable and warm, and feels nice while riding in winter. You can install a simple heated seat kit on any make and model to ensure a plush riding experience. However, if you think you can stay warm while riding in moderate temperatures without it, there is no need to install a heated motorcycle seat. In normal weather conditions, your body heat is enough to keep your motorcycle seat warm after riding it for 20-25 minutes.

Other than a heated motorcycle seat, there are tons of motorcycle parts and accessories you can install on your motorcycle to make your motorcycle best-suited for long-haul tours and cross-country rides. These include stylish fairings, sissy bars, backrests, and crash bars. Viking Bags also offers the best-quality motorcycle luggage bag options, including saddlebags, backpacks, tank bags, trunk bags, and handlebar bags to make room for luggage on your motorcycle.

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