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6 Fuel Saving Tips For Your Motorcycle!!!

6 Fuel Saving Tips For Your Motorcycle!!!

1. Make Right Turns Only

This sounds a bit silly, we know, but there’s a reason FedEx follows this idea. The guys at Mythbusters even spent time proving this logic. The logic is, the less time you spend idling waiting for traffic to clear so you can make a left, the more time you’ll be in optimum gears and thus increased fuel efficiency even if this means driving an extra length and spending a few more minutes on the road.

2. Warm Up Your Engine

An engine runs best when it is at optimum temperature and gives you better gas mileage as well. If you’re waiting for your engine to warm up in the morning, you’ll spend more riding time with your engine in the optimum temperature therefore increasing your fuel efficiency

3. Plan Trips Accordingly

Making one trip to run errands can be a lot better than making 4 different trips throughout the course of the day. If you can manage to do this, you’ll be spending less time on the road as well.

4. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Always make sure that you’re inflating your tires per manufacturer’s request. They spend a lot of time and effort to provide you with the optimum tire pressure, running outside of their recommendations is just asking for trouble and lower MPG.

5. Speed Up To Driving Speed Faster

The way this works best is simply to get into your top gear relatively faster than you’ve been doing before, unless you always speed through your gears. The top gear is usually your fuel-saving gear because it optimizes the fuel the best. The longer it takes you to get into this gear, the longer you’re riding around in less-optimum gears, not to mention you’ll probably have your RPMs higher if you’re riding around at speed limit.

6. Coast To A Stop

This goes without saying, studies have shown that coasting to a stop light can save you up to 50% in your MPG. Think about it, in order to increase your speed you need to burn fuel, the more speed you create the more fuel you burn. Makes sense right? Well, when you press on the brakes, you’re literally wasting all that speed that you have built up, that is why coasting to a light is generally going to save you gas because you’re going to be wasting a lot less gas. We’re aware that some states have laws that prevent you from coasting to a red light but that doesn’t apply to everyone. If you can coast to a light and predict the green you’ll be saving yourself a lot of gas and increasing your MPG tremendously.

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