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February Sale

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coupon: FEB10

discount: 10%

exp: 02/28/17

As the riding season approaches, we getting ready for our loyal customers to start shopping for new luggage. As an added bonus, we want to give you 10% off any and all bags in our store including: sissy bar bags, saddlebags, tool bags, swing arm bags, solo bags, and more! Don't miss out on this one!

*Note, you can only use one coupon per transaction

**Hard saddlebags excluded from sale

Sissy Bar Bag Giveaway

You have till the end of February to sign up for your chance to win a brand new Economy Line Sissy Bar bag. THis is one of the finest bags we make here at Viking Bags and only one lucky customer gets to walk away with it for FREE! As the riding season approached, take [...]

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Wife Saves For 3 Years In Order To Buy Her Husband A Harley

We recently came across this story that we thought was worth sharing. Before marrying her now husband, Guarav, Akhilee realized that there were two very important things for her new husband; one was to pass a couple of exams at work and the other was to buy himself a Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. He had [...]

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10% Off All Bags Now Through Valentines Day

coupon: VDAYdiscount: 10%exp: 02/14/17Get 10% off in this years Valentines day sale! Our huge select of motorcycle luggage makes for the perfect gift for your sweetheart who rides.*Note, you can only use one coupon per transaction

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Maintenance Guide: How to Clean Your Leather Saddlebags

The elements can take a toll on your leather saddlebags and taking proper care of them is imperative. If you don’t, harsh weather can destroy your saddlebags over time. On the other hand, regular maintenance will extend the life of your saddlebags saving you money and frustration. In this post, we will go over the [...]

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10 Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles

Recently, we came across these 10 quick tips for motorists that we think are very valuable and wanted to share with you guys. Though these are things that most of us already know, they're definitely valuable enough to remind ourselves, and our friends, about the importance of being aware while driving. Check out the list [...]

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Hard Saddlebags Giveaway!

New year, new giveaway! We are all very happy to have spent the holidays with our loved ones but we are also aware that riding season is right around the corner...are you ready? This month we will be giving away a free pair of hard saddlebags to one lucky winner. You must sign up below [...]

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Gas Saving Tips That Would Make Your Mom Proud

1.Starting and stopping in heavy trafficLet’s be honest, one of the reasons why you’re on two wheels is likely because you didn’t want to be stuck in traffic. No one likes traffic, of course, but if you’re currently living in one of the states that doesn’t allow lane-splitting, sometimes you’re just stuck in traffic, and [...]

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Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

If you live in a city, any city, you know that you’re constantly riding alongside many cars. This is usually not a problem, that’s part of the reasons why we love riding our motorcycles to begin with, right? Being able to cut through traffic is like nothing else in this world. Unfortunately, slicing through traffic [...]

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The Ultimate Motorcycle Gift

Christmas is just days away and at this point, anything you purchase online will not be delivered on time. Yet, you still want to get a motorcycle-related gift, what gives? Well, have you thought of a gift certificate? Viking Bags offers gift certificates at many different denominations so you can still get someone that motorcycle [...]

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